amazon account

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  1. K

    Amazon took away all my reviews and community privileges for no real reason: a hurt Prime member

    Amazon took away my product reviewing ability for no apparent reason and with no explanation other than they think I "have a personal relationship to a seller." I can confirm that I do not, though I do buy from one company frequently because I like their pricing products and customer service...
  2. C

    Issue with account

    My amazon buying account (I’m a customer) was closed due to the amount of returns I have made through my account. The reason I’ve made all the returns was because items from amazon have been coming to me broken, missing pieces, or not matching the website description. The account team keep...
  3. M

    Amazon is closing my account, but i dont understand why.

    So today Amazon emailed me, Hello, After a review of your details, we have determined it is necessary to close your account. Any pending orders have been canceled. We may not reply to further emails about this issue. Sincerely, Account Specialist
  4. R

    Closed account - gift cards

    Hi everyone, I see there are a lot of good asnwers on this forum so I'm posting here and hoping you can help me. My situation is really strange because I'm not from the US but I currently work there. Therefore, I still use the credit card from my country (in Europe). The exchange rates are...
  5. S

    Amazon messed up but I have to pay?

    I have had an Amazon account since the beginning of Amazon when they were only selling books. That is the only account I have ever opened. Somehow, in 2017, a second account opened under the same email and phone number. I have been charged for Prime, one monthly, one annually, under both...
  6. N

    Amazon account suspended

    Hi, I have used Amazon now a couple of years. But now my account has been suspended. Let me tell your everything. Im originally from Iran but moved with my parents to Sweden 23 years ago. 2,5 years ag my parents sold some off their land that they still owned. It was tough times in Iran...
  7. H

    Amazon closed my account (What happens to my giftcard balance?)

    Recently I ordered 2 computer parts off of amazon as I some friends of mine recommended me to build a pc. Giftcards were used to buy these parts as my debit card is expired and all banks are closed in my area due to the covid-19 situation. I had funds in paypal and does not accept...
  8. R

    I need help: my Amazon account has been closed

    Hello, my Amazon account has been closed since December 19, 2018. Everything happened after using a third-party debit card to recharge the balance of the gif card, but the payment was never approved. They sent me an email asking me to send an information by fax and I did it, after the...
  9. C

    Your Amazon account has been closed

    Hello everyone , I received three messages from Amazon. The following is the mail and my processing method Email-1 We will inform you that we have found a problem when we check your payment information. We were temporarily suspended access to the relevant account because we could not confirm...
  10. N

    Amazon Account Closure

    Hello, I am hoping someone here can help me. On Monday, I discovered that my amazon account had been disabled. I received no notice or warning that this would happen, and have done nothing that violates Amazon policies. I am very concerned about this for two reasons. First, I have about $2500...
  11. J

    Amazon scammed me

    I recently bought a $45 amazon gift card from a local Walgreen. Next day (which is today) I place the gift card funds onto the account and everything is shipped. Something tells me to check my account and when I do, I am locked out. So I check my email and it says Hello, There was a problem...
  12. T

    Please Help! Amazon Did it to me too!!! Closed Account Kept 200 Bal.

    My first e-mail about this issue from Amazon... Sent: Monday, December 19, 2016 at 6:37 AM From: [email protected] To: Subject: Your order cannot be shipped Hello, We have removed your access to this account because the billing details for your VISA ending in 22 did...