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  1. J

    Cheaper to fly on AA r/t from Italy than R/T from US.

    The OP should also attempt to introduce some flexibility into the schedule. I see some Air Lingus flights, mid May and a sample trip length of about 10 days that go from Newark airport > Dublin > Rome and they are priced around $800 RT. Sure you have some layover time in Dublin but having done...
  2. J

    TSA Trusted Traveler Program Global Entry process snag??

    I am well aware of the fact that PreCheck is included with GE. I was just pointing out the confusing nature of the two sentences.
  3. J

    TSA Trusted Traveler Program Global Entry process snag??

    Appointment(s) scheduled... The government reply to my original inquiry could be confusing to some. It follows: "Thank you for contacting the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Information Center. Please note that you can only have one program at a time, and the last one added replaces...
  4. J

    TSA Trusted Traveler Program Global Entry process snag??

    Resolved I had checked the application (my wife's as well) and no problems were indicated and neither had anything relative to conditional approval. Rather surprisingly however, about 2 hours after inputting an inquiry earlier today, conditional approval was received. The website indicates...
  5. J

    TSA Trusted Traveler Program Global Entry process snag??

    I realize that due to the government shutdown that was perhaps a month lost in the Global Entry process but does anyone have a feel for the current time in processing an application for Global Entry? I entered an application on 12/06/2018 and have not heard back from TSA except for no-reply...
  6. J

    Deceptive Advertising-Automobile Dealer

    A couple of things to consider. One, and this is true in most States, you have not purchased a vehicle until such time as you sign the paper work. You may be asked to make a deposit that can be lost, but again in most States you can cancel a deal for a certain period of time, often 24-hours...
  7. J

    La-Z-Boy Genuine Leather Fading

    I also note from the La-Z-Boy website, specifically the FAQ section the following: "Q: How do I care for my leather furniture? A: La-Z-Boy offers several different types of leather upholstery for its furniture. If cared for properly, this natural material will maintain its beauty and...
  8. J

    La-Z-Boy Genuine Leather Fading

    I wonder if the windows have Low-E glass? This type of glass blocks most ultraviolet (UV) radiation and thus helps protect fabrics, leather, carpeting and finishes from the fading effects of sunlight. The product has been around since sometime in the 1970's but I suspect it would have been...
  9. J

    Brother Printer Problem--2nd time!

    Glad Costco worked out! You and I are doling research in differing places. That printer, on Amazon, has 16% finding fault and giving it a "1" and most of them finding some form of fault with the fuser roller. 16% is one out of six buyers and there are 1600+ reviews; not a good track record...
  10. J

    Brother Printer Problem--2nd time!

    IMO, better to research a specific model under consideration on places like Amazon prior to purchase. I would not rule out Brother just because a singular model in the lineup has shown itself to be unreliable. Why do I feel that way? Because you can have a bad experience with almost any...
  11. J

    Brother Printer Problem--2nd time!

    If Costco won't replace then you may have some alternatives to going to Staten Island. I don;t know your zip code but the Brother service search shows two places in NJ that can service printers. These two were found using the zip code of Clinton NJ and a 25 mile search. I'd call them first...
  12. J

    Brother Printer Problem--2nd time!

    I don't have that exact model, but do have one within the same series. If you open the back of the printer (to look at the roller) makes ure the gray levers are in the "A" position. The "B" position should only be used envelopes. If you print in duplex mode (both sides) verify that your...
  13. J

    Viking River Cruises plundered us.

    Had your wife sustained the crippling injury one week later, while on the cruise, you would have been very thankful for trip insurance. We travel extensively and if going overseas, I always recommended it to my friends.
  14. J

    EASIRENT Scotland - CDW Obfuscation

    Heck, Allstate states "WHAT COVERAGE DO YOU NEED? Typically, your personal car insurance policy will not cover you abroad. But, your insurer will likely protect you when you drive into Canada, and generally will only provide limited coverage in Mexico, so it's a good idea to check with your...
  15. J

    TSA and Global Entry Numbers

    I don't believe that is true, although in my case the TSA precheck number is old. But it was 9-digits and was formatted as 98xxxxxxx. It was my understanding most if not all TSA precheck numbers started with the "98". My current Global Entry number is a mix of nine numbers and characters...
  16. J

    Thrifty alleging damage (bumper scratches)

    This is great use of information embedded within a digital image and likely key to the case being dropped. I wonder how many people know how to obtain the info and also know it can be critical to have the date/time set properly if you are using a camera.
  17. J

    Southwest Airlines No Show policy.

    As for Verizon, which as of a year or so ago is really AOL mail, I have experienced delivery delays. Just this past week I know of an email sent to me, a Verizon customer, on a Wednesday and finally arriving very late on Saturday. It was somewhat a time critical email and fortunately I was...
  18. J

    Southwest Airlines No Show policy.

    To add to what Dwayne said about the confirmation, many sites tell you to wait until you actually see that confirmation screen. If it hasn't appeared, and you close the window, you risk having the transaction being incomplete and closed out. Personally I hit the PrtScr button and then paste...
  19. J

    sears delivery

    Irina, rest assured, you are not the first, nor the last to be hit by the Sears saga. See for a neighbor's saga that ended well, but no thanks to Sears. I did...
  20. J

    Rust on my Toyota Tacoma frame

    As part of Toyota's recall on 2005-10 Tacoma midsize pickups, 2007-08 Tundra full-size pickups and 2005-08 Sequoia large SUVs Toyota has clearly stated that their warranty on the frame was 12 years from the day of sale so Robert's expectation is unjustified.