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    Hurricane Message on Insure My Trip

    Hi- I'm shopping for insurance on Insure My Trip for a mid-November trip. This message appears at the top of their website: "Attention Travelers Seeking Coverage for Hurricane Irma, Tropical Storm Jose and Tropical Storm Katia: Your only option for trip cancellation coverage is a plan with...
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    Beautiful Photo of Flight in Eclipse

    A photographer caught an image of American Airlines flight #9661 in Idaho as it passed by the eclipse. The photographer and flight crew are in touch. Sometimes flying is a beautiful experience.
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    New TSA Pat Down

    Hi- Per Chris's article I thought I would share my experience. I always opt-out and pass through security about 40 times a year. I do not have pre-check and doubt I would be approved. I flew on April 3 and April 6 and experienced the new pat down and it is awful. The difference between all...
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    Stranded insurance company won't help

    hello, I purchased HTHworldwide TripProtector Classic. I traveled to oman to join an all inclusive tour. The tour company cancelled the day the tour was to begin and I think they are a scam as they kept everyones money but that story is for another day. I'm stuck from February 15-19 as the...
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    Tour Delayed by a Day

    Hello, I have a unique situation. I'm booked round trip on Emirates to Dubai. I'm separately booked on a round trip flight on FlyDubai to get to an airport to meet up with a United Arab of Emirates group tour with a charter plane to an island. I insured all these costs upon booking. The...
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    Tour date changed

    hello, My tour company contacted everyone today because a government in another country changed the approval for our charter flight for a day later. I need to change flights on two airlines tow day later. I have trip insurance and called and they said on the phone it should be covered and sent...
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    Allegiant Air Safety

    Does this mean that Allegiant Air does not meet FAA or other government requirements for safety? I have not flown with them and now I see no reason too. This statement made me wonder about safety standards: "Allegiant had about nine times as many serious incidentsover that period as Delta Air...
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    Spirit and Insurance

    Hello, I want to escape the election and plan to travel to a remote area. Unfortunately the only flight with one connection is on Spirit and the price is less than half United or American which involve flying the wrong direction all day and two connections. I avoid Spirit but this time I intend...
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    SW-Hour Delay for Lost Phone

    Interesting experience on Southwest flight 823 from Baltimore to Denver on 7/25. The plane was fully boarded and the doors were closed and FAs had began procedures to depart on time. Then a FA states on the overhead communication that a young traveler lost his phone and it will be just a few...
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    Frontier and Spirit to Raise Baggage Fees for Holiday

    If booking on Frontier or Spirit-be sure to check your dates as they are increasing baggage fees. Spirit throughout the holiday season and Frontier for many dates between the week before Thanksgiving and mid-August.
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    United-Flight issues and advocating for yourself

    I'm writing this because it helps to know what other flights are available to get you where you are going in advance, some issues flying on miles, and how being polite while advocating for your trip can get you where you are going. I do not say the airports or other carrier b/c I don't want to...
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    Insurance-Complicated Trip

    Hello, I am going on a four week vacation in three countries in May. Turkey, Iran, and Greece. The first two weeks I'll be on my own and the second two weeks with a group of friends. I am using miles to fly to the U.S. and back and also for a one way flight Turkey to Greece. I purchased plane...