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  1. Carrie Livingston

    Cash refund denied due to pre-existing condition

    @nelsonlh I imagine there is a "look back" period listed in the policy.
  2. Carrie Livingston

    Cash refund denied due to pre-existing condition

    Your originally had two posts. I asked one of the other staff members to combine the responses. Not sure where it ended up.
  3. Carrie Livingston


    We had a rental in California recently and they had no charge for family members with the same last name.
  4. Carrie Livingston

    AT&T Final Bill

    @Yoshi thanks for the update. I'm glad you got a successful resolution. I've tagged our research director about the contact not working.
  5. Carrie Livingston

    AT&T Final Bill

    @John Galbraith please see post above about AT&T. Thanks!
  6. Carrie Livingston

    Amazon Closed me & my roommates account

    @andrely please start a new thread for your question. This thread hasn't been posted to since 2017.
  7. Carrie Livingston

    Did AA "steal" my bag?

    Thread has been closed since seeking legal advice.
  8. Carrie Livingston


    Would you please break this up into a couple of paragraphs? I can't read that entire block of text.
  9. Carrie Livingston

    Cruise Ship vs Airlines extra costs

    I agree with @msmayor that cruising is a good value. It's a somewhat all-inclusive vacation visiting different places so you can decide where you might like to visit on a land vacation. With respect to taxes, those are refunded if a port is missed. They are likely listed separately b/c they...
  10. Carrie Livingston

    AT&T won’t prorate after cancellation

    @Bergman with wifi calling do you need to connect to a wireless network or does your phone do it automatically?
  11. Carrie Livingston

    Brittish Airway won't give refund

    Is it possible she meant a refund of taxes?
  12. Carrie Livingston

    One-Aisle vs. Two-Aisle planes

    Neil, NCL does a round trip Hawaii, not exactly what op is looking for. They are looking for Hawaii to West Coast and it can't happen on a ship b/c of PVSA, I think.
  13. Carrie Livingston


    If a broker is not helpful, then use another one. Their business is sales. A broker should know or be able to find out the answers to your specific questions.
  14. Carrie Livingston

    Wow Air: Best strategy for 20 passengers delayed 30 hrs for EC 261 compensation

    @Neil Maley the commission is the one the for profit would take. The passengers compensation would be reduced by the commission. If you can renegotiate the commission as a group, they would each get more compensation than going it alone. However I agree with @Dwayne Coward. @Ger please follow...
  15. Carrie Livingston

    British Airways agent needlessly cancels my entire itinerary

    @flyboy0681 we are having issues with posting attachments to the forum. They are working on it but we don't have a timeline for resolution yet.
  16. Carrie Livingston

    British Airways agent needlessly cancels my entire itinerary

    @John Galbraith can you check on this?
  17. Carrie Livingston


    @Ltlizard others will come along later with more information but generally we recommend actually talking with a broker and asking them questions about your concerns. That way the person can direct you to the best policy for your specific needs.
  18. Carrie Livingston

    Made mistake requesting property

    We generally recommend contacting the company but not flooding them with emails. You contact the lowest level first, wait a week or so if no response or not the desired response and move to the next level.
  19. Carrie Livingston

    Made mistake requesting property

    @Neil Maley the link is for the conversation. @Sogo we're currently having issues posting things on the forum. Are you able to provide us the listing ID or a link to the listing so we may view? You might be able to copy and paste anything you want to add; I've had a little bit of luck doing...
  20. Carrie Livingston

    Code Share - Mutual Responsibility or Mutual Deniability

    @John Galbraith we've got a problem with the Iberia contacts. Please see post #46.