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  1. mmb

    Frontier Airlines Flight Cancelled and No Reimbursement After Over 3 Weeks
  2. mmb

    Early Baggage Arrival

    I realize that BUT there was no paper in it that said they had opened the luggage. My point is, after using a TSA approved lock for a REASON, a lazy employee just blew it off and left the case vulnerable.
  3. mmb

    Early Baggage Arrival

    Last time I used a TSA approved lock it was not on the case when it arrive at destination. :(
  4. mmb

    Bank rep said my loan was current

    I used NFCU and liked their rates for car loans BUT when we had fraud on our account it was ALL on NFCU and looked to be an inside job. I don’t have any proof but I do have lots of clues and they add up to info leaks from NFCU. I won’t go into detail, but I have received phone calls from...
  5. mmb

    Is The U.S. gov’t trying to scam travelers into paying for Clear?

    For me it’s not the amount of minutes saved with Clear. After applying for Global Entry and paying the fee and then traveling for the interview, it is galling that someone who has paid another $179 gets a pass on that first angonizing scrutiny of ID and boarding pass. There is a huge...
  6. mmb

    Is The U.S. gov’t trying to scam travelers into paying for Clear?

    Ok, but is it too much to ask that Global Entry and Pre-Chcek add biometric screening to their programs? Clear is clearly too much money for me to spend every year but it does irritate to see Clear passengers sail on past us Pre-Check passengers in line
  7. mmb

    The Closet Factory Guarantee

    Why do they need to find you? You found the documents. Hopefully you can find the payment proof, as suggested by JVillegeGirl.
  8. mmb

    La Quinta Inn & Suites - Employee Theft from room

    I would say that if it turns out that the thief was an employee of the hotel and they did not do a background check on thief before hiring and it could have shown bad behavior then they would be liable for your losses. A good attorney /as in Personal Injury Atty/ could help you with this. Here...
  9. mmb

    Hypothetical Question Regarding Flight Cancellation

    Wow. I would just start by calling CS and talking it out. They may accommodate you or they may just say no. Either way, you at least have a starting point. Then you can start a discussion with the AA execs. Next month is pretty vague though. How much time do you have to fix this issue? The...
  10. mmb

    Bait and switch?

    In this case, the exact flights were still available. No changes made. He got them returned to him exactly as he has purchased them, after they had been changed to a different airline even. Why did they change his flights?
  11. mmb

    Bait and switch?

    So, the question is - why did the co outer rebook them? If he bought specific tickets on a specific airline, even including the seat selection, who thinks someone is just going to change them and how does that happen?
  12. mmb

    Bait and switch?

    Except that the OP said the flights were less desireable to him.
  13. mmb

    Bait and switch?

    Well , you see, by selling you the package,with desireable flights, and then moving you out,they can resell the package with the desireable flights all over again. Bad business model if that is what they are doing.
  14. mmb

    Wow Air: Best strategy for 20 passengers delayed 30 hrs for EC 261 compensation

    Using a major airline does not always get you there on time. The one time I used United, it took me MORE than 24 hours to get from Ft Myers FL to Akron OH! I usually use Southwest or Frontier but they do not go to CAK. I have never had such a horrendous trip as the one on United. Of the four...
  15. mmb

    Priceline nonrefundable, noncancelable reservations

    Oh, you would probably be quite surprised at the havoc wrecked on iPads and iPhones by my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter. The little fingers are quite nimble and they have no fear. You have to watch them watch the shows if you hand over your device.
  16. mmb

    Assistance required - Etihad customer experience onboard

    Dear Sean - most of us here do not consider your experiences to rise to the claim of ‘nightmare.’ A broken tray table does not ‘ruin’ the trip, nor does it break the contract. The airline got you to your destination,which was, of course, the objective. Delayed baggage is a headache and it’s...
  17. mmb

    Costco Citi Visa Card sigificantly reduces travel insurance protections

    It may end up that an annual policy is the best price and the best coverage as well as a time saver for a lot of travelers. I only make 4-6 trips per year so not sure what I will do. Right now I spend much time checking to see which card I should use to pay for what expense. Exhausting and...
  18. mmb

    Checking a stroller at the gate

    I just hope your experience with United is better than ours. Out of 4 legs, one flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the next morning, forcing an overnight stay in Chicago. The other three legs were delayed, one of them causing us to miss our last leg home, which was then rescheduled and...
  19. mmb

    No Assistance Given

    We needed to get from FL to OH last minute last weekend and chose United flights from RSW>ORD>CAK round trip. United left us stranded in Chicago overnight on the outbound trip by cancelling our flight to CAK 6 hours before departure. All of the other three flight were ‘delayed’ significantly...
  20. mmb

    global entry renewal

    If I remember correctly, the website moved, or something like that, and you have to go through a long rigamorole to ‘re-register’ before you can renew. Instructions are there but a huge pain in the rear. I can not replicate it now as I went through the process a few months ago, so am...