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  1. weihlac

    Unsatisfactory Carnival Cruise

    "Hawaii is 6 hours ahead of PST" Hawaii is 6 hours ahead (or behind, depending on your perspective) of EST. Hawaii is two hours different from PST, and 3 hours for PDT.
  2. weihlac

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    How are you testing the speed? Via wi-fi or by cable connection to your modem?
  3. weihlac

    Toyota Corporate

    How did you do this? By phone or email?
  4. weihlac

    Toyota Corporate

    You do not need to redo the entire seat if only one panel needs repair. Toyota is telling you this; you need a good independent shop to look at it.
  5. weihlac

    Toyota Corporate

    You can use these contacts at Toyota: Email one per week starting at the first cust serv person, escalating if no/negative response. Do not attach pictures or docs unless asked to do so. You may wish to have an independent upholstery shop look...
  6. weihlac

    Lufthansa Cancellation

    Did you do the original booking on a smartphone or on a computer? On a smartphone, there are many things you cannot see on the booking screens as the pages are optimized for a small screen. Much of the above posts show screens that you might easily miss on a phone.
  7. weihlac


    In exchange for an inexpensive non-refundable ticket, you received a much lower fare. Unless you purchased insurance, or have insurance through your credit card, at MOST you will get a credit less a cancelation fee, to be appled to future travel. Insurance is designed specifically for events...
  8. weihlac

    Air/Sea issue Stop CALLING. Use the contacts above and email only!!
  9. weihlac

    Help with Ford Hybrid Repair

    What did the independent mechanic quote for the repair? You may find out after months of aggravation that Ford "might" (and might not) cover a portion of the repair cost at the dealer and still end up costing you more than the charge from the independent mechanic. Also, do you wish to be without...
  10. weihlac


    Email Toyota cust serv: Otherwise, we have no further suggestions. You posted this yesterday and no further help is available.
  11. weihlac


    Here are the Uber contacts: Email one per week starting at the first person on the list. Do not attach any docs to your emails until asked to do so. Do Not call them.
  12. weihlac


    Without specifics of the problems with Toyota and the vehicle all I can suggest is to contact Toyota per Neil's post #2. You will need to be very specific and not expect the person you are contacting to have any information about any previous communications. You will need to start over and...
  13. weihlac


    copy and paste it.
  14. weihlac


    This does not tell us anything about what your issue is with Toyota and your vehicle. You need to be able to explain your problems to us. If your communication with Toyota has no substance we can see why they will not deal with your issues. We cannot offer advice about a problem you cannot...
  15. weihlac

    Can’t rent my rental

    What car rental company are you dealing with?
  16. weihlac


    To give you any advice other than what contacts are available at Toyota, we need many details of what the issue is with Toyota and the vehicle.
  17. weihlac

    Airline reservation that are cancel-able with no penalty

    Try another airline.
  18. weihlac

    Involuntarily Bumped: No Reasonable Alternative & Nonrefundable Hotel

    It is likely that had you booked directly with AA on their web site you would have been given the option of main cabin seats with advanced seat assignment. Trying this booking now for Mar 28-Apr 2 there are ample main cabin seats on the AA web site. Expedia offers basic econ without seat...
  19. weihlac

    Jet airways(India) stranded my family and me at Paris without providing an alternate flight

    The ATT Day Pass can be added online to all of your lines and it is active only when you use it. Very useful for emergency access while traveling.
  20. weihlac

    HDTV bought @ Costco in 2012 is failing .. any recourse?

    Give Costco a chance, but the TV is still out of warranty. A variation on Murphy's Law is "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" as soon as the warranty expires. This especially applies to electronics and cars. As others have stated, 7 years of good service from an electronic device is good...