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  1. AMA

    Not at fault total loss-at fault party’s insurance denied coverage for business use

    You have no insurance on your automobile at all? Doesn't your state require it?
  2. AMA

    Insurance Coverage for Canadian on Alaska cruise

    In the US, our health insurance will not cover us if we leave the United States. You're a Canadian resident and have universal healthcare coverage - what do your rules say? You should consult a specifically Canadian travel insurance company.
  3. AMA

    Toll Roads & Personal Transponders

    This is also true of EZPass in Massachusetts. They match the charges to the plate of the car. Sometimes I will rent a car to drive to Connecticut or New York, and I always have to remember to go into my EZPass account and add the license plate of the rental, to avoid this situation.
  4. AMA

    Fed Ex Foul-Up

    Try the Tax Assessor's office. They are the ones that hold the plot plans.
  5. AMA

    Non-Revenue in First Class

    You sound like you have a problem with your brother and your niece, not AA.
  6. AMA

    Unable to Receive/Send Messages in Yahoo Mail Account

    If you are using Yahoo for a business address, you should really have a program that will back up your mail to your local machine, such as Thunderbird. Remember that Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook are free email services and make no guarantees that your mail will always be available - "free" is the...
  7. AMA

    Credit card requirement when checking into a hotel

    Most other countries other than the US can accept credit cards with PINs. See if your card company will issue you one that requires a PIN.
  8. AMA

    Marriott Scent Branding is making us sick!

    Many Marriott properties offer allergy-friendly rooms; their branding is "Pure." Look for that option before you get booked into a specific property. If your corporate requires a Marriott, there are usually at least four or five to choose from in any area with a major airport...
  9. AMA

    AirMalta won't reimburse me

    You probably can't get your money back, but since you didn't use the tickets, you should at least be able to get a credit for a future flight.
  10. AMA

    American express serve is a nightmare Help me understand pls

    I can't really read or understand your problem because it is too hard to read, but American Express Serve card is not a credit card, it is a debit card. The banking rules for refunding cash are different than a credit card. Next time, use a credit card. This is not the first complaint we've...
  11. AMA

    Car Accident Nightmare!

    I'm with the other posters who don't understand why your insurance company isn't handling this. That's what you pay them for. Stop dealing with Enterprise and that "Elco" company, and insist that your insurance agency deal with the problem. Go to their office and sit there, if you need to.
  12. AMA

    flight payment issue

    What is the date of your trip? Do not stop checking until you can get written confirmation from either Priceline or the airline that your status is TICKETED. In the future, please buy directly from the airline on the airline's website. Third-party sites like Priceline or Expedia do nothing but...
  13. AMA

    Hyundai Wants To Charge Me For Excess Tire Wear On My Car With 16,898 Miles

    Do you have a copy of the document you signed when you turned the car in? Does it say anything about the tires or other damage?
  14. AMA

    Hyundai Wants To Charge Me For Excess Tire Wear On My Car With 16,898 Miles

    What do the terms of your lease say?
  15. AMA

    UPS contacts???

    They were having blizzards all week and airports/highways were closed. I'm not surprised any mail-order item out there was delayed.
  16. AMA

    Complete Tire Separation on Rental Now Alamo billing me for $805.00

    Take out the sentence about your own insurance not covering it. That's irrelevant and doesn't help your argument. You need to add in the circumstances and dates. "On XXX I rented Car from Alamo at XXX location. After driving for XX minutes, the tire light came on and I pulled over...
  17. AMA

    Delta cancelled my flight home because I didnt use the ticket out

    The OP stated that he is not going to follow our advice and is going to handle it himself. Probably time to close this thread.
  18. AMA

    Booked the wrong date and I'm afraid I won't get my refund or date change!

    The hotel will not help you if you made the reservation through Priceline. You will have to deal with Priceline directly.
  19. AMA

    Complete Tire Separation on Rental Now Alamo billing me for $805.00

    There is no way you could have caused this. Follow the procedure weihlac links to, exactly, and you should be fine.
  20. AMA

    2015 Subaru Crosstrec just cuts out on the highway.

    Although I don't recommend driving it again, if you end up in a position where you are driving and it stops, have it towed directly to the dealership from the roadside without letting anyone try to jump it or mess around with it. At that point I'd just make Subaru buy it back. That happened...