american airlines

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  1. C

    Stuck in the Middle

    Not sure where to post this as it concerns both an airline and a travel agency so I'm covering my bases and posting in both. Sorry if this is incorrect. As Stealers Wheel said it best "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..." I'm trying to figure out what to do next and could use any...
  2. KylePetzer

    American Airlines Denied Boarding Machine-Readable Passport Advice for Refund

    Thank you for you help in our situation, and in trying to resolve it. I’ve done extensive online research on the topic and can’t seem to find many cases that are similar to this. I have been in contact with American Airlines representatives in different departments to no avail, requesting what I...
  3. M

    Refund or lose?

    I originally had a flight for April and booked through Expedia (mistake number 1 apparently). I had been emailed that it is suggested that I rebook my flight due to COVID. So I did, BUT they wouldn’t let me add insurance to it just in case something happened with COVID for when I rebooked...
  4. M


    We scheduled one way flights through Travelocity for our four family members as we move to Texas from Washington. After COVID hit, and with flexible work schedules, we were able to bump up our move from June 13 to May 30. Our plans changed because we were going to Tahoe for a mini vacation...
  5. J

    Expedia / American Airlines

    Bought round trip tickets to Orlando last Oct. I received confirmation from SunCountry for flight down but nothing for return. Fast forward to March 8th when I realized I didn’t have any booking reservation information for return flight. We had no confirmation for return airline,or time of...
  6. V

    Will American Airlines act honorably under the circumstances?

    I am so fortunate. I just returned home 24 hours ago after spending three of four planned weeks in Guatemala. As the news about the virus became more worrisome, and my carrier, American Airlines, posted that cancelled flights would be refunded and changed flights would not incur change fees. I...
  7. M

    Paid for Main Cabin to get reserved seats, but now still need to pay BA for these? No way!

    I used my Capital One Visa Rewards points to buy five roundtrip tickets from Seattle-London on Capital One's website. I bought American Airlines tickets, and instead of the cheapest Economy tickets (which come with only carry-on baggage allowance), I paid about $75 more per ticket for Main...
  8. M

    Stranded at the Havana Airport for more than 12 hours due to mechanical--and customer service--failure (AA's that is ...)

    On a recent return flight from Havana to Miami, our AA plane had mechanical difficulties soon after all passengers had boarded. We were notified of the problem, told the wait would be "hours" since they needed to fly both the part and a mechanic in from Miami, and sent back to the lounge to...
  9. S

    Trouble cancelling American Airlines flight I booked through Expedia

    I booked a round trip flight from Raleigh, NC to Kingston, Jamaica on American Airlines through The trip is from May 29th to June 3rd. I was recently told that I got hired at a new job which will begin in May. Unfortunately, since I will have just started at my new job, I will not...
  10. I

    Harassing a Service Dog team in airport

    On Feb 17th, I had a horrible experience trying to check a bag for my flight that morning. Because I was traveling with my service dog, I had contacted AA Special Services prior to my flight to get my seat reserved and to verify if I needed to carry on or check-in the bag that would contain my...
  11. A

    Refund or flight credit for nonrefundable British Airways Ticket

    I'm 17 and my mom bought me a plane ticket to see my aging parents who have health complications in the Netherlands. However, there is currently a level 2 travel advisory by the U.S. Department of State that says to use caution in the Netherlands due to terrorist activity. I'm a kid and I'm not...
  12. L

    American Airlines - Issue While Traveling With an Infant

    On December, 9th 2018 my husband and I, along with our 14 week old son, were flying home from Philadelphia, PA to Charlotte, NC after a great weekend at the Army v Navy football game. My husband is a West Point graduate and medically discharged veteran, so we were very excited that Army...
  13. T

    American Airlines Cancels Flight Sunday After Thanksgiving

    On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was supposed to fly from Atlanta to Miami on flight AA2477 at 12:42PM, but instead had the worst traveling experience not just with American Airlines but with any airline in all my years of flying. After an eight-minute delay the boarding process began but...
  14. mpvenables

    American Airlines: Unwarranted & Predatory Baggage Fee

    I was charged a fee for the return leg of a SEA-NYC trip on 11/27/2018. American Airlines claims that it was an "oversize" bag, despite the fact that it was the *same* carry-on bag with the *exact same* contents. Later, at the gate, waiting for my flight, AA allowed several other passengers to...
  15. A

    If a travel agent company overcharged me, what actions can I take against them ?

    So, I booked my flights on American Airlines with help of a Travel agent. Later I found out they had overcharged me round about $200. What actions can I take against them ?
  16. W

    An American Airlines Nightmare Halloween Experience

    This is my story of honestly the worst customer service experience I've ever had with American Airlines let alone any company. I was scheduled to fly from Myrtle Beach, SC to Corpus Christi, TX on 10/31/18. I had purchased this ticket 3 months ago back in July using the miles I got from...
  17. F

    American Tagged My Bag Incorrectly-Bag lost for 9 of 10 Vacation Days-Refuse to Pay me ANYTHING

    Thank you for reading my case. This happened last December. My son and I were traveling from Cleveland, OH to Panama City, Panama via Miami on American Airlines. We were going away for 10 days. The first leg of our flight was delayed, thereby causing us to miss our connection. We were given...
  18. W

    AA1612 - Had to buy 2 tickets for the same flight

    I flew back to California on American Airlines last week. There is a flight from Greenville, South Carolina to Dallas to Palm Springs. I bought the legs separately in order to avoid having to make an extra stop at Charlotte and run to get the flight while travelling to Greenville. Earlier...
  19. S

    How to get American Airlines to forfeit cancellation charges on flights?

    My husband and I booked 2 one way tickets to LA and 2 return one way tickets from San Francisco. The dates are September 5-12. Our plan was to fly to LA, rent a car, drive up the coast to wine country, and then fly back from SF. Now that there are wildfires all over the state, including one...
  20. L

    Horrible Treatment by American Airlines

    Sent this to all the email address on the for at names and email addresses of most companies for American Airlines and they didn't even give me the courtesy of a response. Their service and treatment of passengers, especially my handicapped wife, was unacceptable. RE: Record Locators XXXXXX &...