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    Kitchen countertop chipped after installation

    Your first step is to file the warranty claim. If they deny it, you can then go to either your state regulatory agency or court. In any event, you will need to show this was a manufacturing defect and not something you did. Consumer Reports tested this material and found it more prone to...
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    Kitchen countertop chipped after installation

    That countertop isn't granite--It's a man-made surface.
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    Kitchen countertop chipped after installation

    Dekton has a 25 year warranty on that product. If it was defective,, they would be responsible. This page has info on how to file a claim:
  4. S and Orangesmile??

    Travel agents can use as a back end. But it appears keeps these reservations separately from its own (as one would expect with this kind of private-label arrangement.)
  5. S and Orangesmile??

    Orangesmile is a Dutch travel company and is not owned by It appears you made your reservation through them which is why the reservation didn't show up on the web site or app.
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    Budget Loss of Use Bill

    Frodo, you should read through your policy. It's not clear to me if your company is saying 1) you are never covered for loss of use or 2) the claim was denied in this case because Budget could not demonstrate the loss of use. I took a look at my policy and loss of use was included in the...
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    Venmo frozen account

    If you use the same avatar on Venmo, that could be the source of the issue. The Federal Reserve is cracking down on interbank transfers related to marijuana. I recently had a transfer held because it was going to a company with a similar name as a cannabis business.
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    According to the link you sent, your booking required $249.34 to be paid at the time you reserved the car. The link shows this was not paid. Was your credit card charged this amount? If not, my guess is your credit card company denied the charge. is a British company and...
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    Airfrance ...not sure what and how that could happened

    I agree with this completely. These forums don't advocate for people anyway --They show people how to advocate for themselves. So the whole third party issue really isn't relevant. Coolballoon, it does seem like you have been treated incorrectly. But I think all the confusion on this forum...
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    Delayed flight and misconnect EU to USA

    Extraordinary circumstances apply only to cash compensation. For an overnight delay, EU261 requires the airline to provide food/lodging even if the delay is weather related. If your flight is delayed at departure, you have the right to assistance, to reimbursement and a return flight...
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    Purchase a microwave, get delivered a 'new' 3 year old unit that breaks within 2 months ...

    Haier bought the whole division, not just the brand. GE Appliances is still headquartered in Louisville and still largely manufactures in the USA.
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    Purchase a microwave, get delivered a 'new' 3 year old unit that breaks within 2 months ...

    GE Appliances is not related to General Electric. They were acquired by Haier in 2016.
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    Target GC saved in Target App stolen and Target refused to reissue

    It's only happened with Target so far.
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    Target GC saved in Target App stolen and Target refused to reissue

    Since the three cards were purchased independently, the only way the thief could have stolen all of them is by accessing your account on the target app (which is also what Target's security team is implying). You need to determine how the hacker was able to get your password, since they may...
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    Amazon closed my account after sending necessary documents

    Whoa, this is not accurate. It is a gift card--Its entire purpose is to be given to someone else as a gift. There is absolutely nothing in Amazon's terms and conditions that prohibits this. Most of the issues we see are people are buying gift cards from third parties or when the pattern of...