america airline

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  1. C

    American Airlines/

    A Just Fly reservation agent made a reservation that did not include info regarding additional fees for a checked bag. It was not disclosed at the point of sale as the reservation would not have been made. Spoke to supervisors Maria and May regarding my situation and why the agency failed to...
  2. E

    Two flights in 48 hours didn't have enough gas/Missed both my connections

    I was on flight 5175 on May 1st from Melbourne, FL to LGA via Charlotte. There ended up being a maintenance problem once we boarded the plane. After about an hour they had that resolved. They a woman decided she wanted off the plane. She said she had an "emergency" and we are already pulled back...
  3. U

    I missed a wedding of a 14 year friendship that I was in all because of a negligent Agent.

    on August 20th 2016, I flew with American Airline to Ohio for a wedding that I was to be in and to spend the week with my family. I am African, and for our weddings, we must buy a special fabric, and then we must also pay a seamstress to make it into a special design (Not exactly something that...
  4. queenbre85


    Has anyone had any experience with this or please advise me on what to do? We traveled to disney world with our 2 year old. We GATE CHECKED her UPPA BABY VISTA stroller, covered in a travel bag. On our return flight the stroller was not at gate check we waited 30 minuets with no one being able...
  5. D

    Stranded 2 times for a total of 4 days with no compensation and not one (1) returned call by AA

    On may 8th 2015 I was traveling from Cleveland to London via Chicago . I was supposed to be in flight 86 to London. After waiting for 3 hours at the gate the allowed us to board the plane then made us wait for 2+ hours on the plane , then asked us to exit the plane and wait at the gate for...
  6. M

    AA extra charge in error

    Good Day All, I came across this forum after searching to see if there were others who has experienced overcharging etc by AA and was I surprised. So here is my story...and yes AA representative has replied and correspondence will be included. I am open to constructive criticism if I was in...