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    Avianca Airlines left disabled passenger alone in dark plane for over an hour

    Regarding the cleaning crew ignoring the disabled passenger's pleas for help--we were not there and we are getting the story second-hand. Perhaps the cleaning crew did not speak English, and maybe the passenger did not speak Spanish--maybe the crew did notify the gate--we have no idea It is an...
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    help please thank you

    Did you have a contract with a cable company? Reading what you wrote, it sounds like you discontinued the cable service. Did you also stop paying the bill? If you had a contract, you cannot simply stop paying. If you do, then the company will send you to collections because, legally, you owe...
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    Avianca Airlines left disabled passenger alone in dark plane for over an hour

    Sounds quite horrifying! Handicapped services are handled by the airport, although requested through the airline. Each airport has their own service and some have fewer employees to service all handicap requests. I think the problem occurred when the plane disembarked on the tarmac rather than...
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    Horrible service and worse customer service

    Sounds like a rough flight for your daughter, but as Neil pointed out, none of these issues were something AA can fix. The door must stay open, they aren't in charge of weather delays or air traffic control, nor were they responsible for your daughter's dietary needs. If she needs a special...
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    Iberia Airlines - Ticket reimbursement - no confirmation received

    So even though there was confusion when you bought them, you ended up with the nine tickets you were intending to buy. Why do a credit card dispute?
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    American Airlines/

    It sounds like you are not an experienced traveler. Airlines have charged checked baggage fees for years (except Southwest). There have been countless news stories about checked baggage fees and airline disclosures. Unfortunately, you made two errors when booking this trip. You should have...
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    Terrible Customer Service American Airlines

    Did you check the AA website for a list of upgrade charges? I know that UA has a form listing the miles and surcharges required per leg. I would have done that prior to calling AA. then, if the agent did give the wrong information, you could have questioned his knowledge.
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    British Airways/American/ Travelocity trouble

    As Neil says, you arrived too late, the computer had already closed the flight. Your "fee" from BA would have been new tickets at walk up rate. Very expensive. You lost the value of those tickets by missing the cut off time. What do you mean by "being in the zone of on time?" Was it more than...
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    Carnival Cruise -Carnival Splendor Refund Request Denied

    The keys were totally you fault. Also, not having enough medication (that was not on your key ring) Was the fridge inoperable without the shelves? This sounds like a pain, but if it worked fine, and just did not have the shelves, I can see how it might take a few days to be corrected...
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    What You Need To Know Before Booking A River Cruise

    I can't "like" this enough, Neil! Great advice.
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    Extenuating medical circumstances

    As mentioned, Virgin is doing you a favor by waiving the penalties. However, you will now be flying a year later, and they have the right to require payment for the new flights, based on the cost at the time of re-booking. It's like promising to buy a 2018 new car for 25,000 and then postponing...
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    Computer - Lost Lenovo Computer Sent for Repair

    I know nothing about the costs associated with a lawsuits and small claims court, but you are talking about a $250 loss. I assume that you have replaced the computer by now (I couldn't live without a personal computer for a month, much less a year). Will the time, effort, and costs negate a win...
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    Viking River Cruise - Significant Change to Itinerary and unable to obtain appropriate compensation by Viking

    The problem is that you didn't talk to Tripmate before canceling. You relied on Viking's advice, and they do not underwrite the policy. It is like a gas station attendant telling you that your car dealership would fix a broken windshield under warranty. The first rule of refunds is to verify...
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    Double check to see if you get the money back, or a future cruise credit. For some supplier cancel-for-any-reason policies, if you cover for a standard reason, like illness, or accident to you or a traveling companion, you get the money back, but if you cancel for a standard not covered reason...
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    Equinox Gym cancelled my membership without warning

    I don't understand how you can be a member and not have signed some kind of agreement, or contract for membership.
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    Computer - Lost Lenovo Computer Sent for Repair

    Your post here is extremely confusing. It the first part, the latest email, I cannot determine who is speaking which sentence. Your bullet list is full of extraneous sentences that only clutter the issue and make it difficult for anyone to follow: 3. Scott, I appreciate you answering my email...
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    Equinox Gym cancelled my membership without warning

    You may have violated your agreement when you posted negative photos and complaints on a public forum. Take a look at the contract you signed. If you have, then the gym has every right to ban you. Is it morally right or fair? No. But they would have every legal right to do so, if the signed...
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    Left Stranded by Bus Service

    The problem is that maybe your watch and the driver's watch were not showing the same time. Remember the old TV line, "Let's synchronize our watches?" Your watch and the other couples' watch may have said 435pm, but if the drivers' watch was 5 minutes faster than yours, he left when his watch...
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    Viking Cruise (my first post had many grammar errors)

    When travel agents sell river cruises, they do warn their clients of possible water levels issues, both too low and too high. When travelers book themselves, they don't have someone to advise them and it is up to the traveler to understand all the risks. The water levels in Europe for half of...
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    CapitalOne Betrayed Loyal Customer by Reversing a Refund

    So you opened a dispute with Paypal claiming product/goods/services not received? Then you got your bank involved by opening a dispute? Prior to requesting the refund from Paypal, did you contact the event organizer about a refund? If so what did they say?