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  1. K

    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Diana, I know you probably can't see it yet but you may have dodged a bullet. Can you imagine if the heart problems had come up during the cruise? Most US medical policies don't cover you abroad. If you have such a policy and no travel insurance, you would have missed at least part of the...
  2. K

    Ticketing Scam in Shanghai

    Here's another way to think about it. Booking the whole trip on one ticket is a form of "insurance". If you miss the connecting flight, they put you on the next one. If you book separate tickets, many hours-long layovers are your "insurance" giving you a cushion in case problems arise. In this...
  3. K

    0700 to 0700 can i pay for one stay and early check in

    I always feel grubby after long flights, especially the overnight ones. I've had good luck with hotels letting me use the showers in their gyms if my room isn't ready. You may feel ready for a good meal and sightseeing after a refreshing shower.
  4. K


    It may help for you to communicate with the lender and not your mom. I wonder if they have information that may be helpful to you that they can't tell your mom since she's not the person on the loan.
  5. K

    CapitalOne Betrayed Loyal Customer by Reversing a Refund

    Are you trying to get refunds for the airfare, hotel, and car as well as event tickets?
  6. K

    Southwest flight issue

    I just want to point out that maybe the owner of the Nordstrom bag already had something under the seat, probably her purse or backpack. If so, she's taking up less than her "allotted" overhead bin space.
  7. K

    Southwest flight issue

    Just wanted to add that a lot of flight attendants aren't on the clock until aircraft doors close so if they get hurt lifting someone's luggage while the doors are open, those aren't considered work injuries.
  8. K

    Dental insurance overpayment

    I can't find any mention of how long ago this appointment was but if it's recent I'd suggest verifying that the dentist has actually received the check before doing anything else. I'm an optometrist and had a few cases where patients came with their EOB's, upset that we got paid and were keeping...
  9. K

    I think I should get a refund

    A better analogy is wedding catering. You contract with the caterer for, say, 100 guests. If 20 guests no-show, the caterer doesn't refund for those 5 because he/she has already paid for the food and hired staff based on the 100 head count.
  10. K

    American Resort association Travel Club

    Don't do it! I'm not in travel but I would be willing to be that Priceline, Expedia, etc are big enough entities that they deal directly with the airlines, cruise lines and hotels. They don't need a go-between. Doing the math, let's say that they get you a 20% discount on everything, you'd have...
  11. K

    Air BnB charges for cancellation of emergency viral infection

    You held their inventory for 2 months and cancelled the day before. My guess is that they didn't find someone else to rent it to in those 24 hours. What was the cancellation policy? Have you thought about the possibility that maybe they've already cut you a break by refunding all but the $22.69...
  12. K

    United v. Alaska; United wins

    katiejane, I'm sorry your family has been hit with so much tragedy. I lost my dad and another closer relative within a month of each other so I can sympathize. This may not be popular but I feel the need to defend the customer service reps who handle these calls. They have a really tough job...
  13. K

    Road Scholar Refund

    It sounds like the 2 week grace period is to buy trip insurance. If that's the case, it has nothing to do with your request for a refund. What does your confirmation say about refunds from the company?
  14. K as Usual: Changes in Flight Schedules with No Confirmation of New Itinerary from JustFly

    Are you absolutely sure it was booked as one ticket? My husband used them to book round trip tickets to Europe last year and when we got our confirmation I saw that each segment was booked as a separate ticket. So we had 3 confirmation codes for our round trip flights. You may want to check...
  15. K

    Blue Cross Blue Shield International Denied Claim based on Non-existent Codes

    I believe the codes BCBS is referring to are procedure and diagnostic codes. For instance, if I get an eye exam tomorrow where I'm a new patient, my insurance would be billed for a new patient routine eye exam, refraction, and maybe visual fields because of my medical history. Each has a...
  16. K

    Refusal to extend return date on unused ticket

    I'm not in travel but I used to own my own business so let me give you the business side of a case like yours. 1. "They seem unmoved by this and choose to hide behind the rules". They're not "hiding" but adhering to the rules. Huge difference to whoever reads your letter. They're sticking to...
  17. K

    Is this really how tsa treats babies items

    Maybe I missed something but I thought they tested the sippy cup and the diaper bag, not the actual baby. We travelled a lot with our kids when they were little and anytime the kids were picked for random screening, they always did the adults. Just to be clear, I'm not a TSA fan but I really...
  18. K

    Codeshare flights messed up by Air Canada changing a flight schedule

    This is just a vote for using a travel agent and just to be clear my family has no connection to the travel industry. We travel a lot and book our own travel most of the time, but still use a travel agent for more complicated trips. They really do add value. We go to Australia regularly and our...
  19. K

    Airbnb takes the fun out of refund :(

    I can't speak to the confusion about the refund but I use Airbnb a fair bit and the cancellation policy isn't buried. It's under the map, with the house rules, and in normal size font.
  20. K

    Connecting Flight Danger In Frankfurt

    For me 3 hours is the absolute minimum for an international connection at any airport.