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  1. Nancy

    Reschedule a flight

    Why not have her fly the first leg (SNA -PHL), then call and cancel the return leg? Keeps the whole process clean and she’s not a no-show! There is probably virtually no residual value of that leg because of a change fee...and you will have no worries.
  2. Nancy

    Southwest Airlines

    When SWA extends the expired ticket date, the charge is $100 per ticket. So I’m guessing the $200 represents the two tickets she’s referencing.
  3. Nancy

    Travel Agent "recommendations" for weird Travel Request

    I use a TA and he is excellent...but he does charge a fee when he books international air for me (I do my own domestic) but as was said before, I want someone to be watching the changes (which are inevitable these days) in the air portion and be ready if I get a cancellation, to rebook me. It...
  4. Nancy


    They truly do...I use it regularly while I double check my plans. It's one of the 4-5 options at the point of sale.
  5. Nancy

    Doctor refuses to give my my refund

    Very unprofessional on the part of the office staff. I'm not sure what your state says about the length of time to reimburse the patient...but if the plan was to wait until resubmission/refiling of the doctor's bill, what a poor way to communicate it to you. Besides, there are codes that state...
  6. Nancy


    American Airlines still has 24 hour hold...just used it last night.
  7. Nancy

    Easton Baseball Glove

    I googled Easton baseball gloves and easily found contact info. Try this...
  8. Nancy

    Price drop on airfare

    Think about this...would you be in favor of Spirit (or any other airline) coming back and telling you “the price is now double what you paid”...please pay us the difference? Like Neil and move on. I’m relieved to know as a rule, my fare is good and only hope my flights are on time...
  9. Nancy

    Tokyo Traveler

    In the future, choose a TA who will do the research for you on flights too. Booking a trip without being willing to book the flights for you is not in your best interest. The flights are the part of international travel that gets the novice traveler in trouble! There are experienced travel...
  10. Nancy

    PC Richard & Son sent different product

    I don’t think the Surface Tablet is Apple...isn’t it Microsoft? Not sure how consistent pricing is with this product.
  11. Nancy

    Help for a first-time airline traveler

    FYI...there are TWO Hyatt hotels connected to is in Terminal D, the DFW Grand Hyatt; the second is in Terminal C, the DFW Hyatt Regency. Make sure she goes to the correct Hyatt. Depending on which terminal she arrives in, its possible she will need to take the Skylink to the correct...
  12. Nancy

    Stolen Laptop

    AA does not use the two part gate check tag any longer. If I gatecheck now, I take a quick picture of my bag with its red tag on it! At least on the flights I’ve been on in the last 18 months, that’s the new system. Not sure why...I often just leave the same tag on.
  13. Nancy

    Southwest Airlines new boarding policies

    Children under 6 with their families board between Group A and B...only 60 people have boarded before them (plus the ones who need to board early, wheelchairs etc). So sitting with a 4 yo without the Mama isn’t going to happen.
  14. Nancy

    Southwest Airlines new boarding policies

    This is not a new policy, Bill. Those categories have been in place for a number of years. I have “status” (A List Preferred) and my spouse does not, in fact he generally is flying free as my Companion. I have no difficulty saving one seat...he’s usually at least 30 positions behind me and...
  15. Nancy

    TSA PreCheck does not always work? Why?

    I fly SWA and AA almost exclusively. Never an issue on AA , recently it is happening on SWA. My profile includes my Trusted Traveler, GE numbers...still occurs at times! SWA says it’s a random thing...annoying indeed. And I always book through my account! Go figure!
  16. Nancy

    VAT Refund

    I just read an online article "Guide to VAT refund for visitors to the EU"....deep down in the article, I found this section. Maybe it will help you: What if I did not get a stamp? In principle, the stamped VAT refund document is obligatory for VAT refund. Contact the entity in which you...
  17. Nancy

    AA 777-200 Business Class seats least favorite Business class configuration on AA. That being said, if you want to visit, choose rear facing seats! We’ve been on these planes’s weird on take off and landing but once in the air, the rear facing isn’t an issue. You are looking at the people across the aisle...
  18. Nancy

    Southwest Tight Connection

    Actually, there are 3 more flights to HOU out of SNA (I'm looking at Saturdays in October, not knowing when you're flying) should you misconnect. There's another flight at 10:30 from SJC through PHX that allows nearly an hour to connect and arrives at same time in Houston. Techno's idea to call...
  19. Nancy

    AA Changed our flights to an inferior carrier and refuses to acknowledge they should compensate

    Were you flying from LHR through LAX to AKL? AA usually has just one direct flight LAX to AKL ...did the schedule from LHR change that made it impossible to connect on that flight? Often it is Qantas to Australia and NZ from the states if flying One would help to know what the change...
  20. Nancy

    AMEX authorizing $9000 charge over credit limit

    Be sure and read the AMEX Car Rental & Loss Insurance rules/benefits...they have very definite rules/requirements. We also participate in this coverage for car rentals...I hope he/you met the requirements, including police report etc. We've had no experience in filing rental car...