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  1. Texasnole

    Southwest Airlines - Exception to 1 year rule

    Everyone--including the other airlines--could take some customer service lessons from SWAL
  2. Texasnole

    Payless/Sidgwick bill for Loss of use/Diminishment of value/Administrative fee - $1,157.09

    Here's that lawyer. It is hard to opine without seeing the entire contract, but the ideal way to resolve all the issues (believe it or not) would be for Payless to sue the renter, and then the renter third-party sues the miscreant who hit the renter. Before you say "there goes another...
  3. Texasnole

    Thrifty wants $2750 for diminished value

    I have a case right now in the local county court seeking diminished value against, of all things, a body repair shop that wrecked my client's car doing a test drive. The repairs exceed $11,000.00--all the sheet metal from the windshield forward had to be replaced and thankfully there appeared...
  4. Texasnole


    Hertz did this to me once. I returned the car and three or four weeks later I receive a bill for about $500.00. I wish I had had this advice--I just stonewalled them until they quit bugging me.
  5. Texasnole

    Physical Assault by drunk Passenger on British Airways Flight

    From the point of view of an American lawyer, I think both BA and the passenger are liable. The airlines reserve the right to refuse boarding for almost any reason, and they failed the test. The guy is liable for assault and battery--which is a tort as well as a crime. Good Luck
  6. Texasnole

    Gotcha toll fee by Budget Car

    I live in a part of Florida which has a few toll bridges but no toll roads; nevertheless I have a SunPass portable. When I fly to south Florida I take it with me and assure myself that it will be the unit charged rather than the car before I leave the rental lot. I suggest that if you travel...
  7. Texasnole

    American Air MIA-POP 1/9/2017 Passengers placed in unsafe situation

    You lost me after the third paragraph. Write like you were writing for a newspaper....who, what when, where in the first graph and expand only as necessary. I really am glad I don't have your situation.. good luck d
  8. Texasnole

    National Car rental insurance/Chase Sapphire CDW issues

    As a lawyer let me suggest that you have been jerked around long enough, not only by National, but also by the credit card issuer. The 365-day claim period is a short string, and it can run out. As Joe has pointed out, the defense of "laches" is real and is kind of like a statute of limitation...
  9. Texasnole

    Sixt charging to replace Clutch

    Sixt advertises that it has offices of all over the US and 22 here in Florida where I live. While I don't know where you are, most states have statutory provisions against shakedowns of this nature. They knew you were an American citizen and citizen of your state, so find a good lawyer in your...
  10. Texasnole

    Rental car toll fees stir backlash that threatens Florida’s image

    There really is not that much to be fixed. Just as you check to see how many dents are in the car you're about to take possession of, you can also inquire about how it is equipped for tolls. Our Florida toll-roads are often the most efficient route between any two points. And it appears that...
  11. Texasnole

    Rental car toll fees stir backlash that threatens Florida’s image

    I live in the Panhandle and often travel to Central and South Florida by Aircraft. I take my transponder along. The last car I rented in Tampa had a device to block the rental car company's ID so that I could use mine. I think I will check the car carefully in the future before I accept it to...
  12. Texasnole

    Rental car toll fees stir backlash that threatens Florida’s image

    Currently there are negotiations with the toll tags up north to make them interchangeable with the SunPass, but that has yet to occur. The stick-on with tape is the temporary answer. And it works like a charm. Because Florida cars have no front plate, the Florida system shoots from the back, so...
  13. Texasnole

    Weather apps/websites?

    Try the Florida Panhandle: Pensacola, Fort Walton, Destin, Panama City. The October-November weather is always great and it is "off-season", hence better prices. Sugar white sands and great restaurants....Good luck