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  1. Neil Maley

    Basic Economy-Can you ever change the ticket?

    Only on European flights, not domestic. And there is a fee according to their website.
  2. Neil Maley

    Basic Economy-Can you ever change the ticket?

    The airlines give you the option - when you buy the ticket. The Consumer makes the choice. This consumer knew the restrictions and bought anyway and turn wanted a refund when she couldn’t travel. She could have bought a regular economy ticket that she would have received a credit for...
  3. Neil Maley

    Round trip ticket with unknown return date

    What you are doing is almost a variation of a hidden city ticket - booking a ticket with a throw away date just to save money vs a one way ticket. It might cost you a lot more than you think it will. Keep in mind that when you go to change the date the airline is going to reprice the return...
  4. Neil Maley

    SW Airline makes medical decision and takes passengers' tickets

    I believe he agreed to be transported because they weren’t letting him connect without a doctors note. I agree with my colleagues- SW did nothing wrong. What if you had something contagious? What if you were a fellow passenger around another passenger who was vomiting? Wouldn’t you be...
  5. Neil Maley

    Minimum Connect Times

    They do it because they can. However the airlines and airports are not as reliable as they used to be and there are so many delays that the scheduled might be “legal” but not practical. A 15 minute delay on the first flight can cause someone to miss a short connection. I assume you are a...
  6. Neil Maley

    Round trip ticket with unknown return date

    You will have to pay not only a change fee but any difference in the fare. If you book the ticket when booked far in advance might be cheaper them it will be when you know the date and are ready to change it. So you could be stuck with a hefty price increase besides the change fee.
  7. Neil Maley

    Travelocity Trouble

    Yes they do but if Customer Service refuses she has to go above them.
  8. Neil Maley


    Start writing to the executives- it’s time to go above the risk manager.
  9. Neil Maley

    Travelocity Trouble

    Use our contacts and go to the Executives one at a time. Don’t stop at Customer Service, go to the Executives. I also don’t think you will have a problem. Mary’s name will be fine (some airlines cant hyphenate a last name and some don’t have room for an entire long last name). And you...
  10. Neil Maley

    Air Canada Denied Boarding

    Never book a domestic connection less then two hours and international is best to leave three hours when possible. All it takes is a flight to get in 10 minute late and you can miss your connection. What the airline say is a legal connection and what in reality you need are two totally...
  11. Neil Maley

    Basic Economy-Can you ever change the ticket?

    That’s the best case you can ask for. Sorry this happened but in the future- buy travel insurance.
  12. Neil Maley

    Travel Insurance Company Ratings

    Not that I’m aware of but you can look at and compare policies.
  13. Neil Maley

    Air Canada Denied Boarding

    It doesn’t matter- if they weren’t at the gate at the boarding pass time they fall into insufficient time to complete the boarding process. The people in front of them were lucky. And her seats might have already been given away to someone else. If you aren’t there when boarding starts the...
  14. Neil Maley

    "Artificial Intelligence" Trading Bot - More than 1 month without refund; has "7 day money back" guarantee

    Their terms and conditions will tell you where you would have to file a lawsuit.
  15. Neil Maley

    American Airlines Staff Refuses to Help the Customer

    And how long was your connection?
  16. Neil Maley

    Air Canada Denied Boarding

    They probably had given our seats away at that point. As Christina said- if you aren’t at the gate at the time printed on your boarding pass what you experienced isn’t involuntary denied boarding. Look at this as a learning experience. If you had left 2 hours in between - you would have made...
  17. Neil Maley

    Air Canada Denied Boarding

    Were you at the gate at the time printed on your boarding pass? If you weren’t they most likely called your name several times and when you weren’t there they have your seat away to someone on the standby list. You have to be at the gate at the time printed on your boarding pass. You should...
  18. Neil Maley


    That’s why we need to get the contacts so she can write. This shouldn’t be this difficult to correct - just have to find the right person.
  19. Neil Maley

    BMW 528i Defective Drive Train Malfunction

    Go for it!
  20. Neil Maley

    Hotwire won't let me remove an accidental booking

    Always email and use the process we detailed on How To Write - a week in between each email unless you get a response that is a no. Tell them you made an error and do what we call "artful begging". Hopefully you will have your letter land on the desk of an executive in a good mood that day who...