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  1. J

    SiriusXM Issue in Subaru Vehicle

    @William Smith Jr I did some digging overnight ... Looks like Subaru is blaming XM for the issue even though their vehicles are the only ones effected and the fix, yes there's a fix that seems to work on the Outback at least, is to update the radio that Subaru designs. I couldn't find a way for...
  2. J

    SiriusXM Issue in Subaru Vehicle

    @William Smith Jr If the issue is limited to Subaru vehicles, it sounds like a Subaru not SirrusXM issue. I would push with Subaru. I'm betting the UI on the Subaru radio is limited to x number of channels... When Sirrus added some more, it couldn't handle them.
  3. J

    On Line Change of Address Scams

    @Tanya Actually either one works! Here's the Whois records to show both URLs are owned by the USPS
  4. J

    Viking Cruise (my first post had many grammar errors)

    Here's the difference... Viking specifically deals with this very situation in their contract ... Its not buried or hard to find ... ( ) "Advanced, Cancelled or Delayed: Viking reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel a tour or to...
  5. J

    Thrifty Fort Myers - Exorbitant toll admin fees

    @Neil Maley Here's the funny thing on our two different experiences. Every time I've rented in FL, I've had to sign / acknowledge something about tolling and the admin fees involved. I thought it was a required disclosure! When I finally read it, I went out and bought a toll tag I move between...
  6. J

    Any hope of changing the passenger name on a nonrefundable, nontransferable ticket?

    @ray allegrezza If you don't ask the answer is always no but ... I would think you have a low probability of success in this case. You can try sending DL a note. You might find a sympathetic that will do something (miles) for you.
  7. J


    @Madrid Here's the link to report your passport as lost to the State Department, assuming you are a US Citizen.
  8. J

    Does United care about us as people or are we just a number? I shouldn't have to worry if I am going to be touched unwanted, cursed and pissed on!

    @Deepthinker10 Why wouldn't you be able to file charges? You should be able to go back out to EWR and find the Port Authority Police station. From what I can find, it appears to be in Terminal B. If you go in, give them your story and identifying information (ie what he looks like, flight / seat...
  9. J

    Charged $833,00 for data transfer while on cruise in Canada. Never made or received calls while there.only used cell phone for flashlight or camera.

    I use the AT&T international day pass all the time... its great. Saves me from phone bills like this (happened once) One note for everyone to help keep this from happening to you. If you go into your phone's settings, you should be able to turn off data roaming. It will help protect you from...
  10. J

    Does United care about us as people or are we just a number? I shouldn't have to worry if I am going to be touched unwanted, cursed and pissed on!

    @Deepthinker10 Did you file a police report? That would be where I would start. The person who did it is going to be your best bet.
  11. J

    Mobile phone use outside the US

    One point since you have iPhones, make sure you goin and turn off your data roaming. Some iPhone apps are real data hogs and constantly check for updates.... each one involving send or recieving data. Made the mistake not to turn it off on one trip a few years ago. Next thing you know... my...
  12. J

    Is 40minute domestic transfer enough in Atlanta?

    @frostin For me this is all a risk vs reward situation.... Are you traveling alone? Ok sitting middle hump? When's the next SW flight if you miss this one? How important is it that you get there before the next SW flight? Are you traveling with a checked bag (may not make the connect even if you...
  13. J

    Demand refund of $75.

    @Daniel Brennan FlyerTalk seems to be more your speed and the way you like to communicate. I encourage you to post there...
  14. J

    Emirates Airlines Failures and Request for Compensation

    @kmoyer Have you filed with your travel insurance? A couple things to consider ... 1. They got you from point A to point B (or would have if you didn't opt to return home) which is all their contract requires them to do. They don't guarantee a schedule. 2. Airlines will never pay consequential...
  15. J

    Travel insurance coverage of electronics is unclear...please advise.

    @MGPollock The short answer is yes. Most insurance companies will only pay out on items that they can appraise or you have receipts for... otherwise they might get burned by an unscrupulous person. If you're going to carry that much with you, I'd say the smartest thing would be to reach out to...
  16. J

    Unresponsive to accident at an international Marriott

    @Lwyatt65 It sounds like you're asking for legal advice which is outside the scope of this board. You'll probably need to find an attorney in Italy that handles these cases. Also keep in mind that in many European states (I can't say for sure if hold true in Italy) the losing litigant in a legal...
  17. J

    VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

    @cmonhomeandaway I'm also a merchant and get a handful of these every year. Couple of questions. Do you process your credit cards or home away? If you control it, do you have your security settings to the point that the address has to match for the charge to go through? For us, we have our AVS...
  18. J

    Slightly different angle on Fees from Hertz after an accident

    @jlogreco Your insurance should have received a release from claims letter when they paid off the accident. You need to go back and push this with your insurance company .... and start looking for a different one!
  19. J

    VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

    @cmonhomeandaway How do you validate the charge? This charge back reason would be for someone who is saying that they didn't stay there (ie stolen credit card). What documents are they looking for? How do you hand off the keys?