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    $12,280 over charge

    Since this is a business account Verizon may not be as understanding as if it were a personal account.
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    You left your phone in the vehicle, it was not stolen - what basis do you have for a police report?
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    Facebook- Notcallowing me accrsstonmy account while I’m traveling

    The fact is that you are not Facebook' s customer. They allow you to use their service for free and they can lock you out of their system at any time.
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    Bad Policy on Medical Excuse

    This policy is standard for most airlines.
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    Extortion of $ for aisle/window seats

    "Thanks. Is there anything else I can do? What sort of compensation am I entitled to from a US-based airline in this case and is there anybody that can help with this? " Unfortunately, the US does not have a passenger law like EU261. The $400 voucher was strictly a goodwill gesture from the...
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    Extortion of $ for aisle/window seats

    EU 261 only covers flights from the US to the EU if it is an EU carrier. If you were flying on Delta the flight to the EU would not be covered by EU261.
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    School charging for class I did not take

    For most schools, once you enroll you must adhere to the school's policy to drop the course. Not attending class does not automatically drop you from the course and there is normally only a short a period after the class starts to drop without a fee.
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    "Did my car dealer lie to me?" Seems so...

    The last car I purchased I did all negotiating via email. I made it clear to the sales person that I wanted the paperwork completed prior to my walking in the door and if it was one penny more I would walk out. There was some dithering from him and his manager but eventually I got what I...
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    Shopping for wedding dresses

    My sister-in-law found the wedding dress she had been looking at for a much cheaper price online. She ordered it but the dress she received was nothing like the picture online or the dress she had tried on in the store. Cheap material, poorly sewn and returning it to China nearly impossible...
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    I think I should get a refund

    When was the resort notified that your daughter was leaving a day early?
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    Copa airline

    I'm still trying to understand what happened. It sounds like you booked a flight from Trinidad to Curacao, with a stop in Panama. The traveler was planning to depart the plane in Panama and catch a flight to Turkey; throwing away the flight from Panama to Curacao. Is that correct?
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    If a travel agent company overcharged me, what actions can I take against them ?

    The time to do the research on price is before you book, not after.
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    I have always had great customer service from Amazon. From a wrong item being sent ( they told me to keep the wrong item and over-nighted the correct item to different address so it would get to my nephew on his birthday) to a mis-delivered package (they replaced it so I received it the next...
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    American Airlines

    It looks like you had two one way tickets instead of a round trip fare. If it had been a round trip you probably would have been able to get a full refund when the out going flight was cancelled.
  15. L

    Lufthansa's Economy Light Fare Zero Changes Policy

    The "X" on the calendar like icon means no changes. Same with no miles and no luggage.
  16. L


    I would recommend you going back to the seller and asking them to track the refund. If the bank declined the payment Amazon may have sent the funds back to the original seller.
  17. L

    Holland America Platinum Insurance Trip Insurance

    I think the fact that the policy specifically addresses the single supplement for the remaining passenger, means that the insurance covers the person not the room.
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    American Express Platinum Dispute letdown

    You state the your family was in the only shaded spot on the beach; is it possible the other couple was just trying to get a bit of shade and not just harassing you?
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    SPIRIT AIRLINES -- Accounting for Souls on board

    So how did you get home? On another Spirit flight or did you need to buy a new ticket on another airline?
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    Wells Fargo Trust and Brokerage breaks the Firewall and shares information

    Definitely get an elder law attorney.