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  1. J

    Tried American again - Ugh

    Again I was dissapointed. I had to fly domestic on a mini vacation to Los Angeles with my children and given that American is the main airline in Philly, they provided the least expensive option (except for Spirit), plus they had a non-stop flight with decent departing/arriving times...
  2. J

    Connection times

    So I started to look at flights and costs for our summer vacation to France to visit family (which we do most years). We've used Delta the last several years. This year, every single flight option contained 2 stopovers instead of the 1 we usually have. typically, we fly from Philadelphia to X...
  3. J

    Justice vouchers

    I finally got my Justice voucher yesterday from the class action. First off, its on this post card that is very similar to the ones they send out just to advertise sales, cards that probably most people just throw away after a cursory glance. Good thing I looked a little closer. I wonder how...
  4. J

    Delta Economy Comfort Plus to Paris

    When we flew to Marseilles via Paris and back this summer, we paid the $89 each to upgrade our economy tickets to economy comfort plus. This was primarily for the extra leg room, seats closer to front of the plane, early boarding and room for carry-ons. However, there were a few extra benefits...
  5. J

    Change flight for medical reasons

    My family was supposed to fly back from France on Aug 31, but we changed to September 3. I have a doctor able to write a note to try and get either the change fee waived or reduced or maybe other help (voucher). Does anyone know the best language to include in the note? And no we do not have...
  6. J

    Man sues American

    Article about a man suing American Airlines claimng injuries from being seated/squished from two fat people on a 14 hour flight to Australia. I feel for the guy, but as the article author...
  7. J

    American cutting seat room

    A friend of mine just posted this article to Facebook about how American Airlines is cutting 1-2 inches from its economy seats. Another reason not to fly American.
  8. J

    Sky Miles

    So hubby and I decided to sign up for Sky Miles. Its been some time since we signed up for a frequent flyer miles program. At one time, I had an account with US Airways, when I did some work traveling, but I let that lapse when they wanted me to pay to keep it active when the travel decreased...
  9. J

    Travel with phone?

    This is more of a general travel issue, but most people that travel internationally, do so via airplanes. A recent article I read about traveling with one's smartphone. I think its...
  10. J

    Unaccompanied Minors

    My family is considering having our two children, ages 12 and 9, travel as unaccompanied minors to their grandparents in France this summer. They would fly out alone from Philly in June, and then my husband and I would fly out in August for 2 weeks and fly back with the kids. Our kids have...
  11. J

    Parents to sit with Children

    Last year, I recall there was a bill on Congress about requiring airlines to allow a parent to sit next to a child, without having to be charged an extra fee. Does anyone know the status of that? How does it work? If you go on the website to choose your seat, and the only "free" seats left...
  12. J

    Checked Bags

    I looked on Delta's website, but couldn't find anything that specified. If I am flying from A to B that is a one-stop flight (i.e. A to C then C to B), am I charged a separate checked bag fee for each leg of the flight, or just one fee for the entire flight? Anyone know? Thanks.
  13. J

    Stuck in Paris-Delta computers down

    So we flew from Marseille this morning on our way home and in Paris was told about Delta's computer problem. Our flight is delayed an unknown time, already an hour now. Anything I should know about our rights if it goes a lot longer?
  14. J

    TSA Pre-check

    So given the reported increase in air travel this summer and the very long wait my family had in security last summer at Philly (barely getting to the gate in time despite arriving 3 hours early), my husband and I have decided to apply for the TSA-pre check for our trip this summer. We didn't...
  15. J

    Delta meals

    My family just purchased tickets to France this summer on Delta. I'm wondering whether to arrange for children's meals for my kids. I did this last year when we were on American Airlines and their food was absolutely awful. The kids would have preferred the regular meal. Anyone have recent...
  16. J

    Should I ask for a discount

    I'm traveling with my daughter to a cheer competition this coming weekend. The hotel we booked at months ago that represented it had access to an indoor pool was apparently sold a little over a month ago, but the pool (which was actually across the street from the hotel) was not part of the...