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    Wal-Mart over charging for prescription - $230.00 vs $67.00

    Not all pharmacies charge the same for the same medication; here in NYS, we have the ability to check and price compare through some data collected by the Department of Health (but it is not as robust a program as it really should and could be, in my opinion) but, it does offer some helpful...
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    What can we expect from United?

    It's a pretty good idea to keep seat belt fastened even when the light isn't on any way. Never know when turbulence will happen and there have been incidents where it was rough and having seatbelts on keeps one in their seat IF it gets too bad (which has happened occasionally)
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    American Airlines Delay

    I may have missed something but were there others in the LW's party who were delayed passengers? If so, was the LW shouldering the full $1000 for the two days on his own for just his own personal expenses or did it include costs attributed to other people? I am reading "our flight" so...
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    Hertz scam to rip off clients in Germany

    Canceling a credit card does not just make a charge vanish; if your bank concludes this was a legitimate charge, you will be billed for it even the credit card has been canceled. Since you didn't take photos when you arrived back to drop off the car, this may be a challenge but you could...
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    Southwest Airlines did not cancel my tickets over the phone and now marked it as a No Show

    True but a credit is not a refund and you had mentioned that both refunds and credits would not go to a credit card so I was just wondering about that.
  6. L

    Overcharging on a phone i do not own

    How did you buy the phone? If with a credit card, you can get proof of purchase without having a receipt. (After so many times this happened, I'd hang onto a next receipt for at least a full 12 months or more....)
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    Southwest Airlines did not cancel my tickets over the phone and now marked it as a No Show

    My refunds with Delta did show up on the credit card I used. Where else would a refund go?
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    Harassing a Service Dog team in airport

    I come across this often in my work. In certain situations when a person feels they have been wronged, they hear more judgement in a response which doesn't actually exist but is just a response explaining facts/rules/laws. Sometimes people think I am "siding" with a company which has a truly...
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    Southwest Airlines did not cancel my tickets over the phone and now marked it as a No Show

    Likely no good for this incident now - but, always take down the customer representative's name and time/date of call and calendar alerts to yourself to keep an eye for the credit and if you see nothing after a day or two days, either confirmation of the credit or credit itself, get back in...
  10. L


    And, bed bugs hop along for the ride to elsewhere in luggage. It is possible you unknowingly had some that got into your luggage when you moved to different room
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    Stolen Jewelry from Hotel Room - hotel wants me to sign release of all claims and rights

    Completely boiler plate language; of course, they would want you to reimburse them if you seek and obtain reimbursement for the stolen item from another source. That, again, is common boiler plate. And, fair. If you are not certain you fully understand the provisions of what you are being...
  12. L

    Insurance for a One-way Ticket to Paradise

    If the traveler wants coverage for medical/emergency care situations while there or if they have to interrupt their stay there because they need to return home - not sure how such things would be covered with an open ended trip. If it is just for pre-departure and actual flight time where the...
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    My Horror Story of Customer Disservice from the "World's Most Admired Airline" - Please Help!!

    This confused me too then I re-read it and thought that perhaps the LW meant that by the time they finally got home after 3 days with no luggage (after their business trip) they were exhausted. It is not very clear to me though
  14. L

    My Horror Story of Customer Disservice from the "World's Most Admired Airline" - Please Help!!

    And, maybe his credit card would have some coverage for necessary items for those three days?
  15. L

    My Horror Story of Customer Disservice from the "World's Most Admired Airline" - Please Help!!

    I have reason to use the Delta contacts here twice, both times I requested they consider very reasonable asks, acknowledging they need not to anything and that I would appreciate very much anything they can do. Both times, I received refunds but, again, very reasonable amounts. I have found...
  16. L

    $12,280 over charge

    I have T-mobile - and there is a charge (minimal one though it is) for calls internationally and all texts are completely free. But - when traveling and using my phone to call the states - I do get text notices from T-Mobile when I have racked up more than my usual monthly bill - It is...
  17. L

    Traffic Violation in Italy 5 years ago

    I'm curious: why would she (or, anyone) ignore a legitimately incurred fine? Just because it was in a foreign country?
  18. L

    Traffic Violation in Italy 5 years ago

    Credit can be impacted if the debt is not paid; just like any outstanding debt that has gone to a collection agency. Italy contracted with such agencies in countries around the world to obtain these outstanding fines. It is not something that can be ignored just because the debt is from...
  19. L

    Traffic Violation in Italy 5 years ago

    It is not a scam. The fee you may have seen on your credit card from the rental car agent is the fee (which you agree to when singing the rental agreement in terms and conditions) is for them providing your personal information to the Italian authorities who then have up to a year to send you...
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    Carnival Cruise 2019 1st time

    That's why this line confused me "...she stated that the money was given back to the other 2 ladies that were going on the trip with me but that’s what I’m not understanding how did my money that I paid with my card go on someone else’s?" This seems to say refunds were made to her traveling...