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  1. M

    United to Italy

    My husband and I were supposed to go to Italy for our honeymoon in May. United canceled our flight because of COVID. They offered me a credit which at first I agreed to because we were hopeful we’d get to reschedule. Now, we don’t know if we will be able to go and if so it may not be in the next...
  2. R

    Turkish Airlines Refund

    Good afternoon, I enjoy reading your column and hope that you can help me resolve an issue I am having with Turkish Airlines. I am an American citizen who was living in Turkey for a fellowship until this past March, and I planned to travel to Scotland and Italy this summer. In all, I purchased...
  3. jckemman

    Help With Air Canada Concerns - Not Sure What to Do

    Hello, all, My fiancee and I currently live long distance. This summer of 2018 I booked a ~3 month~ return trip through CheapOAir with Air Canada from Washington D.C. Dulles to Melbourne Australia. The flights went relatively okay, I suppose, but there were some complications I wanted to...
  4. A

    Qatar Airways - The worst of the middle eastern airlines with hub in Doha Qatar

    We purchased an online electronic round trip ticket for my son to fly from Salt Lake City, Utah to Lahore, Pakistan. On his return, he was denied boarding because "he is a 13 year old traveling alone." At ANY time during the purchase online, during many of my conversations with their call...
  5. B

    Flights from Amsterdam, NL to Houston, Tx

    Anyone had experience flying from Amsterdam to Houston? We are doing a transatlantic cruise in May 2019. Wondering, as I have never flown outside of the US.
  6. E

    Lufthansa changes policy without notice

    In August of last year, I booked a trip on Lufthansa from San Francisco-Frankfurt for May of 2017. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, and I had been saving for a long time to make a trip to Germany in which I would visit the villages of my ancestors and attend a reunion for my mother's...
  7. N

    Etihad Airways - Just trying to get my girlfriend to Europe! Help!

    Hi all - I am curious to see if I have any sort of legal case over actions against Etihad Airways in this situation or if anyone can provide me some assistance! Something to keep in mind while reading my flight is next Thursday (6/15) In November, I booked/redeemed (points redemption) two...
  8. J

    Double-booked w/Turkish Airlines after Vayama Payment Issue, Want to Cancel 1 Ticket

    Dear Elliot-ers, Last week, I booked a Turkish Airlines flight through Vayama from Atlanta to Sofia, Bulgaria via one stop in Istanbul. I got my e-ticket and was able to select seats, and the cost of the ticket appeared under my "pending" charges on my credit card. So far so good. The problem...
  9. N

    Booking a flight through a Travel Agency

    Hi! I was looking for flights to Mexico from NYC. I ended up on skyscanner website which told me that an agency by the name of smart fares ( had the cheapest tickets. I have seen advertisements for them on google but I never used them before so I checked BBB to see if they were...
  10. D E Huffman

    Requesting Alaska Air Cancellation waiver of fees

    In January we booked air on Alaska Air to Mexico for April 2017. My brother was diagnosed with mesothelioma earlier in the year (2016). Up until recently we shared responsibility for the care of our elderly mother who has began showing signs of dementia. Bottomline, my brother's health has...
  11. M

    Family emergency? American does not care.

    I have an American Airlines ticket booked to Hawaii in August for my honeymoon, or what would have been my honeymoon (it's still five months out, plenty of time to re-sell a ticket in my opinion) but circumstances have made it impossible for my fiancé and I to go. His mother is extremely sick...
  12. R

    Married Name change

    First time here, truly don't know what to do. My wife and I are book for our honeymoon to leave in May. When I book on United my wife's name was clearly different. When I called the airline to change her name on the rez they told me that is wasn't an option. That I would need to bring our...
  13. V

    Emirates baggage delayed refund of expenses.

    My mom traveled from India on August 5th from India via Dubai. The baggage was lost for 3 days and in the mean time we had a hard time learning anything about the baggage. The luggage had my mom's medication, she carried only enough for two days (one day of travel and one after arrival). She...
  14. L

    Lufthansa Denial of Request to Purchase Upgrade on United Ticket

    July 26, 2016 I purchased a United Airlines ticket, xxxxxx IAD/LHR/CPH on 9/2/2016 (then cruise and travel) returning Frankfurt, Germany/IAD on 9/25/2016 (this last flight being operated by 'partner' airline Lufthansa. After purchase of the economy ticket I contacted UAL on August 05, 2016, to...
  15. K

    Expedia Refund I Help

    I booked a flight for my daughter through Expedia on Boliviana de Aviacion (BOA) Airlines from Miami to La Paz. May 5th I received notification from Expedia that the return flight schedule had changed (14 hours later) and this would have caused my daughter to miss a return connection in Miami...
  16. C

    Skylux Travel

    Has anyone had any experience with Skylux Travel, a consolidator that sells discounted first/business class travel? I've seen mixed comments on Yelp, Business Advisor and Trip Advisor. I THINK they buy FF points and resell them, which is supposedly against airline rules. But, the tickets are...
  17. M

    Honeymoon nightmare with airlines: lost luggage + reroute + paid first but flew coach

    It seems everyone has a 'horror' story dealing with travel and airlines and we wanted to share ours with you and HOPEFULLY you can help steer us in the right direction to receiving resolution. Sorry, it is a complicated situation. But, I do hope you read. I do hope you respond. And, I very much...
  18. AAGK

    Jet Blue Family Pooling

    About 6 months ago, I attempted to add my mom to my Jet Blue family pool, which means all her points would go to me. At the time, my partner and I were the only ones in the pool. I didn't really read the t/c and the next thing I know, I removed him and am unable to add another adult for one...