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    Insurance Coverage for Canadian on Alaska cruise

    I am shopping for medical and travel insurance for a Alaskan cruise my friend and I just booked. As a resident of British Columbia, BC, I will departing and returning to Vancouver, BC. There seems to be some confusion around my medical coverage. As this trip goes through the Inside Passage...
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    Inadequate response to request for lost item

    Finders keepers? A perk of working on the cleaning crew? I agree with Barry.
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    Inadequate response to request for lost item

    I once did this unintentionally with my wallet on a shoulder strap, which had my passport and all credit/id cards, and discovered it was missing minutes later when I exited the airport. Went back into baggage claim who phoned the gate. They said they'd look but did not ask me my seat number...
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    AirMalta won't reimburse me

    Did the LW check his email spam folders?
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    Starbucks failed me...

    IF the OP did not go back or call, he is wasting your time....
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    Royal Caribbean Changes Itinerary AFTER Final Payment Date

    I think that only applies to passengers coming to Cuba via the US.
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    Did you actually check out those links to get the information re DUAL citizenship? I just did, and on both sites, this information is not apparent UNLESS ONE QUERIES "dual citizenship". As helpful as Dwayne's information is, this is not found under "international travel". Check it out...
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    Mel B. when traveling from Canada to places other than US (such as Cuba) I only take my Canadian passport. Once when I flew to the US, I lost my purse with my Canadian passport, all credit cards, license, etc. I was fortunate in that case to have packed away my US passport and a photo as I...
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    Oops i meant "conscientious travel consumer" - darn jet lag!
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    Thanks for this, Dwayne! I thought I was being a conscious consumer. First time I've been detained since obtaining an using my CA passport approx 8 years ago, and I have traveled regularly via air since then. I am hopeful that Royal Caribbean will update their web site to include this...
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    I am a dual US/Canadian citizen residing in Canada. For a cruise that began nine days ago at the Fort Lauderdale port, I was denied entry with my Canadian passport, even though I had previously read the requirements on their web site. I was told because I was born in the US, my Canadian...
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    Lost Valet Bag on Day 5

    I am confused as to why no one has yet posted about the typical process I go through when flying from my small regional airport to a major international airport and onto another country. And I am in Canada. I usually fly with a carry-on that doesn't require a check-in and that fits in most...
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    Shore trips

    This novice cruiser is back to ask more questions. I would like to hear the pros and cons of signing up for shore trips via the cruise ship itself, or through independent tour operators. I am thinking that a private tour might be more intimate (not feeling like being herded around) and...
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    Novice Cruiser seeks advice pro-actively

    Thanks Neil and Christine, you are so helpful! It is my sister who plans to move to Florida from Pennsylvania this fall (prior to cruise trip). I have both US and Canadian citizenship and passports, and live in beautiful BC and no plans to move back to the US!! To update: my sister is working...
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    Novice Cruiser seeks advice pro-actively

    Are you saying Neil I can do what you do with your wife (trip interruption/cancellation insurance) even though my sister and I live in separate countries, and her expenses (cruise) differ from mine (airfare to/from Florida from Canada)? If receipt for cruise reservations are in her name, i.e...