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  1. J

    Air Canada Denied Boarding

    @NormaJK Were both tickets on the same PNR or was it two separate tickets?
  2. J

    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    @Christina H at LHR you have to clear passport control even for a connecting flight. I’ve had to do it a few times.
  3. J

    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    @GAT I'll agree with most that I think that your timing at ATL is way too tight especially given how early they close the doors on international flight. Having said that, I like your thinking and research. You've already identified a fallback that gets you there a little while later. It lowers...
  4. J

    Jet Airways uncertain future – holding tickets for summer travel.

    @ShivB Time to contact your credit card company. The airline is bankrupt and no longer flying. Also time to figure out another way to get to India or cancel your plans. Good Luck!
  5. J

    Not Providing enough availability at Hilton Grand Vacation 4 month out-Bait and Switch

    @Roger4311 Since you've skipped multiple steps, at this point I guess you need to just wait until you get an answer back from your email. In the future, start at the bottom and work your way up. Each step you skip is a step where someone might say yes. Jumping to the #2 rules out all those...
  6. J

    Car Dealership sells previously wrecked car as new

    Boy its really unfortunate that you used legal terms in your letter. If it doesn't work, and it probably won't, you've left yourself with only one option. I'd reach out to an attorney now to find out if they'll take the case and how much they'll want.
  7. J

    Seeking compensation for a flight cancellation because of a strike

    Either way, strikes fall into the "extraordinary circumstances" category whether they are announced or not ... legal or not. EU261 isn't going to be a route you can pursue for compensation. Basically, strikes fall into the same category as weather. They do owe you "duty of care" ... food...
  8. J

    Jet Airways uncertain future – holding tickets for summer travel.

    @ShivB You also need to make sure that if you go the travel insurance route that you specifically check that Jet isn't on their bankruptcy list... If they are, they may not cover you...
  9. J

    @melissamcclain At this point you might start to do some research to see how much option C (telling Kiwi you'd like your refund in cash for the cancelled flights) would cost you. If you go that route, make sure you book directly. You're seeing the fun of trying to deal with an OTA when something...
  10. J

    Viking cruises

    @VoR61 She took the cruise so they have something to lose.... They already paid out all the expenses on the first cruise. Given how most of these lines operate, they're looking to get her back on board to help generate "on -board revenue" and trying to get her on one she might enjoy...
  11. J

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    Also keep in mind that most of the speed numbers have the wonderful * next to it and include words like "up to", "peak" and "shared connection." Almost every cable connection can be dragged down by your neighbors. In order to reinforce your point, you need to take measurements at multiple...
  12. J

    Ticketing Scam in Shanghai

    @James Steamer Good luck with your review. The sad fact is that unless you have millions in deposits, they aren't going to just eat your charge. You have no, 0, zip grounds for a charge back. You've already admitted publicly it wasn't fraud. You've admitted that you entered into the contract...
  13. J

    Ticketing Scam in Shanghai

    @James Steamer when you arrive at the airport is entirely within your control. No difference between this and someone that doesn’t allow enough time to get through the TSA checkpoint. You miss your flight and you have to buy a new ticket. Good luck is you writing campaign
  14. J

    Hyundai Wants To Charge Me For Excess Tire Wear On My Car With 16,898 Miles

    @terri232 I'm a former automotive engineer and worked for one of the big 3. I spent most of my time doing work on the quality side of the business. If you didn't have your tires rotated, you could have very easily caused uneven tire wear even with the small number of miles you drive. $390 is...
  15. J

    Email address of CEO for IHG please

    Worked for me too....
  16. J

    UPS contacts???

    @tarheelalum Ultimately, if they gave your a guarantee, they're going to repay your shipper. If they didn't, they won't. Either way, their customer is the shipper and the reason its delayed really doesn't matter. Good luck on getting your stuff.
  17. J

    Haiti medical trip canceled. Airline help.

    @Cleo Another option is to wait.... As of now, AA has issued a travel alert for Haiti but only one that allows you to delay your travel. Looking at AA's other alerts, that seems to be their MO. No refunds just delayed travel. I also checked and it looks like they're continuing to fly (no...
  18. J

    Wells Fargo Bank CC Dispute

    @jsn55 Last time my card was skimmed they started with a $0.70 charge and went from there... Fraud costs everyone eventually... Banks just aren't going to "eat" it indefinitely.
  19. J

    Viking Wants All Payment a Year in Advance

    @SuburbsBK Something weird is going on.... 100% is not what their terms say... Unless its a really long cruise.. Either way, if you go forward buy insurance that will protect you from bankruptcy and not from Viking
  20. J

    Delta cancelled my flight home because I didnt use the ticket out

    @jmclark3592 One note about tone when you write your note. Your best bet is to beg for forgiveness. What they did is written into the ticket contract. It doesn't matter that you didn't read it (after all who does). It's in there. Now's the time to say "gee I really screwed up... Can you help me...