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  1. JVillegirl541

    Car Dealership sells previously wrecked car as new

    @Marty M has not been back since Thursday :(
  2. JVillegirl541


    thank you :)
  3. JVillegirl541

    Breaking Some Elliott Rules

    One thing I will bet money on is that your bag will NOT make your connection. Be sure and have a carry on packed with that in mind!
  4. JVillegirl541

    Charter Bright House/Spectrum/Waypoint Collecting From Wrong Person

    Get this IN WRITING!!!!!
  5. JVillegirl541

    Wal-Mart over charging for prescription - $230.00 vs $67.00

    I’m betting this has to do with having Insurance previously and having new Insurance now or no Insurance. The lower price paid previously must have been a negotiated RX price. But that was the price the OP paid in 2017 and this is 2019, the world of drug costs has changed significantly in the...
  6. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation

    Is that the phone # you have been calling?
  7. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation

    Assuming these tickets were purchased DIRECT from Oman Airlines and Not a Travel Agent Or other Third Party agency Oman Air should be able to assist you.
  8. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation
  9. JVillegirl541

    Oman Air Escalation

    Did you send the Email? Are these refundable tickets?
  10. JVillegirl541

    Need help with name change TAP/Flight Network

    Is your Brother in Law flying with a Canadian or US Passport? He may want to look into getting his passport changed, if it’s possible it will cost very little vs ultimately being required to buy a new ticket which is what ultimately WILL happen. Please in the future when booking ANY tickets...
  11. JVillegirl541


    Thank you for you service. I think that is a question only Clear can answer.
  12. JVillegirl541

    Alamo -Tire damage

    Only someone who answered the phone and may or may not have noted something in the file. I would not “Poke” the bear in this case.
  13. JVillegirl541

    Alamo -Tire damage

    You better hope they don’t notice because they will come after you..... hide do not bring any attention to this matter. You hit a pot hole and you are responsible for the flat and the cost to replace the tire. Trust me when I say you might just get lucky! Your flat tire = Their, wheel damage...
  14. JVillegirl541

    WOW Airlines dragging their feet on EC 261 compensation

    Wow Air Filed Bankruptcy last night, actually had a plane Repossessed yesterday (or day before). It’s highly unlikely you will get any money from WOW. Sorry :(
  15. JVillegirl541

    American Airlines - Issue While Traveling With an Infant

    They left the gate area and did not board with their group.
  16. JVillegirl541

    Our Viking River boat NEVER left the dock

    Tauck is a 5 Star Operation! Have traveled with them.
  17. JVillegirl541

    Our Viking River boat NEVER left the dock

    Ahhh hello??? Please just tell us who you sailed with :(
  18. JVillegirl541

    Our Viking River boat NEVER left the dock

    Ava Avalon! We made it into the port of Budapest with one other (Scenic), port had been closed and no one else was able to make it in because of low water. We passed numerous Viking “Long Boats ” Parked up and down the rivers between Amsterdam and Budapest and passengers being bussed long hours...
  19. JVillegirl541

    Travel Insurance offered by Credit Cards through VISA

    And this was for a flight booked for Nov 2, 2018 Booked in May, Canceled in August and for a Flt in November. I’m sorry now with all the pieces of the puzzle the Claim was correctly turned down because the flight was cancelled well before your trip began. I know you don’t want to hear that.