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  1. jsn55

    Ascend Hotel Collection (Choice Hotels Inc.) raised rate by $500/night after it was booked and confirmation received! HELP

    Since time is of the essence, in your case I would call or do an online chat. Did you book directly at the hotel or through the Choice website? Call that entity, be very polite and question why your rate has suddenly changed. Request that they honor the rate you booked. They'll probably not...
  2. jsn55

    Missing middle name on plane ticket. Booked in Cheapoair!!!

    You are right to be concerned. Domestically in the US, a middle name is not an issue, at least in our experience. When it comes to international travel, it may be required. There is really no way to absolutely know ahead of time. Are you flying on Air Canada or China Air or a combination...
  3. jsn55

    Can any body help me _ against over charging by a HongKong Hotel booked on BOOKING.COM

    OK, now I understand. Thank you for laying out the information for us. You booked 2 double rooms at Reliance through an online agency in error. You tried to cancel immediately but you had booked the cheapest rooms, which was a non-refundable rate and cannot be cancelled. Then you booked one...
  4. jsn55

    On Line Change of Address Scams

    Everyone should be advised to triple-check the website name to be sure you're on the official one. If you do a search, don't click on a link, but write down the official website and enter it manually. The bad guys are always thinking, and seem to be always one step ahead.
  5. jsn55

    World Discovered Pacific

    I am so sorry to read your story. I too live with a man who sometimes goes off the deep end and would rather fight than think. So far the amounts of money involved have not been large. My colleagues are right, if you cancel his credit card before the charge goes through, they can come after...
  6. jsn55

    Renting an RV in Alaska after a cruise

    I agree with AMA ... there are many resources for you to investigate what sounds like a great idea. I always start at the library with printed guide books, then venture out to the internet with searches, plus reading my favorite websites. Have a look at Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor and other...
  7. jsn55

    help me , my facebook account disabled

    If you have a name that's fairly common, you can caught up in a net as FB struggles to retain its credibility and make a plan for the future. It's a free social media site, there is little incentive for FB to be worried about individual members. FB probably has very few resources to...
  8. jsn55

    Royal Caribbean Changes Itinerary AFTER Final Payment Date

    A little reality check here. The cruise line doesn't "owe" its guests anything for changing a port. Grand Cayman is a marvelous place. Cruisers are on a ship to relax, enjoy, sightsee, dine, be entertained ... among other things. A cruise ship should not be thought of as "transportation"...
  9. jsn55

    Curious Letter from Sedgwick/Avis

    Oh, Scott, this situation is almost funny. We've known for quite some time that the rental car agencies are clueless, and this proves it in spades. Just write them a polite note to tell them that you didn't damage the car. Request that they check their records so they can contact the person...
  10. jsn55

    Diners Club

    This Marriott merger mess seems to go on and on and on. I'm not a Marriott person, but the chain has a good rep, as does Starwood. Eventually they should clean up all the little issues and make everybody happy again. When is the question, however. I would continue to request your points, be...
  11. jsn55

    Baggage fees rip-off by Etihad Airways and/or American Airlines

    It's really important to get answers to questions like this before you arrive at the airport. Calling the airline is about the worst way to find out the facts. Especially with a code-share or partnership situation. You need to research the airlines' websites, obtain the relevant information in...
  12. jsn55

    What assistance can I expect as a mother of a toddler and an infant in a bad situation?

    Your story almost makes me cry. I cannot imagine how you managed to maintain your sanity during this ordeal. Many people write to us using the words "disaster, horrible, ordeal, fiasco" ... and usually their story is something that is not at all out of the ordinary. Your story is just awful...
  13. jsn55

    Rome Transportation

    Driving in Rome - what a concept to make your hair instantly fall out. My colleagues have made that quite clear I think! I remember it extremely clearly from 20 years ago, and I doubt if things have improved. I often stood on the balcony of our hotel on via del Corso watching a 5-street...
  14. jsn55

    Ticketmaster Issue

    What an odd situation. Normally, everybody insists on doing it all on the computer, these guys refuse? Suppose it's some rule of the event itself. I would definitely visit your USPS branch and report this issue. Have the dates your tix were supposedly mailed. You just never know.
  15. jsn55


    THIS is the way to stay on top of a situation, Bjstandley. Well done. Now, as they say, book on a "real airline".
  16. jsn55

    Hilton Grand Vacations Club

    I'm sorry your visit to Manhattan didn't happen. The $80 res fee you paid was for the res your husband made. Had he made subsequent reservations for the 17th & 18th, no doubt there would have been another $80 res fee. So they'll not just refund it. It will take a little extra on your part...
  17. jsn55

    Broken tail light noted after arriving at hotel - next steps?

    I can't speak to any of the warning lights on your dash. But if you didn't inspect the thing before departing, you really have no proof that the tailight was broken when you picked it up. So you may not be able to evade responsiblity for that damage. Since you have insurance, I'd wait until...
  18. jsn55

    Computer - Lost Lenovo Computer Sent for Repair

    I look forward to reading your story once it's in a form that we can comprehend. This sounds like it might be an interesting case.
  19. jsn55

    Norwegian Air Lost Luggage

    There's been no response because nobody knows where your bag is. Please follow Neil's instructions, you need an executive to step in and get them to look for your bag. It's a low-cost airline and one of the ways they keep it low cost is offering very little customer service.
  20. jsn55

    Problem with Key Bank

    I understand your situation perfectly. The deposit was non-ref but the bank declined the loan for a bogus reason. Theoretically, they are at fault and should refund it. But they won't. They'd have to admit that one of their people made such a stupid mistake and lost them a customer. They'll...