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  1. jsn55

    Worst Airline For Married Couples

    We need a LOVE button!
  2. jsn55

    Car A/C keeps breaking down. I’m worried I’m getting the runaround.

    Absolutely agree with VoR. Dealers are not to be trusted for service under any circumstances. And frankly, they're worse with women; I am fairly knowledgeble about vehicles, but they still try to run me around the playground when I have the misfortune to have to deal with them on service...
  3. jsn55

    Compensation for gate-side baggage check of carry on luggage

    I will never forget connecting in Houston back when the merger was happening and you could get priority just with the credit card. I be-bopped down to the gate and the "priority" boarding line was 50 people instead of the usual 6. I remember thinking that this priority thing was going to be a...
  4. jsn55

    Mislead by Norwegian Air upgrade bid offer = $850 charge

    Adele should be singing the theme for not booking the cheapest thing, whether it be air, hotel or rental cars. All that money to book another tix, and the return on Norwegian was probably cancelled automatically when the outbound flight wasn't taken. Ugh! Travel is complicated enough these...
  5. jsn55

    Hyatt House New Orleans, LA

    Y You bring up a very important point, Skippy. Travellers frequently encounter services that have charges, or where tips are the norm. The way you "ask a favor" of one of these people is to (in this case) hand them a $5 while asking (not stating) to leave your car there while you take your...
  6. jsn55

    Hyatt House New Orleans, LA

    What a nasty experience. When the conversation started with the valet, did s/he understand what you were saying? Was there a place to leave your car while you checked in? As Christina points out, you can't make up your own rules and expect the hotel to go along. The biggest issues that hotel...
  7. jsn55

    EU 261 compensation due to delay / missed connection

    You may not be entitled to EU compensation, but if you never got to Vienna from LHR you should ask for something. Or did you get arrive a day late? Are you looking for compensation for your late arrival in Vienna? British Air usually has huge surcharges on award tix; are you out-of-pocket a...
  8. jsn55

    Misrepresentation of Service

    The debate about the downfall of customer service will never end. Reality is that today a consumer must have the terms of what s/he is buying in writing, s/he must understand them and agree to them before moving ahead with the purchase. This is one of the main reasons many of us prefer to...
  9. jsn55

    Compensation for gate-side baggage check of carry on luggage

    This is most interesting information, Aaron. I remember lots of talking about "dividing" boarding lanes per window, center, aisle. Didn't know that it had ever been implemented with any airline. I'm fortunate to be able to fly up front most of the time, so no boarding issues. I do see the...
  10. jsn55

    Singapore Airlines Refund Problem

    What an awful mess, I am so sorry this is happening on top of your husband's surgery. While the PayPal issue started the problem, Singapore Air has agreed to refund to your bank account but sent the funds to the wrong bank. They agreed to refund to the correct bank. You've received no refund...
  11. jsn55

    Need help

    My colleagues are right, your brother buys gift cards in the US for you, you need merchandise and order it from Egypt but have it shipped to your brother in the US ... if you needed the merchandise in Egypt, why have it shipped to the US? You haven't explained the reason for this convoluted...
  12. jsn55

    Complaint Against Standard of [email protected] Crown Plaza SW Peachtree Atlanta

    This is probably the best advice ever given to a traveler in the face of glitches: "So, I work on not being upset and try to make the clerks feel less stressed while trying to help me. It actually helps a lot. CTP, you are so right ... I have received so many positive goodies just by...
  13. jsn55

    refund for a flight ticket from StudentUniverse

    Very, very happy to read this update, jj. I think everyone in the USA is willing to go the extra mile for people who serve in the military. I'm glad you contacted us and hope that other military people will read this in case they need assistance. Thanks so much for your kind comments and for...
  14. jsn55

    Volvo - Parasitic Battery Drain

    Oh, how we hate automotive problems like this. Once you get the current situation settled and the car is "driving fine", you might want to consider my solution with a Lincoln Navigator some years ago. I absolutely loved that truck, but the electrical system was flawed ("everybody" knew this...
  15. jsn55 Booked 2 different hotels due to website glitch

    This is awful, Larry, a story that we hear far too often. Online booking services are fine as long as everything works, if there's a glitch, the customer is usually out of luck. If the hotels were booked with a non-ref rate, they won't back down. The service will resist any refund. If the...
  16. jsn55 false advertising

    This seems to me an issue without resolution. Sounds as though you've complained to all the appropriate entities. I live out in the country and many of my neighbors are up in arms about one or the other delivery services, and they have been for years. Yet I've never had a problem. I think...
  17. jsn55

    Complaint Against Standard of [email protected] Crown Plaza SW Peachtree Atlanta

    You are so right about the source of many bad hotel reviews, Frank. I've gotten to the point of being able to spot a "disgruntled, I hate everything because one bad thing happened to me" kind of review. I would be very wary of a hotel with nothing but positive reviews, however. Slander, I...
  18. jsn55

    Credit Card Scam: Class Action Anyone?

    While I would like to believe your theory is correct, Skippy, I constantly read stories of people who don't qualify for a CC bonus and are not informed until after they meet the other requirements, such as a certain amount of spending in a given time. Since the CC company runs a credit report...
  19. jsn55

    REtractable Awning

    If some assistance is not forthcoming from the various companies who issued warranties, is it possible that your homeowner's insurance might have some coverage? Holes in an awning would make it unusable, I would think. Good luck and hope for the best.
  20. jsn55

    Palladium Travel Club Misunderstanding

    Why were you forced to attend this sales presentation? Were you the guests of the resort in exchange? I think it's important for you to clarify and detail the "free drinks and pressure" you received. It's difficult to comprehend why you wouldn't just leave the room. Were you physically...