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    Western Union Account Suspension

    Try the company contacts for Western Union:
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    Budget Car Rental..and when we went there the lot was bare

    Perhaps I am wrong but it's my understanding that this wasn't a prepaid reservation. 10 years ago my husband and I were very delayed landing in Salt Lake City at Christmas time. I had booked a 4WD vehicle and it was prepaid through Southwest. We were actually upgraded to a large SUV because...
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    Chase Bank closed my account, retracted my bonus

    Did you happen to buy a lot of Amazon gift cards? I'm just trying to come up with some reason Chase would cancel all of your accounts.
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    Southwest flight issue

    After a bad experience with Air France losing BOTH of our checked bags my husband and I always make sure to have plenty of clothing in carry ons. They are always the size that fits the airline's guidelines (the one they never follow....but I digress). My husband is a scuba diver and he would...
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    LA Times subscription issues continue??

    What we are trying to illustrate with the stories is that newspaper customer service snafus such as OP's aren't uncommon. Also, there's not always a logical explanation for the mistakes. I hope the home delivery is reinstated soon, along with a credit for the missed weeks.
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    LA Times subscription issues continue??

    I can really relate to this. My immigrant dad loves his daily newspaper and my husband and I pay for it as his yearly Fathers Day gift. He and my mom moved to the U.S. when they were in their 30s and didn't know a word of English. He taught himself English by reading newspapers and watching...
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    Charged $833,00 for data transfer while on cruise in Canada. Never made or received calls while there.only used cell phone for flashlight or camera.

    Was data turned off on your phone? If not a lot of apps will use data constantly without you ever using the phone.
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    Mobile phone use outside the US

    I couldn't agree. I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile 2 years ago and it was a great decision. They had a promotion a couple of months after we switched where we could another line for free. We get 3 lines with unlimited everything for $100. My husband and I have been to at least 15 other...
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    Help - Emergency!

    If you are unable to get your mom's passport in time be sure to cancel the ticket rather than be a "no show". That way you have some hope of retaining a flight credit to use toward the new ticket. Good luck.
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    La-Z-Boy Genuine Leather Fading

    Are those 18' windows tinted? There are some large uncovered windows in my 2-story living room and having those windows tinted helped significantly with the leather furniture fading. While it doesn't prevent it entirely it does slow it down quite a bit. This could be something to consider for...
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    "Did my car dealer lie to me?" Seems so...

    You are right about that. We paid cash for the last car we bought and my husband did all negotiating via email. When we went to get the car they couldn't get us out of there fast enough.
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    "Did my car dealer lie to me?" Seems so...

    That's exactly what my husband did for my car and for the car we bought for his mother. I ordered my car to get exactly what I wanted and I am happy to let him do all the negotiating. It was actually not a bad experience as everything was straightforward at the dealership.
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    "Did my car dealer lie to me?" Seems so...

    When I read the subject line of this thread that said "Did my car dealer lie to me?" the first thought in my mind was "Were they breathing and were their lips moving? Yes, they were lying." I hadn't even read the story yet. Stories like this are why I hate the entire car buying process. The...
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    American Airlines First/Business class experience

    I agree with Chris. The FAs are normally good about ensuring that the First/Business overheads are only for those customers. As for AA lounge access it's included if you have purchased a First or Business class ticket on a long haul flight. It's not included on domestic flights or shorter...
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    Shopping for wedding dresses

    First of all, congratulations. I wouldn't bank on the dress you order online being the same as the one you saw in the store. As Christina said many of these sites sell knockoffs that are cheaply made (hence, the cheaper price) but falsely advertised as the real thing. Any chance you could...
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    Target gift card fraud occurred days before I scratched off the numbers but Target only suggests police report no credit back

    I know the police said there's really nothing they can and unfortunately that's true. However, filing the report is important to pleading your case with Target. Since filing a false police report is a criminal offense it lends much more legitimacy to your claim.
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    I agree. I have made a concerted effort to appreciate good service and I have used the contacts on here to do so. I know my staff and I appreciate such acknowledgement as it's a nice change of pace from the crazy complainers.
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    Emirates Airlines Failures and Request for Compensation

    #3 is an avenue worth pursuing. I would revisit the trip insurance policy to make sure none of this is covered. Also, if a credit card was used to buy any parts of the trip there might be some insurance associated with that as well.
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    Dental insurance overpayment

    That's a good point. It's possible this oral surgeon was out of network for Marsha's insurance, in which case the fee would be higher. If she did somehow get that $1,341 for herself the insurance company would expect it back from her and rightfully so. Otherwise that would be insurance fraud.