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    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    I had an issue (not with Comcast) where I moved my business and contacted one of the local providers to move with me. We asked if we could get the same service at the new location and were told yes, so we installed it at the new location. We went along, paying as normal for about 2 years...
  2. M

    Inadequate response to request for lost item

    The OP has been consistent in that his seat was the window seat. But I agree with the OP that UA just doesn't check. My husband forgot his book on board and realized it at the gate. He tried to get back on - they told him no. They said they had checked the seat back and it wasn't there...
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    Rome Transportation

    Definitely do not drive in Rome. Stay central and you can walk everywhere. Plus the scenery is lovely as you walk along versus holding onto the steering wheel for dear life as you contemplate your own demise on the streets of Rome. I stayed in a VRBO for a week last summer and my host was...
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    Budget Car Rental..and when we went there the lot was bare

    I believe the OP has said that they were paid reservations in the first line.
  5. M

    Ryanair Denied Boarding EU261 Claim

    Sorry but the OP wasn't asked for the documentation that you have quoted. The OP was asked for something entirely different that cannot be provided and was denied boarding for not having it. Deniseber, did you have a letter from your parents saying that she could travel with you?
  6. M

    VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

    I don't think that is the case at all. The question is whether the charge was authorized and whether the unit was stayed in. In your scenario, if I book a hotel for my mom and she stays there, I could instigate a charge back because *I* didn't stay there. And a camera is expensive and...
  7. M

    VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

    Jack, I am from Western Canada and owned a rental property in Florida for 8 years, so I understand the remote issue. I never rented through VRBO but have used their services multiple times to rent when I go on holidays. Provide the credit card company with the emails that go back and forth...
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    Booking-HomeAway Reservation ID HA-WIWKBN

    I booked through HomeAway for my 2018 summer vacation. When it came time for the final payment, I was asked to do a bank transfer. I reached out to an agent to ask about whether I would be protected as I was not paying directly through the HomeAway system. Their response to me was...
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    Questions about disputing damage claim

    Sorry - just to confirm, the one labelled "Pre-rental" is the one that Hertz took before your drove off the lot with it? If that is the case, I think that the damage in the picture you took is the same as it was when you picked it up. The difference is in the angle that it is taken at. The...
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    Qatar Airlines, Unfair Luggage Charge

    We don’t know the structure of the airport. While we are all used to having the bags weighed when we check in- it appears they might not be the process at this airport. I wish the OP would come back and let is know what the process is at the airport. I have been to this airport. It is a...
  11. M

    Worse airline customer service experience ever!

    Two things. First, I wouldn't say the OP challenged the attendant who was checking them in. They were given two options - pay now or pay at the gate and they chose to pay at the gate. And they have the right to chose the more expensive option. And maybe they wanted to see if they could get...
  12. M

    Norwegian Cruise Lines, breach of contract lost luggage

    Sorry but I will have to disagree with you on the fault part of it. At the end of the day, the OP does not contract with the port authority, NCL does. The OP contracts with NCL to have their luggage put on the ship.
  13. M

    OneTravel Booked Us on Day the Airline Does Not Fly

    But wouldn't that have resulted in this case in there being nothing the OP could have done about the flight on RyanAir? If the companies do not have interline agreements, booking directly would have resulted in different PRN (?) numbers.
  14. M

    OneTravel Booked Us on Day the Airline Does Not Fly

    But even if they did email the information, OneTravel booked the next leg of the flight for the OP. Why would they not be obligated to alter their next flight as they would have known that there is no way they could have made it. I would understand if the OP had booked the segments separately...
  15. M

    OneTravel Booked Us on Day the Airline Does Not Fly

    Sorry, but I don't understand why there wouldn't be compensation by OneTravel. They acted as the travel agent. They booked a flight segment that couldn't be fulfilled. Even if they weren't ticketed together, the agent has the requirement to be able to fulfill their flight. Should they not...
  16. M

    Expedia nightmare! I thought I was dealing with Expedia Canada

    Sometimes when you are en route to a location, you have no choice to use a phone. The time I was speaking of I was on route to Vancouver and had no where to stay for the night. No computer around. Just me, looking for accommodation on my trusty phone at 10 pm with two cranky kids in the backseat.
  17. M

    Expedia nightmare! I thought I was dealing with Expedia Canada

    Not quite true. I just looked at my Expedia app. When I am on the Canadian site, it has a “C” before the amount. But I can switch it to the site and there is no indication as to what currency you are dealing with. Periodically when the app updates, it boots you back into the US site...