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  1. Q

    Is SkyLuxTravel a real company?

    I agree with jsn55 and others who say to book directly with the airline. We traveled to Australia on Virgin Airlines in 2013. From what I could see, there are TWO Virgin airlines: one was strictly US and the other was strictly Australia. We had a dreadful experience on the Virgin US flights. We...
  2. Q

    Why is a landline useful?

    I will NEVER abandon my landline. Cell service in rural areas is seldom reliable. For instance, our Verizon 'dumb' phones (prepaid flip phones) work fairly well but AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint don't have the coverage here and have no intentions of upgrading or putting up towers. Not to say our...
  3. Q

    Trip Advisor misusing my profile avatar

    Good for him. I'm sure that company-if I have ever in my entire life dealt with it...still has all MY information. Sad to say, there's a lot of companies that would much rather you don't contact them with your piddlyass little problems like...whatever it is you bought BROKE out of the box...etc...
  4. Q

    Trip Advisor misusing my profile avatar

    :) Ahhh, but I do have this website. Sometimes I bet, when I contact a business that has bent over backward to avoid giving a customer any sort of contact information, I bet they say, darn it, who ratted us out. Thank you again!!
  5. Q

    Trip Advisor misusing my profile avatar

    THANK you! Sad that I had to go round the Horn to get to a TA forum that covers this subject...
  6. Q

    Trip Advisor misusing my profile avatar

    I've been on Trip Advisor for years and actually find it very helpful. But today I looked at my account (which shows all the reviews) and noticed my avatar on the left side under their "Travelers Talk About". There was my avatar at the very top with the words "Chicken Noodle Soup" after it. I...
  7. Q

    Home insurance-why can't I have a 'stick built home" to replace a manufactured home?

    LDVinVA, yes, that was what I was asking, and Just A guy, what you say makes sense. I doubt any insurance company would pay out what a new stick built would be (and yes, 'stick built' is the term construction guys use to mean a house is built from the ground up, so to speak, as opposed to...
  8. Q

    Home insurance-why can't I have a 'stick built home" to replace a manufactured home?

    I live in a manufactured home. I own the land it's on. It's paid off. Realistically, it would have been called a 'double wide' but it's really not a trailer. It has cathedral ceilings, skylights, french doors, etc. So it's not what you think when you hear 'mobile home'. It's not the cracker...
  9. Q

    Where to keep passport when traveling

    Having lived in Europe while in the Army for several years, I learned to keep my important documents close to my chest...literally. I had a 'neck safe' (never thought it had a name) and kept my passport, driver's license, large bills, etc, in that. What was in my pocket was literally pocket...
  10. Q

    Washington DC vacation

    I used to live in DC, (before there was the subway) but I know that these days, the public transportation is your easiest way of getting around. Do not drive in DC unless you absolutely have to. Perhaps things have improved, but the Capitol Beltway (I-395) was a PITA to negotiate.. Downtown...
  11. Q

    No First Name on Passport

    ccwina, I was going to suggest contacting the consulates of countries where people commonly have but one name. I believe the Indonesian countries are like that, as well as some of the 'Stans. But it appears as if you have already done so. I never thought of it being a problem, but then, I do...
  12. Q

    Sister's Death

    My condolences on the death of your sister. To have contracted a nasty bug and then get news like that...I doubt I'd ever take a cruise again. This of course is not helpful now, but I have a rule of thumb...any trip I take that costs over a $1000, I get travel insurance. I know, sometimes the...
  13. Q

    Pre-existing condition or cancel for any reason insurance?

    I have purchased both types of travel insurance. In February, I was preparing to get on a plane to CA (which was only a couple hours flight) so I purchased the cheaper policy (not a CFAR). The morning I was supposed to fly, I instead came down with food poisoning. No way would I have wanted to...
  14. Q

    Fraudulent damage claim by Dollar - now they've sent me to collections

    Unfortunately stuff like this is happening more and more often. My battle was with Hertz but the stonewalling, the refusal of the company to respond to requests for documentation, damage reports, Police reports, etc. , the sending you to a collection agency, it's all the same playbook. What they...
  15. Q

    A Bad Experience with VRBO#7xxxxx

    mmb is correct regarding roaches. They predate the dinosaurs and will undoubtedly be here long after we humans have eradicated ourselves from the planet. No one likes having them in one's living quarters, were in Hawaii, a place with the perfect living conditions for bugs, especially...
  16. Q

    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    Sorry, JSN55, but it's more Ivar's at SeaTac. Which means, I will buy a Subway sandwich and carry it through TSA. Such a shame. Gosh, considering how often I go to Trader Joe's, I never thought of trying their chowder. Thank you!
  17. Q

    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    I, too, found at least one really great place to eat in the Nashville Airport...I think it was called something Irish. Had some TERRIFIC catfish there. (and catfish, if not cooked correctly, can be nasty.) I am sorry to tell you all but Seattle airport, SeaTac, made a HUGE kicked...
  18. Q

    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    All of the above info provided by several folks is good information. Advise your daughter that DFW is a HUGE airport. Keep her personal belongings with her at all is constantly exhorted to never allowing someone else to handle your carryons, etc, for good reason. As for the flight...
  19. Q

    Caution when flying into Budapest's Lizst Ferenc Airport

    That's a good idea, zipties. Get several of different colors and place them in a pattern (i.e. blue blue red yellow) that way you can know if they cut them or not. They might have black zipties on hand but colored ones are a little harder to find.