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    Off shore excursions

    Try Shore Trips. I have always had good luck with them, and they do guarantee to get you back to the ship in time, which is something to think about when using non ship-sponsored excursions. If you take a ship's excursion, the ship will either wait for your group to return if you are delayed, or...
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    Payless Refuses to Rent Without Buying Their Insurance

    I carry my proof of insurance in my wallet, and do not leave it in the car. This way I can prove my coverage if I am ever driving a friend's car, or renting a car.
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    You're buying from a Chinese website that is rife with counterfeits. Throw the piece of junk away, and stop supporting such sites.
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    Amazon Gift card

    So, on a trip to New Orleans, you bought Amazon gift cards. Where did you buy them? How many gift cards did you buy? What was the total amount purchased? Did you pay cash, debit card, or credit card for those gift cards? You then traveled to Los Angeles, where you attempted to buy a phone on...
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    Paypal Fraud from online pharmacy

    You need to find out where and when they were delivered. Was signature for delivery required?
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    Paypal Fraud from online pharmacy

    What was the problem with the medications? Are they counterfeit? Were they not delivered?
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    Pure talkusa

    You need to check your contract or terms and conditions to determine what was the last day to cancel service before the new billing cycle began. If you billing cycle was July 1-31, then you have to pay for all of July, even though you canceled the service on the 5th. You should also verify with...
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    Health Coach Institute

    Was the entire cost of the course $10,000? Or does the $10,000 represent just the two months of missed payments?
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    Regent Explorer-Denied boarding

    Firstly, I am sorry about your wife's passing and that you missed out on that last cruise together. Concerning the entry visas, it is the passengers responsibility to make sure they have valid visas. I think you should have checked to make sure your old visas in the old passports were valid...
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    Does anyone have an idea if my proper complaint to Viking Cruises has a chance of being successful in the following situation:

    The damaged lock was not Viking's fault. They bore no responsibility for the impasse. They did what they could to get you to Nuremberg. It sucks that you missed 3 days of cruising on the river. But why should Viking pay out for something beyond their control?
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    Wrong Departure Site

    It sounds like you are an infrequent flier. If you do not routinely buy airline tickets, then you should use a real travel agent, not an online ticket broker that will just sell you the ticket you think you need, and not help you when a mistake is made. If a travel agent had made that mistake...
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    American Airlines Fraud to loyal costumers

    Did her miles expire? It is suspicious that every few months miles disappear.
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    Airfrance ...not sure what and how that could happened

    The reason many of us are suggesting that Shariff himself handle this is that this is the best practice for a successful outcome. You are telling us everything that happened, but you were not there, you were not experiencing the situation. You were thousands of miles away in Panama. There could...
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    Scam Customers

    A long time ago, when Transitions were new to the market, I recall that when a consumer first got the lenses, they did not darken completely, but that through usage, the lens would darken more each time, until a sunglass-like tint would be permanent every time they were in sunlight. I wonder if...
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    Airfrance ...not sure what and how that could happened

    It appears that you are not a native English speaker or writer, based on inaccurate wording in your emails here it looks like you are using a translating app. When you write to Air France, if you write in English, I suggest you find a fluent English speaker to help write the letter. Keep the...
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    Lost wet suit

    Agree with Neil, that Carnival is absolutely not responsible for you leaving your wet suit behind. It was nice that some attempt was made to return the item you lost, but the only way that Carnival could be even remotely responsible for a replacement suit is if you can prove it came into...
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    Issues with recent trip

    So you have two issues at hand. 1. the missed connection via Spirit and later Southwest, that caused you to miss your international flight to South Korea, and 2. your flight to South Korea purchased through JustFly that you missed. Concerning the domestic flights, you got a refund from Spirit...
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    Air BnB Disaster in Ssnto Doming

    Given the problems tourists are facing right now in the DR, maybe you should reconsider having your young family visit. The State department has DR as a level 2, "exercise increased caution", but at least 8 tourists have died in the past few months. I am not an alarmist by any means, but if I...
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    Dispute with British Airways and Cheapoair

    Firstly, you should not have filed a credit card dispute. Those are for billing errors, not applicable in this situation. The credit card was correct in denying your refund, citing US immigrant issues. At the time of denied service, that was a valid reason. The fact that now your parents are in...
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    Priceline Hotel booking refund

    You should expect to have to pay for Hotel #2. You made a booking mistake, but the rate was non refundable, which means (especially through Priceline) non refundable. The double charge, yes, you should be refunded for the second payment. But as Neil asked, how did the hotel charge you as well...