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  1. jsn55

    Amtrak rip off

    Dan, the time to do all this careful research is BEFORE you book the trip. The train was late and an excursion wasn't booked properly, but everything seems to have gone fine. Second-guessing yourself on the value of this vacation is an exercise in frustration. If you booked this through a...
  2. jsn55

    Lincoln Runaway Heater

    John, Lincolns are known for electrical issues. Complex, weird electrical issues. My brother has had many of them while driving limo, they're not reliable when it comes to electronics, and of course the whole vehicle is electronic. I drove a 2000 Navigator for 13 years, and the tricks he...
  3. jsn55

    Hawaiian Airlines cancelled 4 hours before departure, and Costco Travel couldn’t find another flight! Help!

    I appreciate your confirming what I've thought ever since that RCCL/Costco disaster. Great place for bargains, no better than an online service for helping travellers. The internet is a game-changer in so many ways!
  4. jsn55

    I did not receive my Hotel booking confirmation email

    Hey, Martin, we need an easy one now and then! It's taken me years to open my spam folder every morning. Glad we helped.
  5. jsn55

    Hawaiian Airlines cancelled 4 hours before departure, and Costco Travel couldn’t find another flight! Help!

    Always better to book direct; when there are problems you can get them solved more quickly. A real travel agent with 24-hour access is always a good idea for complex travel.
  6. jsn55

    Direct Marketing Assn now charges to opt-out of junk mailings

    I'm not familiar with this, John. This is a company who sends us all that awful mail, real mail? What do they do and how would you pay the fee if you were so inclined? I've been so tempted to put a bin down by my mailbox and just toss the stuff in there before taking my mail up to the house...
  7. jsn55

    Wells Fargo Trust and Brokerage breaks the Firewall and shares information

    I have nothing to add but sympathy and support for you to not lose heart and see this through. My colleagues have given you great advice. I hope you will come back and let us know the outcome.
  8. jsn55

    Dublin Fiasco

    Take heart, travellers! Rental car agencies all over the world are pulling this stupid foolishness. It's pathetic and disgusting. There must be a good number of customers who fall for this insanity, but you two have come to the right place. Follow Neil's guidance carefully ... our method...
  9. jsn55

    HOTWIREakaEXPEDIA SCAMMERS theve GOT to be put out of business!

    I'm so sorry to read this, Katherine. You booked the correct dates but the website reverted to the default that you saw when you signed on? I haven't used Hotwire in years, but I don't think they're doing this purposely. I have caught a couple websites doing this if I get interrupted or...
  10. jsn55

    2000 Grand Prix GTP Paint Problems

    Not much you can do but repaint, Marcus. I drove a 1972 Coupe d'Ville for 18 years. In her last 6 or 8 years she showed terrible blotches on the hood. GM was aware of the defective paint, according to my mechanic, but it was my responsibility. I forked over a hundred dollars every couple of...
  11. jsn55

    Greyhound Bus Refund

    It's wonderful for you to help your friend, Barb. We have found that admitting your errors is very effective when asking a company for compensation. Complaint departments read letters all day trying to put the company in the wrong, when it's obvious that the customer made the mistake. Those...
  12. jsn55

    Flight cancellation

    This is where we get to deliver the bad news, I'm sorry to say. Your tix with an airline is for transporting you from one point to another. There are no rules or regulations that state when they need to do this. Airline delays and cancellations are happening every minute around the globe. If...
  13. jsn55

    Wells Fargo Trust and Brokerage breaks the Firewall and shares information

    You need to contact FINRA, that's the new name for the NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers. If this is not a securities issue, then you can go after Wells with your state's banking overseer. Your uncle needs to be doing this unless he cannot and you still have the DPA...
  14. jsn55

    Hawaiian Airlines cancelled 4 hours before departure, and Costco Travel couldn’t find another flight! Help!

    Everybody loves doing business with Costco, Mike, but I'll bet some of their services are contracted out. Shopping for goods with them is great, but I'm not so sure about the other services. We had a post here a couple of years ago with a Royal Caribbean cruise booked through Costco ... it was...
  15. jsn55

    Trip Insurance with Allianz

    I understand that you'd not want to do this particular trip without your friends, what an awful diagnosis this is, I'm so sorry. If the insurance is not forthcoming, I think your best bet is to work with your booking service and see if you can move the funds over to book a trip that you will...
  16. jsn55

    Hawaiian Airlines cancelled 4 hours before departure, and Costco Travel couldn’t find another flight! Help!

    Oh Courtney, this is indeed a disaster. We get posts often with all kinds of awful words in the title ... which turn out to be just inconvenience. What you went through is definitely a disaster. Travellers today (even people who fly often) are not aware of all philosophical changes at the...
  17. jsn55

    IHG Missing points

    We can probably give you some good advice, David. Please start a new thread. I'm fairly familiar with IHG Rewards.
  18. jsn55

    Partly blocked credit card

    A MONTH? I hope that travellers do their research before they leave home so they put the rental car on a card that can handle a fairly large hold. Thanks so much for letting us know, you may save others from this disturbing problem.
  19. jsn55

    Reimbursement for temporarily lost luggage

    Laurie, I can absolutely empathize with you and this baggage ordeal. Even tho this kind of thing happens hundreds of times a day around the world, it's still a disaster for the passenger. I am always so relieved to see my bag come hurtling down the chute at baggage claim with my precious...
  20. jsn55

    Please help.

    Ali, this is awful, I'm so sorry your grandfather's nice gesture is causing so many problems. I've never used a gift card, but read all the scary posts on this forum, so I'm aware of the Amazon issues regarding them. If you get to the letter-writing step, "throw yourself on their mercy" and...