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    Bait-and-Switch ordering online from Rainbow Prime

    Just be sure to check the return policies on Amazon as well - sometimes independent sellers have wacky policies or require you to pay to return, etc. Good luck.
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    Never Ending Circle Of Disappointment! Amazon Account

    I wonder if you even chatted with real Amazon customer service. They asked you to fax them? That just seems strange.
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    Amazon Jacket never delivered

    Amazon is usually pretty great with their customer service. She can probably click on that order and there's an option to return the order, click on that, it might say she can/she can't return, if not there is usually an option to online chat with a rep. I highly recommend that if possible -...
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    Ticketmaster Issue

    The first time I bought tickets thru Ticketmaster I didn't get mine either, and it was because the credit card billing address wasn't the same as the mailing address. When is the event? Can they do will call for you or email them?
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    LA Times subscription issues continue??

    There's also often a disconnect between the customer service folks at the paper and the company contracted to do the deliveries. I've had issues with delivery of the Wall Street Journal and while the customer service reps are great, sometimes you have to do some detective work to find the...
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    Sony Taking 6 Weeks To Repair My Camera, Won't Provide An Update

    Good luck and I hope you get your camera back soon. Just for perspective, we sent a camera in to get repaired (not to Precision but to an approved repair center recommended by the camera company) and it took at least 6 weeks for them to even look at it. Add more time for them to do their check...
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    Problem of lack of overhead space is too often created by the gate agents

    The fix is really to go back to free checked luggage. Southwest's boarding process might be a pain but at least you aren't fighting for overhead space, because people check their suitcases. Beyond that, FAs need to enforce purses/coats/shopping bags do not belong in overhead compartments. I've...
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    Zappos comes through again

    I've learned so much from, and you've helped me with stuff several times (Cuba luggage loss, travel issues, my sister's car, etc.). Just wanted to pop in to say that once again Zappos came through for me when they didn't have to, and the key, from my POV at least, was that I...
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    Oh, yeah, of course! Finding out the delivery, shipping and return policies should be done before you even think about ordering.
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    It really stinks that that is their policy. If you live somewhere where Taskrabbit, Lugg or other moving/delivery services exist, I've found them to be really reasonable for things like moving/delivering/carrying furniture. Good luck!
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    How to get American Airlines to forfeit cancellation charges on flights?

    Yeah, telling you from SF that you will be fine here, and can even drive up to Sonoma/Napa other points north and be fine. Same goes for LA. The roads between the two are clear and you can have some lovely coastal scenic drives. The fires are tragic and scary but you will be fine. I hope you...
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    Looking forward -- forest fire issues

    Do they have other locations they could transfer your reservations to (SF bay area, southern CA, up north)? Or give you credit towards a future stay? Also, parts of the park are closed, so you should check on that too. Good luck!
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    Carrying on about my carry-on!

    Do you know anyone in Rome that could get it for you? Not the best solution but then you could work out shipping with them?
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    Best way to brush up on my Spanish

    I recommend listening to Spanish music or watching TV shows in Spanish, to work on the listening part of your skills. The podcast Radio Ambulante is in Spanish and it is fascinating, a great way to immerse yourself. Remember that Spanish in Spain is different than Latin American Spanish in...
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    I have a bill and my old insurance has no record of me

    Could you possibly have Blue Shield of California?