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    Expedia said airline will not give funds to refund cancelled flight

    It does not look like Expedia VOIDED your eticket at all. When you pay for a ticket with a credit card and cancel the same day before midnight, a VOID prevents ARC from completing the earlier authorization hold. The transaction just drops as if you were not charged at all. Not sure if the same...
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    Cello has no passport

    When you make a conscious decision to use an OTA, you have decided to actually forgo receiving the expertise and great services from your own country men and women and have chosen to transact with brainless vending machines backed by clueless foreign underpaid and under trained contract...
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    Cello has no passport

    Just want to say I really liked your post. Excellent advise.
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    Trip Interruption Denied/How to get it approved

    I don't get it. What exactly did you insure and for what amount? If you are just going to walk across Spain, what did you lose because you got hurt? What got interrupted and what did it cost you?
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    Cello has no passport

    What I am really saying is the LW should have either called the airline and booked directly or use a competent travel agent. There's coding and documentation required to buy an extra seat and put a large instrument like a cello on it. This ain't something you DIY on an OTA's website.
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    Cello has no passport

    The correct way to make this booking is to enter the name as: -CAPPAERT/THOMAS.MR/CBBG*2ADT And then call the airline's special services to make sure it is noted he is taking a cello in the cabin. Some airlines may want you to code it a simple extra seat (EXST). So you can read the...
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    Forced to fly Business on First Class Award ticket

    The only debatable issue here is what is the price of the award ticket? Is it $0 or so many miles?
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    United Airlines cancelled my flight and did not tell me

    Exactly. As a highly skilled GDS user I cannot believe some agent would VOID a ROUND TRIP ticket within 24 hours because the customer wanted to change a travel date; replace the trip with ONLY A ONE WAY ticket, cover up her screw up, LIE and BLAME the customer and the system and never admit...
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    United Airlines cancelled my flight and did not tell me

    And they blame the "computer" since the computer cannot talk to defend itself. How many more victims does United have? Remember they blamed this customer first before they admitted fault. How many rouge agents does UA have? Do they fire them or promote them?
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    United Airlines cancelled my flight and did not tell me

    Really? How is that possible? This is one scary scenario. How can a GDS price only half of the itinerary without manual intervention. I don't buy it.
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    United Airlines cancelled my flight and did not tell me

    There is a HUGE difference (as wide as an Ocean) between making a RESERVATION (or booking) for confirmed space and TICKETING (or paying for) it. Unless you have a ticket you essentially have almost nothing. If you want to CLOSE THE DEAL, buy a ticket. It's that simple.
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    Turkish Airlines violate human and passenger rights!

    Turkish Airlines has canceled Istanbul - Ivano-Frankivsk flights for at least the next few days due to restrictions at the Ukrainian airport, of which the airline was notified on Wednesday, April 27, the publication reports. Information from the airport states that this is...
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    Turkish Airlines violate human and passenger rights!

    Wow is the whole truth being disclosed here? TK flights to DNK have been cancelled since Sunday 27MAR. That whole week had no departures. And after that week the status moved from Cancelled to Unknown. TK will resume flying (at least scheduled) on 01NOV only. So if you did check -in at...
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    Our very expensive flight to Guatemala.

    That's like transit through the USA, the worst.
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    Our very expensive flight to Guatemala.

    Sounds like you had separate tickets.
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    Move to another airline due to Canceled flight

    If you had expensive tickets they probably would be endorse able. Why not spend more money for that privilege next time? Are you willing to pay a lot more?
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    Lufthansa Denial of Request to Purchase Upgrade on United Ticket

    Are you sure you are not confusing LH premium economy CABIN with UA's economy plus seating?
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    Turkish Airlines withheld my passport descriminately

    The most simple explanation is this guy has a similar name in the growing do-not fly list or maybe arrest on sight list of Turkey. Maybe some Gulenist has the same name. Who knows?
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    endless review of refund request without response

    Did you book this online or over the phone? If online how could Expedia be wrong?
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    Significant fare increase

    What do you mean by "I have"? Are you a travel agent?