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    Airbnb Long Term Cancellation Policy

    I'm sure the OP wan't expecting this website to change AirBNB policy. "I'd like to see..." Is just an expression, not a direct demand. The OP is not asking for anything, but giving a head's up to fellow travelers who like to sniff out scammy practices on a forum for travelers who like to...
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    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Just a head's up- Please check when the clock starts on the '18 month' offer. Is that 18 months from today, from sailing date, or from original booking date? And does the cruise have to be completed in 18 months, or just booked in the next 18 months? You definitely don't want this offer to get...
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    Fed Ex Foul-Up

    I'm sure there is a way to do it, but no one seems to know how. I contacted my mayor, who referred me to the post office, who referred me right back to the mayor. #707 does make sense in all of the right ways. This is a package. Although important, I'd be very worried if we ever had a 911 emergency.
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    Fed Ex Foul-Up

    Here is my situation: Where I live, my home's address is out-of-order with the rest of my block. My house number is 723, but it is nestled between houses #705 and #709. When a delivery is coming to my home, most all delivery companies call, either before delivery or after driving the...
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    Marriott Scent Branding is making us sick!

    Are you union? That may be a more efficient avenue to voice your concerns, since it is work-related. In addition, the over-scenting of hotels is not a new thing. I am highly-sensitive to smells. Although I am an IHG (Holiday Inn) Platinum member, I've had to forgo some properties and benefits...
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    Extending a travel credit past its expiration date?

    When you write, follow the rules listed elsewhere on this site. Pretty much they state to keep things in writing (no phone calls) with the company. Find the list of executive contacts, write them one at a time, starting with the lowest person on the totem pole. If you don't get an answer (or...
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    Why did AM EX refuse SPG Award points

    If I am understanding things correctly, the OP is not upset at the fact he was turned down for rewards. He IS upset that he was not notified of his ineligibility only after spending $5,000 on the card to earn rewards. If he was ineligible, why was he not told from the word "go". The bank acted...
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    Trouble with American Airlines and AAdvantage

    While the Elliott site itself has a policy about jumping into cases involving miles, there are still tools you can use here. Look up the company contacts page. You can write the airline execs and just see if you get any leeway. Follow the instructions on how to do this correctly. (Basically...
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    0700 to 0700 can i pay for one stay and early check in

    I'd go with peace of mind and book the extra night. Just be sure to emphasize to the hotel your expected arrival time. You do not want to arrive at 7a, only to have the hotel cancel your stay as a 'no show' for the night before!!!
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    Although banks treat debit card customers like second-hand citizens, they don't have to. Twice I've had a debit card compromised. Both times my credit union proactively called my the same day/next business day. In both instances, I was made whole within 48 hours.
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    Wells Fargo Bank CC Dispute

    Um, "Pending"?
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    Delta cancelled my flight home because I didnt use the ticket out

    The OP must remember that the people replying here are not trying to sound rude. It's just an airline's logic is not our logic and there is a cold hard truth here. Airlines have calculated every situation possible, it seems, to find a way to squeeze money from passengers; you just got caught up...
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    Mail scam and Wells Fargo Bank

    It's a complete shot-in-the-dark, but look for the Wells Fargo bank corporate addresses in the 'Company Contacts' section of this site. Ask if you can work out a payment plan with them. If you have disability checks coming in regularly and if they are direct deposited, then they know that money...
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    Amazon's customer service. Unreasonable?

    While I am not a lawyer, I have heard of collections against large corporations being done via seizure of company property, if that company has a physical presence in the state. Google sleuth it, but this will require involvement of law enforvement and most probably an attorney. Perhaps contact...
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    Is this a Disability Violation?

    The state of Georgia has an office of disability services. I'd shoot them an email also, and see if they could be of assistance.
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    virgin airlines

    When writing, the advisors here do advise not to play up any sympathy cards or emotional backstories, and just stick to basic facts. That being said, I MIGHT play up the fact that I am 18 on this one, especially if you are in college and/or pursuing a high-paying career, or travel often. Your...
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    My USAA auto insurance rates have gone up 24% since last year??

    Did your state insurance commissioner recently authorize/approve a rate increase for the company?
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    Dishwasher model noGDF620HGJ4BB, serial no HH838387BB

    Does any manufacturer build traditional appliances -- i.e., strictly mechanical, without on-board computers or motherboards -- anymore? I've had both a washer and a refrigerator go out on me due to bad motherboards. In each case, the cost to replace the board was within $100 of the cost of an...
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    Viking River Cruises plundered us.

    Just wondering what is the logic of a travel company not allowing a substitution for a fare that has already been paid? Is it a security issue? Paperwork issue? Enrichment? It seems that the cruise line can make it good for a customer AND keep things profitable by offering such a service for...
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    Certified Pre-Owned Volvo service issues

    Is the total damage <$5000? Small claims court may be just the thing, especially if everything is as well-documented as you say it is. In the few times I've been to small claims, I've been very successful (including one time I was forced to sue a car dealership).