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  1. S

    Alitalia refuses to honor voucher due to pandemic

    On April 18, 2020, my wife and I very reluctantly cancelled our first, post-retirement, month-long European vacation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A large portion of that vacation was to be spent in Italy. Our trip included two roundtrip flights on Alitalia. One from Heathrow to Rome and another...
  2. C

    Alitalia, please help - looking for our refund

    Purchased tickets in August 2019 for a May 2020 trip to Sicily with the family. Flights were cancelled in April, Alitalia promised a refund. Haven't seen it. Wrote to them in early August, they have not replied. Does anyone have CEO's name and email address? Any other ideas on how to get...
  3. L

    Alitalia - Not allowing name change despite extenuating circumstances

    In November 2018, I booked an Alitalia flight from NYC to Rome for April 2019 through FareBoom. Because I was supposed to get married in December, I booked this flight under my soon-to-be married name. But then my fiance left me unexpectedly and without any explanation a few days before our...
  4. R

    Alitalia Lost Luggage! - Past 45 days

    Alitalia lost our luggage on our flight out of New York to Israel on July 21, 2017. We were told to wait 45 days and then we'd be able to put in a claim to receive compensation. We made a claim and have not heard back from them since. It has been almost 90 days and we have still not heard back...
  5. C

    Alitalia promised us each vouchers after cancelling our flight and now I can't get ahold of them

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me get the compensation I was promised. I traveled to Europe just a couple months back and I was flying home to Toronto, Ontario on an AlItalia flight out of Rome on April 29, 2017. I booked the flight months in advanced and as the flight drew closer...
  6. R

    Alitalia Name Error on Ticket

    I'm hoping someone can help resolve a name error problem that I have with my ticket for an upcoming Alitalia flight. We booked our tickets together online using the Alitalia website. My name is Richard Hudson and my husband's name is Ruggero Morselli. Unfortunately, we realized after the 24...
  7. G

    Alitalia Lost Luggage

    I flew from Rome to Boston with Alitalia on flight AZ614 on Saturday, January 7th. My luggage got lost, and I filled out a complaint at the airport. I was told I'll receive an email with my claim number and will get my suitcase by Monday or Tuesday. I have not received it yet. I called the...
  8. D

    Expedia - Alitalia Name Change

    Hi, I purchased an Alitalia ticket through Expedia in September and in October it hit me that I bought it on my married name, where is my passport is in my maiden name (my green card, however, is on my married name, but I know that the ticket must match your passport). I have been trying to fix...
  9. B

    Was this cancellation due to weather or not?

    Need help trying to figure out whether or not to fight this battle. On Friday, 7/1, my family and I were on Alitalia flight 605 from JFK to MXP. A very bad thunderstorm/tornado rolled through about an hour before takeoff (scheduled for 8:30pm), wrecking havoc on the tri-state area airports. We...
  10. D

    Alitalia, Expedia and Me: A Love Triangle

    Where do I start... Perhaps it was the long realized dream of visiting Italy with my amazing wife, who has never been to Europe before. O it was the shear excitement of traveling as an adult with the actual funds to enjoy a well deserved trip. Either way it has turned out to be a nightmare even...
  11. B

    Alitalia has no conscience: Won't reimburse for lost luggage expenses.

    PLEASE HELP! So here it is in a nutshell: This June my family of 4 went to Italy for the first time to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Upon arrival in Rome: 0 of 4 bags arrived. We spent an hour with Alitalia describing lost items and giving our detailed itinerary. We missed our reserved driver...