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  1. SierraRose49

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    "weihlac ... your troubleshooting experience is almost identical to ours, except our service is with Cox. Kept having outages and much lower speeds than advertised. Tech #1 replaced our wiring at our cable connection inside the house. He then opened the cable box in our front yard and...
  2. SierraRose49

    Extended Stay America

    Would it be a good idea for msngu to contact the Maryland division of the NAACP for advice? They have branches throughout the state. They might be able to help in this situation, because it seems very clear from msngu's side of the story that his civil rights were violated.
  3. SierraRose49

    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Best news I've read today, too! Diana - this is exceptional on Viking's part and a future voucher valid for 18 months is very rare. With this kind of news, happy days are ahead. Congratulations and hope your husband heals fast!.
  4. SierraRose49

    Non-Revenue in First Class

    Flying used to be an enjoyable experience. It's not anymore. Even flying 1st class (which we've done twice; no bump up either; first class ticket prices). I get stressed the minute I walk through the entry door and definitely going through TSA security. Gate agents are curt (not happy); they...
  5. SierraRose49

    Emergency surgery caused us to have to cancel our river cruise with Viking - no help given

    Diana ... We've been in the same situation as you, although with a trip planned here in the US. We did not purchase travel insurance for our trip. Shortly before our scheduled departure, bypass surgery for my husband, plus months of rehab and recuperation. Hotels were cancellable without...
  6. SierraRose49

    Trouble with American Airlines and AAdvantage

    In October 2015 during the merger between US Air and AA, we flew to Hawaii on US Air and came back on AA. We had frequent flyer miles on both airlines. We did have a US Air credit card. On AA, we only signed up as AAdvantage members, no credit card. We received several notices from BOTH...
  7. SierraRose49

    Royal Caribbean Fiasco (AGAIN)

    Use bullet points. Keep it simple. State facts. No emotion. State your sail dates, reservation #, Crown & Anchor # (if you have one). You and your 5 friends wanted to enjoy the serenity of the "adult only" Solarium. You were unable to do so this time as a large group of approximately X...
  8. SierraRose49

    UPS contacts???

    Was your FedEx a guaranteed overnight shipment? If so, it went from Fort Wayne to Memphis and from Memphis to Tucson by air. Your UPS order appears to be a ground shipment. The roads, highways and Intersates (10 & 40) throughout Arizona were very bad yesterday. I received 17 alerts from ADOT...
  9. SierraRose49

    UPS contacts???

    Snow definitely could be an issue with this shipment being delayed. It has been snowing throughout Arizona most of yesterday and today. This was posted yesterday by KGUN 9 in Tucson: As snow storms and precipitation rolls into all parts of Arizona, winter warnings have been put into effect...
  10. SierraRose49

    Delta cancelled my flight home because I didnt use the ticket out

    I think the OP is disgruntled and angry that the Elliott advocates were unable to help him. " I own the seat so their thoughts on the matter are irrelevant. No need to respond - we won't see eye-to-eye on this. I have contacted Delta corporate, thank you." I hope does contact corporate and...
  11. SierraRose49

    Sick and can’t fly on American Airlines

    Timothy ... First and foremost, I hope your daughter is on the mend and will be able to make her trip soon. But please note that Southwest does not Southwest offer refunds no questions asked, unless you purchase a fully refundable fare. They are the only major airline that allows you to...
  12. SierraRose49

    Flight cancellation and inconsiderate staff

    American Airlines is the world's largest airline when measured by fleet size, revenue, scheduled passengers carried, scheduled passenger-kilometers flown, and the number of destinations served. In a nutshell, AA and many other major airlines are concerned about making billions of dollars...
  13. SierraRose49

    British Airways/American/ Travelocity trouble

    As a longtime former resident of "The Duke City," I flew numerous times in/out of Albuquerque International Sunport. Sorry kendrab, but getting to this airport 1-hour before for the FIRST leg (on American Airlines) of an INTERNATIONAL flight is simply not doable. In fact, it is difficult to...
  14. SierraRose49

    School charging for class I did not take

    The OP said: "I would receive some mail from work with Asbury on it but because I assumed they were advertisements I just threw them away." The mail the OP received but threw away MAY have been confirmations of her enrollment with details on how to drop classes. Since she threw them away, she...
  15. SierraRose49

    Travel in France without advanced hotel reservations

    Suggest you check Rick Steves website and his guide book on France.