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  1. K

    Alamo car rental damage recovery unit

    Hi I rented from alamo Miami airport on 11/5/20. I picked up the car- chevy suburban and went back to my apartment in Miami to pack up the car. I declined CDW because I have full coverage auto insurance on Progressive. It was a one-way car rental. On Saturday, 11/7/20, my wife, 6 mos baby, and I...
  2. B

    Alamo ruined my Labor Day weekend '18, and has yet to reply to my inquiries or offer any compensation

    I had to abandon my entire holiday weekend travel plans after arriving at MEM airport to pick up my Alamo rental; being informed they had run out of cars; and that they had no available inventory for replacements at any other nearby location, even for the following day. I reserved a three-day...
  3. K

    Misleading info causing diesel into unlead gasoline car - damage in dispute

    Hi all , I had a terrible experience to share and would like to seek advice ........... I rented a car (Opel ET-995-TN contract 3S51H1) with Alamo in Paris CDG airport on Oct 15 with the clear verbal advice it ran on diesel and there is no other clear fuel info on the contract, fuel door nor...
  4. Elegiul1983


    Approximately two months ago, I rented a car in Nuremberg, Germany. As always, I thoroughly checked the status of the car (scratches, dents, etc.) before driving away and there were indeed a few scratches that Alamo/Enterprise pointed out to me. All good. As the rental car office at the airport...
  5. gdconde

    Alamo damage claim

    Hello everyone. My name is Gustavo and I am from Argentina. On December 2017 I rented a car with Alamo for 2 days. I rented de car in Orlando International Airport, travel to Miami and returned in Miami International Airport with NO accidents at all. Now I received and email from Alamo...
  6. S M

    Damage/Loss Claim With Alamo - Am I doing this right?

    I rented a car with Alamo in Late October. The car had mechanical problems, and 2/3 of the way through my trip, I had to turn it in and get a different car, which was later exchanged for a third. Long story, but the car was out of oil and had other problems. I get a letter from Alamo dated the...
  7. S

    Alamo Damage Charge with NO documents

    I rented a car from the Albany airport Alamo in mid-October. Nobody did a walk around with me, this was the first time I've ever rented a car and I didn't think to take a photo. My mistake. After I returned the car, I received a call from Alamo stating there was damage. They asked me a few...
  8. I

    Alamo false damage claim

    This week, I received a notification that Alamo was going to charge me for damage to the car I rented (there was none). The notification came from the “Damage Recovery Unit,” with contacts as follows: phone: 886 300 3239 Email: [email protected] ( is Enterprise Holdings, Alamo’s parent...
  9. L

    Alamo damage scam

    I rented a silver 2016 Jeep Cherokee from Alamo Rent A Car on March 14, 2017, when I flew in to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia. I returned the vehicle on March 28, 2017. When I returned the vehicle, the woman who checked it in pointed out a small scuff on the rear passenger door, measuring...
  10. M

    Bogus (Fraudulent?) Alamo damage claim

    I received a phone call from Alamo Green Bay Aiport's agent , Purco, claiming that I damaged their car. I refused to talk with the Purco representative as I had no idea who he was. Several days later I received two letters, one from Purco and one from Alamo, both noting unspecified damage to...
  11. J

    Alamo rudely refused to inspect vehicle with me, now claiming damage. Next steps?

    Hello! I submitted my story to and was asked to post on the forum so hopefully someone here can help. I'll try to keep it short but am happy to provide any clarification. I rented a car in Kalispell, MT in June. While I had possession of the vehicle there was a hailstorm. When...
  12. J

    Alamo charges for unseen damage

    Hey Chris – just wanted your opinion on a damaged rental car. We rented from Alamo in Sanford Florida in May – It was raining and no one took us to the car. They just pointed to a group of cars, and said pick one. When we returned the car they found that the rear taillight was cracked and...
  13. E

    Alamo claims $1963 for damage that did not happen while I had the car.

    Hello, We rented an car from Alamo for exactly one night. We returned it the next morning completely free of any damage. Nothing was noted, and the attendant said nothing to us. We later got a short letter stating we had a claim from the "Damage Recovery Unit" that solicited our insurance and...
  14. B

    Hertz/Alamo Parking Lot Accident

    Hi all, I am seeking advice on a recent auto collision involving two rental cars..... and Purco represents both. Apologies for the novel... Outline of events: 9/4: I rented a truck from Hertz. While exiting the parking lot I collided with another rental car (Alamo) in transit in an unmarked...
  15. A

    Enterprise Car Rental - Alleged Damage after Return

    Hello , While moving cross country I stopped in Wichita, KS to see family. I rented a car there from enterprise and went out to the car. I was unable to move the seat and asked the young man in the booth there to assist me. He showed me what to do and upon moving it I noticed a ding in the...