american airline

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  1. A

    Made date mistake on non-refundable hotel reservation on AA

    I made an $1400 8 nights hotel and car package reservation on AA vacation on 04/16/2018 with the wrong date (06/13/2018-06/21/2018). I'm a graduate student and the trip is for a conference. I mistakenly remembered the wrong month (the correct conference date is in July 2018, but I booked in June...
  2. M

    Expedia: Returning flight missing

    Hi I booked a flight+hotel for Bahamas on March Break through I received a confirmation email that said that it’s a roundtrip flight but the returning flight was missing. I called them and their costumer care transferred me to his supervisor. He said that it’s not your fault and he...
  3. T

    Newlyweds boarding denied despite all officially verified documents

    For my honeymoon trip on May 21st (I am a Chinese citizen and my husband is American citizen, I have been legally living in the States for 7 years, currently on working VISA), we plan to go to Europe from Des Moines, Iowa. I obtained my Schengen VISA issued by French Embassy (since by EU law...
  4. S

    Flight delay due to left behind iPad

    On March 28th, I had an early morning flight from Memphis to Washington, DC on American. About the time the flight should have been boarding, the gate agent announced that there was a crew issue that the Captain was working on. We were told a few minute later (about 15 mins before scheduled...
  5. mcpax

    Missed Flight due to American, left grandparents to sleep on floor

    Last Thursday my 16 year old son Sean was flying with his grandparents Al and Jane from Philadelphia to Key West thru Miami. They landed in Miami early and should have been able to easily make their connection but American was unable to get the plane to the gate and door opened until the flight...
  6. A

    Refund for Hotel Rooms

    My family and I purchased four American Airline business class tickets for a family vacation to Buenos Aires, AR and Rio De Janiero, BR in August 2016. Our flight out to BA from San Francisco ended up being over an hour late due to a problem on AA side. This was enough for us to miss our...