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    Passing the buck (and the blame) - El Al and Jet Blue

    Weather cancellations can be extremely aggravating. Many airlines are understaffed at that point. While the frustration is understandable. some of the expectations are not. Is this the first time on a flight? How can the passenger claim to think they were only flying El Al on the return when...
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    Passing the buck (and the blame) - El Al and Jet Blue

    I am a bit confused. The screenshots do not show any flight numbers for the domestic trips. Is that the travel agent itinerary or El Al? After arriving in the US on LY 15 and arriving at 5:30 am and entering through immigration, how did the passenger know to go Jet Blue for the Boston to...
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    Assistance required - Etihad customer experience onboard

    Neil I think the $50 seating fee was for another flight and this is unrelated to the Etihad flight. Etihad has offered miles for the broken tray, which the OP find inadequate. The compensation offered is in line with what airlines give for the problem. The issue of the reimbursement for...
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    AeroMexico; their tardiness cost me $400+

    Sorry but the logic is a stretch. The airline for whatever reason could not board on time. None of that changes the original problem which is that you threw out the immigration form. And rules are different for nationals and foreigners. I take it this is the Forma Migratoria Multiple. That...
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    Wow Air flight cancelled - stuck in Paris

    Clicking that box means that WOW does not have to transport you back to Montreal and will refund your ticket. They will not pay for the Iberia ticket. You are still eligible for the 600 Euro compensation for the cancelled flight.
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    Assistance required - Etihad customer experience onboard

    But someone may not have reported it, perhaps they did not bother or did not know to. All such problems should be reported. Is is this a seat back tray table or armrest tray table? If this was so noticeable before take off did you alert the cabin crew before departure so that maintenance...
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    Last Name And First Name The Same?

    I do not like justfly and their fees. But blaming any company for user computer error is not going to get you anywhere. Garbage in, garbage out as the saying goes. Your coworker chose to use a company that charges fees and does not have free 24 hour cancellation. That fee was reduced. There...
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    British Airways Cancelled Flight

    Rolltimes427 the next time I am on a long haul flight I hope I am seated next to you and your baby — or someone like you. You have a wonderful outlook on travel.
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    Last Name And First Name The Same?

    It is unlikely that the 25 fee will be refunded this has to be a learning experience for using justfly. Many people have lost much more money so your friend is lucky. I hope she did not rebook with justfly.
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    Assistance required - Etihad customer experience onboard

    Where the bags delayed on your flight home or on the outbound? As for the tray table not working it is not a safety violation as long as the tray table is able to be locked. Asking for a partial refund for a broken tray table for you and your partner is, to put it bluntly, ridiculous. The...
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    Last Name And First Name The Same?

    Justfly is notorious for their service fees; while distasteful they are not illegal. Justfly does not have to follow the 24 hour rule and they do not; they only give about 4 hours. Some budget airlines allow for name change — Norwegian may be one, but most do not allow it which is why there...
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    TAP (Portuguese National Carrier) denied boarding and fraudulently claimed flight was cancelled

    Sigh now I am leaning towards massive incompetence. A customer service person telling you to ignore the documentation that they just sent you saying 2 July departure when you asked and paid for the 3rd. For future reference for all if something like this happens try and pull up the reservation...
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    Frontier airline delays and compensations

    I too am amazed that Frontier responded in a positive manner.
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    TAP (Portuguese National Carrier) denied boarding and fraudulently claimed flight was cancelled

    What a mess and glad that they made the wedding. A canceled flight is most often eligible for compensation unless the reason (AIr Traffic Control strike for example) is something extraordinary and outside the control of the airline. Routine maintenance problem is not extraordinary and falls...
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    British Airways Cancelled Flight

    You should file for Eu 261 as Neil suggested. If there was any sort of charge for the infant the baby should be eligible for EU 261.
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    Cancelled flight - or was it?

    Frontier only has flights on Monday and Friday. Are you sure that the Monday July 9 was cancelled? How would the agent know on July 6 that the flight would be cancelled 3 days in advance? Flightaware (not 100 percent reliable) indicates that the Monday July 9 flight went out close to being on...
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    American Airlines

    The person made a typo; instead of looking at month 6 it was month 7; given the amount of rebookings it not surprising that there was a mistake. How long was it until the mistake was caught? USe the customer contacts to get the reason for the delay. You can also see if the report from...
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    lost item on Delta flight

    Most cleaning crews are subcontracting companies. The problem is that another passenger could have found it and taken it. Considering there have been reports of passengers caught stealing form other passengers in flight, there is a possibility that the cleaning crew never found it. As Neil...
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    Qatar Airways - Missed Opportunity

    Neil my reading is that they did not even know of the promotion -- and that they would have taken advantage of it had they known. The promotion is offered by Discover Qatar, which is encourages tourism, and is owned by the same holding group as the airline (or some similar corporate structure)...
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    Delta Fiasco

    Was this a flight in late May? It would be helpful to have the flight numbers and dates. If this was the May 21 the airplane was forced to circle around from looking at historical flight date, and there was no unusual speed, it was air traffic control. The flight tracking looks as if the plane...