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    Hertz Loyalty Points Expired - Missing corporate good will

    There is a difference between a frequent user program for things like airline miles, hotel stays, or rental cars and the rewards programs like those offered by many grocery and department stores or restaurants. With my grocery rewards program I get discounts each time I shop; I do not have to...
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    My mother lost her driver’s license

    You should also file a claim with Seatac airport. Delta can help with items left on board, but for items left in the gate area, or any public space at Seatac use this link...
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    Air Canada refuses to refund ticket despite denied boarding

    For other passengers worried about security, it is a good thing to check the aiport web site for live security line waits. That also lets you know which ones are open. DIA has it and it would have helped the passenger that went to the wrong security lane. Smaller airports will not have this...
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    Flight delay and overnight accomodation

    When selecting other than direct flights I look at connection times and try to ensure that I am not on the last flight out, or if I am, how much time do I have for connections, and is that time enough for me to make it to the next gate (I look at airport maps and where I am sitting on the...
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    My frequent flier miles were cancelled... AA want $1000 to restore them.

    One thing to remember, being a member of a frequent flyer program does not make you a frequent flyer. Only flying will do that. If not flying multiple times per year, be aware that you have to take other actions to preserve your miles. Maintaining frequent flyer status with the associated...
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    Worst Airline For Married Couples

    A very big take away for anyone that takes the time to read all the way through this thread is that If/When you are asked to check a bag at the gate due to lack of overhead bin space be aware that your bags will be "checked through to your final destination". So, in this case the OP...
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    Complaint Against Standard of [email protected] Crown Plaza SW Peachtree Atlanta

    FYI to jsn55, APK stands for Android Package Kit (also Android Application Package) and is the file format that Android uses to distribute and install apps. So, I would assume that the APK rate is a company negotiated rate. For the OP, It sounds like you were attending an event that carried a...
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    Animals on Planes

    I feel for you, suffering severe allergies must make life very difficult at times. I also feel very much for the blind, those with epilepsy, etc. with real needs for service dogs. As far as I can tell, it is a lose/lose situation for all involved. Who decides a person cannot fly/ride a...
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    Swap Discount Codes for Premium Upgrade on Alaska?

    You could use the discount codes. You just need to cancel your existing tickets and purchase the new ones in the seats you desire using your discount code in accordance with all the regulations clearly spelled out on the web site. You may have to pay the cancellation fee. There might be some...
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    What's up with Hertz and their policies for seniors/the disabled?

    Every so often I get an email from Hertz saying that "You've earned a free terminal drop off". It is a "reward" for being a frequent renter. I can elect to reserve now (in the email) and a Hertz employee will give me a ride to the terminal from the rental car drop off area. Since I am almost...
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    Yes, you are correct. If the OP does NOT want to pay for premium class they could be seated in Row 11 or 18 without paying extra, because those are also designated as handicapped. So, Alaska will not move her up for free when there is the handicapped option within the fare class she paid for.
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    The OP's flight is a Horizon E175, the accessible seats on this plane are row 6, 11, and 18. The saver fare is $64.00 (today) that does not allow advance seat selection and the Main cabin is $79 which does allow advance seat selection. To sit in rows which have the extra leg room (premium...
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    Wi-Fi Problem between Alaska Airlines & Go Go Air

    From Alaska: "Better inflight Wi-Fi is on its way. We're launching a new, satellite-based Wi-Fi service from Gogo, which will let you stream, browse, and chat from gate departure to gate arrival. The new service will debut in April 2018, and gradually expand to our entire Boeing and Airbus...
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    Is 40minute domestic transfer enough in Atlanta?

    Before counting on any airline "holding a plane" for you might consider this: You book a flight from FirstCity to SecondCity, but the plane will continue on as a separate fight to ThirdCity. There may be people on the flight that leaves SecondCity to ThirdCity also with tight connections. If...
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    United v. Alaska; United wins

    Starting on the Alaska Airlines home page you see options to book flights, hotels, cars, or packages. Clicking on hotels or cars for example will bring up a new page, the top of which says: Expedia/Alaska. Right below that is a link that says: Back to Alaska. They must have changed the web page...
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    Are we safe in the Bahamas?

    When I take excursions off a cruise ship I do not take unneeded items, for example all the normal credit cards, gas card, grocery cards etc. that are normally in my purse will not be needed when I am on a shore excursion. I just take what I actually would use with me. And, before I go on a trip...
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    Connecting Flight Danger In Frankfurt

    I look at where I am sitting in the various types of planes so that I can figure out how long it will be before I can deplane. If it is a small regional get with bags that are dropped off in the jetway I need to add extra time to stand in the jetway waiting to collect my carryon. How large is...
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    Is The U.S. gov’t trying to scam travelers into paying for Clear?

    I use my mobile boarding pass even if I have a paper one because TSA takes longer with the paper ones, but the disadvantage to that is sometimes the wrong pass comes up. It might be my husband, it might be for my connecting flight later that day or the flight I had yesterday. Cruise season at...
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    This how American Airlines handles its customers

    I have been told that the airport monitors are updated by the airport, not necessarily the airline. Therefore, I should always check with a gate agent to see if my gate has changed or not. I have been at gates many times watching people come up to the gate agent asking for a flight their...
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    Help with baggage fees

    There is a chart near the bottom of the page that provides all the checked bag fees for American Airlines.