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  1. Christopher Elliott

    Forums will be offline from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. EDT Friday

    Feels like we've been through a war in in the last two weeks, hasn't it? We've suffered a probable hack, followed by data losses, and a frustrating series of server outages. Unfortunately, it's not over. Whatever happened to our site hasn't been fixed, despite our best efforts. We've had two...
  2. Christopher Elliott

    Server switch - here we go again!

    The IT team informs me that they feel ready to try to move the server again. They are going to do it now. It should not take long and there should be zero down-time. Please let me know immediately if you see something that looks out of place. We'll get to it right away. Thank you for your...
  3. Christopher Elliott

    We're on a new server

    We had two brief server outages this afternoon while we moved to a brand-new server. It's blazin' fast and well worth the trouble. I'm sorry for the service interruption, but not for the wicked fast connection speeds you'll be enjoying now. We're turning lemons into lemonade, my friends...
  4. Christopher Elliott

    Should GE have fixed this microwave?

    When the brand-new microwave in Michael Schulman’s renovated house breaks, GE balks at a replacement — even though it has a known defect. What to do?
  5. Christopher Elliott

    Read this first: Executive contacts for Ai France

    Just in case you need them! We really need help with research. If anyone can do one of these files, I'd be ever so grateful.
  6. Christopher Elliott

    Read this first: Executive contacts for Alitalia

    I've just posted fresh contacts for the Italian carrier: We desperately need help with research.
  7. Christopher Elliott

    Please read this first: Executive contacts for Holland America

    Just in case you need them. Here they are: We really need help with research. Please let me know if you can handle one of these companies.
  8. Christopher Elliott

    Government calls out cheaters who booked United mistake fares

    ’ve kept a polite distance from the latest fare-error scandal, even though readers were asking me to get involved. Something smelled wrong about those $50 first-class transatlantic tickets on United Airlines that were briefly available earlier this month. Then again, maybe it was the character...
  9. Christopher Elliott

    Read this first: Executive contacts for Avalon

    Thanks to research director Josh Floyd for handling these new executive contacts:
  10. Christopher Elliott

    Here’s the amazing, surprising and inspiring way you are changing how people travel

    Not so long ago, this was a blog that generated more heat than light — a place where disenchanted travelers complained about their often intractable problems. I didn’t mind, because from time to time I could help consumers through my nationally-syndicated column, The Travel Troubleshooter. And...
  11. Christopher Elliott

    And the Oscar goes to ... American Airlines

    ... for losing his luggage.
  12. Christopher Elliott

    Help, my “free” car rental voucher doesn’t work at the airport

    After Robert Reeve redeems 70,000 Hilton HHonors points for a car rental, he gets some unfortunate news: He won’t be able to use the nonrefundable certificate for the rental. What now?
  13. Christopher Elliott

    Read this first: Executive contacts for Air Canada

    Many thanks to @Andrew Der for researching these.
  14. Christopher Elliott

    Delta bends a rule after daughter’s tragic death

    Too often, airline rules add insult to injury. If you cancel a flight, for example, they make you pay even more for a new one, assuming the fees and fare differential don’t consume the entire value of your credit. And forget about changing the name on your ticket — it’s not allowed. But those...
  15. Christopher Elliott

    Beware of hoaxers posing as rogue Comcast reps

    It started with a message to @Comcastcares, the Twitter account for Comcast’s customer service department. “Without a doubt the worst customer service I’ve experienced,” wrote Ryon Nishimori. “Google fiber can’t come to Nashville soon enough.” Turns out Comcast was watching. But apparently...
  16. Christopher Elliott

    This story almost makes the JetBlue changes look like fun

    Robin Hayes, the new CEO of JetBlue Airways, is balancing between passengers and Wall Street. As he takes control of the New York-based airline Monday, Hayes faces a difficult task: increase profits without destroying the culture that has made JetBlue stand out from other U.S. airlines.
  17. Christopher Elliott

    Do I really have to pay this “congestion” charge in London?

    Should this guy fight the ticket, or just pay up?
  18. Christopher Elliott

    Read this first: Executive contacts for Emirates

    I almost feel guilty posting these contacts. Emirates is squeaky-clean, when it comes to customer service.
  19. Christopher Elliott

    What's worse than bad customer service? This

    Try a scorpion sting: Can't make this stuff up.
  20. Christopher Elliott

    What to do about the ‘circumstances beyond our control’ excuse

    Do airlines lie about their reasons for canceling a flight? Or do they just stretch the truth a little?