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    Unlocking iPhone

    Do you live in an area with multiple AT&T stores? If so I would go in person and keep trying the different stores until you find someone who can help. Take Bill's advice and challenge them on the website language if needed.
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    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    My husband and I had a 3 1/2 hour connection in ATL for a Delta/AF codeshare going to CDG. The incoming flight was on time, both bags were tagged Priority, and we were still without either bag for 3 days. The second bag didn't get to us until 2 1/2 weeks later. No rhyme or reason when it...
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    Budget Rent a Car has sent me a false damage claim

    Can they prove this is the same car you drove? There's no license plate visible and I've seen cases of mistaken car identity on here.
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    Lost paper voucher

    My husband was issued an AA paper voucher a couple of years ago. There was no electronic record of it and it didn't have a PIN. He was told it was like cash in that if it was lost there was no replacing it. When it came time to redeem it I was told the same thing as OP--that it had to be...
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    EU 261

    How about creating a new account specifically for this transfer? If you use your current bank there shouldn't be much (if any) cost to do this. That way you can get your money and they won't have access to your primary account. You can close it once you have the money.
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    Non-Revenue in First Class

    Personally, I think it's great that airlines provide these benefits for their employees. Those aren't easy jobs and perks like this can help attract and retain good employees. It sounds like your niece is very happy with her new career. I hope you can focus on that rather than on any negatives.
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    Reward Card expired

    Last June my husband and I received $300 each in these Delta AmEx gift cards. The cards only had the AmEx logo on them and looked like any other AmEx gift card. I was told multiple times these cards would expire and it said so with the paperwork that accompanied them. My situation is...
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    orbitz not honoring price guarantee on cruise reservation

    Bullet 3 in Terms and Conditions - Travel must be completed in accordance with the booked itinerary to be eligible to receive refund or credit. Doesn't this mean you have to take the cruise before you are eligible for a refund and that's why Alex kept quoting it? When is the cruise? It...
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    Email address of CEO for IHG please

    I just clicked on the link and it worked fine.
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    Travel Concierge Service

    I would rescind the transaction and get my money back. The fact that you can't find any independent information is a red flag to me. But I am leery of anything that remotely resembles a timeshare, travel club, etc.
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    Passport Renewal Delay

    You can still track the passport status without paying for expediting. My husband was able to do that with his and it wasn't expedited.
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    Passport Renewal Delay

    My husband just got his renewed. He mailed it out on 1/11 and got the new one on 2/9. He didn't pay to have it expedited as there was no time crunch. While it's possible she could get it in time she would be cutting it way too close. At this point I would go to the office in person since you...
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    Terrible Customer Service American Airlines

    Neil is right. I've put in for miles/money upgrades for Caribbean flights on AA several times and it's always $75/15K miles per person per leg. These upgrades are never guaranteed and we were never charged for any miles or money until the upgrade was a done deal. There's no definitive time...
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    Getting paid by Direct TV for work they asked me to do for them

    They are now owned by AT&T so that could be why they are no longer listed individually. OP could try the AT&T contacts:
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    Starbucks failed me...

    Did you go back to there or call and let them know you were dissatisfied?
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    Starbucks failed me...

    Did you let them know at the time that you were dissatisfied? My experience with Starbucks is that their customer service very good and they are more than happy to make things right. What happened when you talked to the manager at that location?
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    It shows up that way for me too. I checked on a different device and it's the same. The OP must have posted this under Spirit Airlines by mistake.
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    WOW Airlines gets out of the LA market

    I'd take the full refund from WOW and book a completely new ticket on another airline.
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    Western Union Account Suspension

    Try the company contacts for Western Union:
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    Budget Car Rental..and when we went there the lot was bare

    Perhaps I am wrong but it's my understanding that this wasn't a prepaid reservation. 10 years ago my husband and I were very delayed landing in Salt Lake City at Christmas time. I had booked a 4WD vehicle and it was prepaid through Southwest. We were actually upgraded to a large SUV because...