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  1. Traveling Salesman

    TSA Pre-check misses mark

    I found it interesting that I am a PRE passenger without ever applying. I did apply for some concealed weapons permits/licenses in my new job of escorting VIPs. Those applications included several FBI, DOJ and state police background & fingerprint checks. Somehow the TSA now has me in the...
  2. Traveling Salesman

    ENTERPRISE TRUCK RENTAL questions to ask first.

    I agree, damage is either going to be substantial or "wear & tear."
  3. Traveling Salesman

    norwegian cruise lines customer non care

    I recently booked on HOLLAND AMERICA, and I was told by the Holland America Booking Agent, Ms. Amy Queen, that it was up to me to watch for price reductions. I get that, at least she warned me. I would have expected NCL to be more forthcoming with their terms and conditions. As someone said...
  4. Traveling Salesman

    ENTERPRISE TRUCK RENTAL questions to ask first.

    If you plan, as m y son just did, to move yourself and rent a truck from Enterprise, here are questions to ask: FIRST ASK YOURSELF: Do I have enough time to do a thorough pre-rental inspection before I accept this truck and do I have a backup plan if it's a piece of junk. They said, "Oh, it's...
  5. Traveling Salesman

    Most horrible service and support from Travelocity

    I can not even imagine how sad you must be . . . my heart goes out to you. Sincerest condolences. I want to invite everyone to share the link to this forum on Social Media - whatever you use. They do watch Facebook, Twitter, and the other media. Remind everyone in contact with you that...
  6. Traveling Salesman

    Meet the woman who lives on a cruise ship

    Let me just slip out and buy that Power-ball Ticket . . . . Mr Cheapo here thinking too much! When you think of the cost of a nice residence in many parts of the country, $164,000/year is not that terrible. She obviously has a very nice suite with scenery that changes every day. Depending on...
  7. Traveling Salesman

    Tech of the Day: Japan is opening a hotel staffed by creepy robots

    In a world where Google and Tesla have both predicted a Self-Driving car for sale to everyone by 2020, I think we've gotta' get used to it! What percentage of homes have a robot floor sweeper today? Myself, I had a time when I was stuck in a hotel room trying to complete a project and the...
  8. Traveling Salesman

    Best kept Secret On Low Airfair ?

    I have to be really sympathetic . . . especially since my guess is that Priceline didn't even give you the option of paying the smaller fee. I recently tried to book round trip directly with Allegiant from a small airport they serve to Las Vegas. WOW, only about $150 Round Trip. I am in great...
  9. Traveling Salesman

    Look out! Automated plazas take a toll on car rental customers

    Kinda tough for the State System. I recently purchased a classic car that took some time to register in my name. In that time, I drove Southbound across the Golden Gate Bridge. The notice somehow found my mailbox and I paid it promptly. A few weeks later, I had reason to interact again with...
  10. Traveling Salesman

    United considering 10-Abreast 777 retrofits

    Holy Cow! Seats, SEATS? Is there no one making Manacles and Leg Irons any more? Maybe they can find some sort of treadmill device to replace the Auxiliary Power Unit and save fuel!
  11. Traveling Salesman

    tips for dock workers

    I have had the experience of longshoremen with their hand out at the Carnival L.A. dock and I fell for it. THANKS FOR REMINDING ME that they probably make as much as I do before the tips. I won't do that again. I also tipped the porter who took our luggage from the place where it was dropped...
  12. Traveling Salesman

    Airbnb: Deactivated account

    The Deadly TOS again! I don't believe it's your fault, they set this trap for you. Without offering any specific comment on this case, I am seeing more and more stories about TOS Violations. Every time we sign up for any program, credit card, new program or app on our computer or phone, there...
  13. Traveling Salesman

    Chrysler Ignition Switch Recall--Help!

    If you go on the internet and search the automotive sites, there are some that will give you the "Recalls" and "SERVICE BULLETINS" for your make and model. You may be surprised how many there are. DO NOT PANIC. Depending on the geography, you may try going to other dealers with that letter...
  14. Traveling Salesman

    General trip insurance question

    That's a far more realistic number. I have been looking for insurance for my upcoming cruise, and I found links on the CRUISE FORUM for companies that offer comparisons of different insurance carriers and policies. I started out with a comparison of 8 plans from almost $300. for the two of us...
  15. Traveling Salesman


    I have done the "Behind the Scenes tour on both prior cruises, and find them fascinating. Planning to do it again this Summer. As I am the family cook, I really look forward to the Kitchen tour.
  16. Traveling Salesman


    WE were on the Rhyndam last time and had a great time. I was going 100 Miles an Hour when I boarded, and it took the ship 3 days to catch up to me (or for me to slow down for them). We had a company cruise on A very different line to Encinada and we were at least 25 years too old for that ship.
  17. Traveling Salesman

    Chain Hotel/Motel "Classes" -- how to decode?

    Hi Otto, I have finally come to the conclusion that hotel many (not all) ratings and such have about as much bearing on reality as children's TV cereal ads. I believe YOU are on the right track by coming here and actually asking the question. I start with them, but depending on how much I...
  18. Traveling Salesman

    How to fight seasickness while on a cruise

    I get seasick on a friends houseboat tied up at the dock. I have had very good success with a new version of Scopalomine, called SCOPACE. It's a pill that you can place under your tongue and get results even after you're sick. Rx only, but worth the trouble.
  19. Traveling Salesman


    Thanks, Most folks can't really make 30 cruises in 9 years, and I am pretty sure you didn't take all 30 voyages on the same ship! What did you find on those different voyages. Were there better ones for the food, the people, the staff, the physical layout? Better boats or better lines...
  20. Traveling Salesman


    I see threads about specific lines, but I am looking for information about your GREAT EXPERIENCES on Alaskan Cruises. Please DO mention the line and ship name and other details you feel are important. The different ships even on the same line seem to have personalities, and those are...