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    plane ticket for exchange student

    Many years ago, the STA card was great for many discounts. I don't think we actually had to have one, just our student IDs worked most of the time. It was great for hotels, museums (if you went on a non-free day), other venues, etc. Of course, this was 16 years ago, so you may have your son...
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    Kids Klub cancelled on cruise during Christmas vacation cruise

    I think if the cruise is port heavy enough, there will not be an issue. Also, check on cruise critic and FB, see if there are any kids going around the same age, and see if they want to start a bit of a pen pal situation to get to know each other a bit better before the cruise. I know of...
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    Air Asia doesn't want a refund

    The ticket you purchased was non refundable, that is the reason why. It does not appear that Air Asia sells any refundable tickets, just tickets where you can make date/time changes. Only the premium flex and premium flatbed fares allow for a no change fee, but even those still require a fare...
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    Paying Tuition/Student Loans for Unattended Classes

    I am pretty sure you may be stuck with the loan repayment. However, you may be able to get the grades removed. You may want to start by asking the Dean of Student services. Another way would be to actually retake the classes. There is a great chance of you being told no, so admit your...
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    Waiving priceline change fee of $1200 on int'l flight due to medical reasons?

    Your guess is as good as anyone’s as to your chance for a refund of the change fee. Did you check with the credit card that you purchased this fare with if it has any travel insurance protection? If you did not purchase travel insurance, then it is up to Air France whether they will waive the...
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    Failure to reasonably return iPad

    In Russia, if you just have a limited visa or no visa, because you are transiting through, then you have to be accompanied by someone at all times. I know when I went to St. Petersburg, we did not apply for an independent visa, but one through our tour operator and she told us she had to have...
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    Help with Ford Hybrid Repair

    What proof do you or the mechanic have that the leak did not start between September after the last service and February? Not conjecture, but actual proof that the leak had been there for over 6 months? If you can prove this, then write to Ford with that proof. If you cannot, you can still...
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    Allstate settlement for damaged rental question

    Actually, if they did not present these charges to your insurance company, they should have. If they did already submit them, there may be a documentation issue as to why they were not paid. Follow the steps in the forum and ask for all of that information. If they cannot provide it, they...
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    Car Rental Damage in Italy

    She may need a police report.
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    How can I get any type of recopensation

    They probably did tell you in the fine print, or it was on the e-ticket that was sent to you. They do not have to verbally tell you. It is also something that most who travel know, so would not even think about telling you verbally about this. Now if you were speaking to a TA and making the...
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    2015 Subaru Crosstrec just cuts out on the highway.

    I do not find it odd that Subaru wants you to sign a release if you want the cash. This will prevent you from going back to them in 2 years for more money for the same issue. I would not find it odd, rather find it routine and most likely policy. I am doubtful that they will continue to cover...
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    Lack of Airbnb communication regarding a damage claim

    It may be taking longer due to the high amount. I would have expected them to be in touch with you, but they may be getting the guests side of the story. This may take a bit more time.
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    Hertz & Lyft ripped me off took everything I had...emotionally and financially .....

    What you are entitled to entirely depends on the contract you have with Lyft/Hertz. Unless you would like to post a copy of the contract, then there is not much more we can do other than advise you on the letter writing. I am also not sure that you can prove damages, as the other driver may...
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    Exxagerated Damage costs

    I was rear ended about 6 years ago and the cost to repair my vehicle was almost $6,000. So, I am not sure how exaggerated the costs are for repair. You may have also damaged the vehicle more by driving it after the accident. You do not know what happened to the wheel alignment, etc. I know...
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    Hertz & Lyft ripped me off took everything I had...emotionally and financially .....

    What does the contract say between you and hertz/lyft? I am guessing there has to be some sort of agreement before starting this job, I would go look at the contract and see what it states about who determines when a vehicle is safe.