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  1. weihlac

    Thrifty charging me for car while not in my possession due to their faulty maintenance

    Your post is not clear about why you were returning the car "as agreed". Did you know there was a tire defect and Thrifty agreed you should return it? If this was the case, why were you driving on "on the interstate at highway speeds". If you were aware that the tire was defective it should...
  2. weihlac

    Refusal to be allow to board Interjet Flight 880

    They didn't: "several of the passengers on our flight in fact checked in after the 3 hour cutoff time "
  3. weihlac

    Amazon account closed and outstanding orders cancelled

    Your use of gift cards tripped the Amazon computer algorithms for money laundering. You probably will not get Amazon to fix this. You can use the Amazon contacts to have them look at this further:
  4. weihlac

    Vail Insurance

    Travel insurance generally covers you only during the time of your scheduled travel. Once your travel ends you rely upon your regular health insurance.
  5. weihlac

    plane ticket for exchange student

    To echo Neil's excellent advice--BOOK DIRECTLY with the airline or use a travel agent. You can search on Expedia, Orbitz, Google flights, but book directly with the airline. Booking three of you to Stockholm and back from Copenhagen is very simple to do on the airline websites. Then book your...
  6. weihlac

    BMW Product Decline and Lack of Interest by the corporate folks

    Unless there is a specific clause in the written lease agreement, there is no reason to take a leased car to the dealer for service (other than warranty service). Many people who lease their cars do not return to the dealer for routine, non-warranty service because the leasing dealer may be...
  7. weihlac

    BMW Product Decline and Lack of Interest by the corporate folks

    The BMW X1 has tire pressure sensors. If the tires were under inflated the sensor would so indicate. The sensors are quite sensitive to small drops in pressure. I had an alert on my X1 when the car sat outside in -10 deg weather due to the pressure drop from the cold. The sensor alerts would be...
  8. weihlac

    BMW Product Decline and Lack of Interest by the corporate folks

    You also should take your car to an independent mechanic who specializes in BMWs for brake work; you will get the same quality work and parts (maybe better) for much less cost. Tires should be obtained at an independent tire dealer or online for much less than the dealer prices. Auto dealers...
  9. weihlac

    BMW Product Decline and Lack of Interest by the corporate folks

    The tires are not BMW parts. You can find out the mileage rating on every tire by looking at the codes on the tire or looking them up online. What make and model tires does the car have? Try research: for new tires. If the front tires are worn they should have been rotated at least...
  10. weihlac

    universal adaptor recommendations

    Try Conair. Just bought one at CVS for ~$20-dual voltage
  11. weihlac

    Needing Vehicle Registration from Wells Fargo

    The real lesson is to never deal with Wells Fargo, the chief criminal among banks. Refinance with another lender and pay off WF.
  12. weihlac

    universal adaptor recommendations

    I have used this type adaptor with several Dell laptops which have 3 prong plugs without an issue.
  13. weihlac

    universal adaptor recommendations

    I have used this extensively in NZ and Europe with a laptop computer without problems.
  14. weihlac

    EU Sixt car rental damage and fines

    As Neil said, the speeding tickets do not expire and accrue penalties and interest if not paid in a timely fashion. Those parameters are probably spelled out in the German language on the tickets. Plus, if you did manage to get into an EU country in the future and were stopped by a policeman for...
  15. weihlac

    EU Sixt car rental damage and fines

    If you do not pay the tickets, you may be refused entry into ALL EU countries, not just Germany. You were identified through your rental which means they have all your ID information. So if you plan to visit Europe in the future you need to find a German-speaking friend to help you out. You may...