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    Not at fault victim of total loss

    Not always. And yes, an attorney is in order.
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    Not at fault victim of total loss

    Insurance companies do not pay for "pain and suffering"
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    Not at fault victim of total loss

    Most definitely.
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    Direct flight Increase

    Aren't all third-party booking sited rather useless if there is a problem?
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    Another cautionary tale about trip insurance

    Contact any of the Travel insurance companies on, or in Chris' daily email.
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    Another Hotel/Expedia trauma

    I find that booking directly through the hotel is the easiest and they will usually match the price of the OTA. That way if there is a problem, the hotel and the OTA don't shift the blame from one to the other. Just saying! Each to their own.
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    We feel weve been treated inhumanely

    Politeness, Persistence, and Perseverance.
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    We feel weve been treated inhumanely

    Travel insurance is a cost of travel. Perhaps your Credit Card has some travel protection.
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    AA Class Action Baggage Fee Settlement

    We fly American, also. We were living in Tucson and AA was the only airline that flew nonstop to Chicago where our family lived. I have accumulated enough miles for an international flight. Do I like them? NO, but they fly nonstop to most of the places we travel. If I encounter a rude...
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    Another Hotel/Expedia trauma

    I would NEV:ER book through an OTA. We once made a reservation at the Westin Downtown Phoenix. A week later, I called wanting to upgrade the room, which was easily accommodated. However, I was told that if I had booked it through an OTA they would not have been able to change it. I will check...
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    What NOT to do if you're running late for your flight

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.
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    GoldCar Security Deposits Using Exorbitant Exchange Rates, Then Refunding at Bank Rate

    Always get the best exchange rate at an ATM for cash, and always use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, and charge in “the coin of the realm”, wherever you are.
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    Help me find the right travel insurance

    For traveling to Europe, we have always used Travelex Travel Select. I fell in Japan and fractured my femur. Not only did they cover a week in the hospital and surgery, they flew me home Business Class (we had flown Coach) along with a nurse. They are a Primary Insurer so that you don't need...
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    Death in the Family-Change Names

    I know that sometimes one can save money by using third-party booking sites, but more times than not it causes more trouble than it is worth, especially when a situation arises, such as yours.
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    Expedia confirmed the cancellation of my hotels and one day later I heard my hotel cancellation was denied.

    Don't send an email. It is easy for them to say they did not receive it. Write a letter and sent it via snail mail. Take it to the post office and sent it "return receipt requested". That way, they cannot say they did not receive it, as it has to be signed upon receipt.
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    Most reputable travel insurance company?

    Neil, Thanks for the information. Shirley
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    Most reputable travel insurance company?

    Neil,, We have been traveling overseas since 2004. I have checked Allianz, TravelGuard, and Travelex. I might be mistaken, but to the best of my memory: Allianz requires you to pay a claim upfront and then reimburses you. TravelGuard requires you to insure your trip from the day you leave...
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    American Airline

    Deborah, AA is known for things like that. I had a situation with AA a few years ago regarding an overcharge on checked baggage. At ORD, the AA supervisor gave me the card of Greg Clark, Managing Director of Customer Relations. There was an email and a fax number, but no phone number. They...
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    Maximum luggage size

    Backpacks should also be able to fit in the form for carryons'
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    American Airlines Customer Relations need help

    The solution to this entire problem is upon arriving at the gate to politely ask the gate attendant if you can preboard. I always do this and have never been refused. I, also, put meds, jewelry, and whatever else I do not want to chance losing in my carryon. It is not worth the risk of having to...