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  1. weihlac

    Dell refuses to repair damage done in their repair depot

    I fully sympathize with your aggravation. At this point, you need to decide whether pursuing this is worth further aggravation, or simply buy a 16GB DIMM, put it in slot A and use the computer. Yes, the resale will be lower, but if you have 16GB of functioning memory you will have a fully...
  2. weihlac


    Let this serve as a lesson to all. NEVER book an international flight for anyone (including your own family members) without a copy of that person's passport in front of you. Even if the other ticket had a correctly spelled name (eg, Ginny by which you have known the person for 50 years), if her...
  3. weihlac

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    Last fall my Comcast internet speed dropped to 100th of the advertised speed. I contacted Comcast and they sent a tech on Sunday (I did not ask for weekend service but they sent a tech). The tech was a junior tech (Weekend duty) and he replaced my modem/router (the old modem was 5 yrs old and...
  4. weihlac

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    Do you need faster speeds than you are getting? If not, why bother. If you contact for a slower speed (nominal) it will probably still be slower than the specs. The advertised speed is the best case scenario. Real world speeds are usually slower but still adequate for your needs.
  5. weihlac

    Dell refuses to repair damage done in their repair depot

    Can you put a 16 GB DIMM in slot a? Have you had the after market DIMM tested?
  6. weihlac

    Unsatisfactory Carnival Cruise

    "Hawaii is 6 hours ahead of PST" Hawaii is 6 hours ahead (or behind, depending on your perspective) of EST. Hawaii is two hours different from PST, and 3 hours for PDT.
  7. weihlac

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    How are you testing the speed? Via wi-fi or by cable connection to your modem?
  8. weihlac

    Toyota Corporate

    How did you do this? By phone or email?
  9. weihlac

    Toyota Corporate

    You do not need to redo the entire seat if only one panel needs repair. Toyota is telling you this; you need a good independent shop to look at it.
  10. weihlac

    Toyota Corporate

    You can use these contacts at Toyota: Email one per week starting at the first cust serv person, escalating if no/negative response. Do not attach pictures or docs unless asked to do so. You may wish to have an independent upholstery shop look...
  11. weihlac

    Lufthansa Cancellation

    Did you do the original booking on a smartphone or on a computer? On a smartphone, there are many things you cannot see on the booking screens as the pages are optimized for a small screen. Much of the above posts show screens that you might easily miss on a phone.
  12. weihlac


    In exchange for an inexpensive non-refundable ticket, you received a much lower fare. Unless you purchased insurance, or have insurance through your credit card, at MOST you will get a credit less a cancelation fee, to be appled to future travel. Insurance is designed specifically for events...
  13. weihlac

    Air/Sea issue Stop CALLING. Use the contacts above and email only!!
  14. weihlac

    Help with Ford Hybrid Repair

    What did the independent mechanic quote for the repair? You may find out after months of aggravation that Ford "might" (and might not) cover a portion of the repair cost at the dealer and still end up costing you more than the charge from the independent mechanic. Also, do you wish to be without...
  15. weihlac


    Email Toyota cust serv: Otherwise, we have no further suggestions. You posted this yesterday and no further help is available.