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  1. jsn55

    Discrimination on Military discount at Lowe's Home Improvement stores

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful response, Retail/lifer. We were just walking down a street in a small British city and saw a big poster in a dry cleaner's window: "If you're out of work and have an interview, we will be happy to clean your suit for free". We looked at each other and...
  2. jsn55

    AAdvantage/Citibank Account Opening Offer

    I would agree with my colleagues, but since you were not "mobile", perhaps Citi would make an exception to their usual rules. Write them a polite, concise email and ask. A very long shot, but worth a try.
  3. jsn55

    Spirit Airlines

    Probably not, but by all means give it a try. Compose a polite, concise email outlining your medical challenges and ask them for a refund. Be very appreciative. Submit to customer service first, wait a week and use our Company Contacts to climb up the beanstalk. It's a very long shot, but we...
  4. jsn55

    universal adaptor recommendations

    Could be, but a pound is far too heavy for the "value". Not sure what you mean about having a laptop means having a converter???
  5. jsn55

    Name on passport doesn’t match ticket

    I rue the day that women decided to change their names when they married ... or just for fun, as I did. It really creates problems when travelling. Booking through an online service really makes it an awful mess. I hope the passport change idea works for her. Buying new tix is really a...
  6. jsn55

    help during disrupted travel

    You are raising SUCH a good point. I've often worried about this kind of thing, but never been caught up in it. We got saved by Hilton during the great Heathrow Christmas snowstorm several years ago because of my status with HHonors. They had a room for us, at about $600 a night, but we were...
  7. jsn55

    Slip and fall at Dreams Sands Cancun

    What a horrible, rotten thing to happen on a vacation trip, Nicole. I can empathize with you and really appreciate your determination to enjoy as much of your trip as you possibly could. Everybody dreads an accident like this on a trip (It seems like I spend half my time looking at the ground...
  8. jsn55

    Emirates not providing Refund

    So you booked direct, paid for the tix with an AmEx card, got a partial refund from the airline and then "filed a claim" with AmEx ... do you mean that you filed a dispute with AmEx for the original charge, or the "balance due" on a refund? Where do you stand with that dispute? If I'm...
  9. jsn55

    Ukraine International Airlines

    I have to agree with you, their Customer Service Department probably consists of one person, and she also cleans the offices at 5pm every day. I hope there's nothing too important ... I can only advice patience and persistence.
  10. jsn55

    universal adaptor recommendations

    Very funny, yman, you silly boy ... we girls are NOT going to change our hairstyle to fix a simple problem like finding a curling iron that works all over the world.
  11. jsn55

    universal adaptor recommendations

    What a wealth of information we have here on this forum! I haven't been anywhere that didn't have a hair dryer either in the room or available to borrow from reception in probably fifteen years. A voltage converter is a huge, heavy brick and anything you can do to NOT take one will be a...
  12. jsn55

    Emirates not providing Refund

    How does AmericanExpress come into this picture? If you didn't book directly with the airline, the cancel fee is being applied by someone else. Please tell us exactly what happened and don't leave out any details.
  13. jsn55

    Qatar Airways Ignorance and refusal

    What an awful experience, I'm so sorry you have to learn the facts of flying in such a painful way. When you pack a bag to check with an airline, be prepared to never see it again. Anything that you can't replace at a pharmacy or a clothing store needs to be in your carryon. You cannot expect...
  14. jsn55

    Delta canceled my flight and rebooked me on a earlier flight I may not be able to make as I am coming in from an International flight. What can I do?

    This will require some work on your part, but it shouldn't be too difficult to fix. I was most relieved to read that all your flights are on the same ticket/PNR. Sit down at the computer and figure out a combination of flights that will work for you. Rate them A, B, C etc. Factor in any...
  15. jsn55

    Travel agents

    Thanks for this insight, Ginny. The idea that a travel agency can "keep" you even tho you're not happy and your agent is no longer with them is disgusting. When your financial planner leaves the firm, you can "go with him" or stay at the firm and be assigned another broker. Each side will try...
  16. jsn55

    Paid for Main Cabin to get reserved seats, but now still need to pay BA for these? No way!

    EXACTLY, Christina! "It has been reported that Ryanair has the largest percentage operating profit (may not be the case for 2018 because the strikes) and in the US it may be Allegiant -- so unfortunately the business model is here to stay. And sadly if this is what people want, this is what...
  17. jsn55

    Needing Vehicle Registration from Wells Fargo

    And be sure you know the difference between TITLE and REGISTRATION. The lender rarely has anything to do with the registration. They hold title to the vehicle as collateral for the loan. Wells is not going to register your car, that's your responsibility. This story is not complete; were you...
  18. jsn55

    Disney World Mess

    Full marks to everyone who read this post! I stopped after reading twice that "nobody explained the dining plan". That could also read "nobody asked the hotel about the dining plan". Our OP needs to make a concise list of the relevant facts, in chronological order. Leave out all the...
  19. jsn55

    Trader Joes Employee Insult

    If you return goods often, it's possible that this store has a policy of asking you not to shop there in the future. If that is so, there are far better ways to let you know about their policy than right in front of everyone else in the checkout line. They definitely owe you an apology.
  20. jsn55

    Paid for Main Cabin to get reserved seats, but now still need to pay BA for these? No way!

    Just want to add my sympathy ... airlines have been charging for everything for years, and they figure out how to add more all the time. If you haven't flown in a while, this kind of thing is a huge shock. I'm sorry it happened, but don't feel like the Lone Ranger ... everyone is paying extra...