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  1. M

    Air/Sea issue

    And keep pushing to get the $1400 refunded. The rebooking of the trip was due to RC, not you. They chose to cancel the cruise in order to make more money elsewhere (chartering the ship), so you should not be out anything out of pocket (in fact, they should give you a shipboard credit for your...
  2. M

    0700 to 0700 can i pay for one stay and early check in

    You also might be able to negotiate a lower rate for the day if they have rooms open. I did this a couple of years ago when I took a redeye to San Juan for business and got in around 6AM. The hotel offered a rate about half the full rate for the extra time, which I took (disclosure: it was a...
  3. M

    Car Accident Nightmare!

    Britt--out of curiousity, which insurance company are you using? Their unwillingness to contact the other company is shoddy service. Did you provide your company with the necessary info (Enterprise's insurance info, driver name, license number or car VIN, etc.)?
  4. M

    Car Accident Nightmare!

    True. if you're in an no-fault state, as long as 51% of the blame goes to the other driver, your rates won't go up nor will it affect much of anything else from your end. Functionally you don't care who pays whom, as long as you get your money. The other posters are correct--the insurance...
  5. M

    Car Accident Nightmare!

    Normally, it's your insurance company that handles all of this. They take your statement, contact the other party and their insurance company and handle the monetary aspects. You may have to give a statement to the other insurance company. You may want to consider switching insurance...
  6. M

    Emirates carry on luggage charge

    Unfortunately, at airports where the airlines have only one or two flights per day, they often contract with ground handling companies to take care of check-in, etc. These folks may not be as well versed in the particular airlines' rules. Unfortunately, the reality is the IAH handler let you...
  7. M

    Viking Wants All Payment a Year in Advance

    And personally, I would shop around for travel insurance, and not buy it from Viking. They may sell legitimate insurance, but I always feel that the insurance company doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds it and would side with the company in a dispute. Third parties don't have this interest.
  8. M

    Ascend Hotel Collection (Choice Hotels Inc.) raised rate by $500/night after it was booked and confirmation received! HELP

    First, don't call, use e-mail so you have a written record. One thing I would do is look at the rates outside of Super Bowl time to see if $198 is a typical rate (it certainly should be in most cities), and then present that first to the manager (who I'm guessing will not be sympathetic since...
  9. M

    Weather related question

    Several airlines have been cancelling flights in advance of the winter storms. An airline like Spirit has a limited number of aircraft. Likely Spirit cancelled an earlier flight your plane was to be used for, and so they end up cancelling your flight because the plane couldn't get to FLL as...
  10. M

    Global entry

    Yes, you're right, but the downside is that it's logistically more complex. For precheck, there are tons of 3rd party locations where you can get fingerprinted. For GE, you need an interview, background checks and fingerprinting, and you need to go to a TSA or Customs office or airport to get...
  11. M

    Global entry

    GE applies regardless of which country you are arriving from. If you're a US citizen and are accepted for GE, you can use the expedited arrival without issue. The list of countries on the GE website is for nationals of those countries.
  12. M

    Cruise Insurance

    My personal take on it is to never use the travel provider's insurance offer...even if there isn't, it reeks of collusion, and the provider is making money off of it. I find the policies offered by 3rd parties in general to be better, often less expensive and/or with better coverage. And you...
  13. M

    Layover times

    Did you self book the two flights individually? I can't believe 30 min is a legal connection in PHL. It's a big airport.
  14. M

    Budget Car Rental..and when we went there the lot was bare

    I was wondering if it was similar to what (good) hotels will do--walk you to another property. I guess not. It isn't a matter of (in this case) Enterprise taking the lower rate, since they received confirmation from Budget, it should be Budget who bears the difference in cost between what the...
  15. M

    Budget Car Rental..and when we went there the lot was bare

    Unfortunately there is another reality here...there are a limited number of cars available during holiday periods, and it's even worse in Hawaii where they can't bring in cars from elsewhere. Isn't the norm in the industry that if they can't supply you with a car they walk you to another...
  16. M

    Southwest flight issue

    I second Neil's comment. Not to take away from the very unpleasant treatment the OP received, but the reality is that if you can't lift your bag into the overhead, you shouldn't depend on the goodwill of others to do it for you. I know this sounds harsh, but there is an alternative as Neil...
  17. M

    Sears closing

    Why is it you need that particular brand/model? In the "old" days Kenmore was a top brand, but nowadays due to Sears imminent demise they're awful and unreliable. Buy a reputable brand of water heater.
  18. M

    American Airlines First/Business class experience

    This is true in the US and Canada--they never let you in to their lounges on a domestic first/biz ticket unless you qualify otherwise (e.g. frequent flyer). It's because they want to sell you membership or day passes.. European and Asian airlines tend to let you in their lounges if you're...
  19. M

    Advantage Rent A Car trying to get me with a damage claim

    Was the picture time stamped and/or odometer shown? If not, request this. This Forum has extensive instructions on how to escalate and to whom when this happens. Generally if you challenge it, you will be cleared. This is a common game unfortunately--the rental car places move down the list...
  20. M

    Comcast Xfinity fails to restore service, cancels technician appointmen

    Another issue with Comcast/Xfinity--they often use contract technicians. I've found these technicians (who are generally brought in from far and wide) don't know nearly as much as Comcast's own people, particularly on the vagaries of the local systems. If you can, insist on a Comcast-employed...