amazon account locked

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  1. M

    Amazon is closing my account, but i dont understand why.

    So today Amazon emailed me, Hello, After a review of your details, we have determined it is necessary to close your account. Any pending orders have been canceled. We may not reply to further emails about this issue. Sincerely, Account Specialist
  2. H

    Amazon Gift Card Locked in Account

    I'm 18 & my parents don't trust me with a credit or debit card anymore, so they took them from me. However, I received a $50 gift card from a friend to get a game I wanted. I made a new account since I previously used eBay & had to skip all the credit/debit card stuff since I no longer own one...
  3. R

    I need help: my Amazon account has been closed

    Hello, my Amazon account has been closed since December 19, 2018. Everything happened after using a third-party debit card to recharge the balance of the gif card, but the payment was never approved. They sent me an email asking me to send an information by fax and I did it, after the...
  4. J

    Amazon scammed me

    I recently bought a $45 amazon gift card from a local Walgreen. Next day (which is today) I place the gift card funds onto the account and everything is shipped. Something tells me to check my account and when I do, I am locked out. So I check my email and it says Hello, There was a problem...
  5. A

    Amazon account locked ,holding my gift card balance

    Hi My account has been locked by amazon.I am in India and I am trying to order an IPhone 8 for 810 USD.Apart from the product cost there is also import fees ,taxes and express shipping charge and total came up to 1185USD .I had a gift card worth 900 USD that I added to my gift card balance and...