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  1. SierraRose49

    Rapid Rewards from SWA

    OP said, "I appealed to the CEO of SWA by mail and received an email a couple of weeks later saying the missing rewards could not be credited even though they supposedly do not expire." Unfortunately, SW Rapid Rewards DO EXPIRE after 24 months if there is no qualifying earning activity. From...
  2. SierraRose49

    Jr missing on Delta Airline ticket to Cancun

    My last name has a hyphen. I can't think of any airline - including Delta - that puts a hyphen last name. Most usually drop the hyphen and put the two names together. Sometimes, they shorten my first name. Sometimes, they leave out my middle initial. A few times, TSA agents look at me, look...
  3. SierraRose49


    The OP's flight is a Horizon E175, the accessible seats on this plane are row 6, 11, and 18. See CTP's post #37 for further info.
  4. SierraRose49


    Patina posted the following from the Dept. of Transportation: Must an airline provide me with a seat in a different class of service to accommodate my disability? No. Although airlines may choose to seat you in another class of service to accommodate your disability, they are not required to...
  5. SierraRose49


    It appears from an OP's post that Alaska Air is using Embrarer 175's on both flights. These are smaller planes, holding about 110 people. Seating is usually 2 x 2. Somewhat different than the 737s Alaska usually flies. I say this as someone who just flew Alaska Air from SEA-TUS and bumped...
  6. SierraRose49

    Amazon closed my account after sending necessary documents

    Fatai said, "The gift card was purchased by my friend doing her master's in the state?" Does your friend live in the United States? Did she send the Amazon Gift Card to you? Did you or did your friend activate the Amazon Gift Card? Where did your friend purchase the Amazon Gift Card? This...
  7. SierraRose49

    Amazon closed my account after sending necessary documents

    It seems that almost every one of these queries for help in the Elliott forums involves a locked or closed Amazon account, a billing address mix-up, an Amazon gift card, a debit card used to make a purchase, and one or more Amazon accounts. And the people seeking help predominantly seem to...
  8. SierraRose49

    Western Med. Cruising Rookies Have Questions

    Also, make sure the expiration date on all passports is at least 6 months later than the last date of your trip, including your flights back to the US (June 12?). And be sure to read everything NCL sends you. Check their FAQ page at their website, too. Very important that everyone's name for...
  9. SierraRose49

    Western Med. Cruising Rookies Have Questions

    We always wear multi-pocketed travel vests. Several brands are available. We have 3 different ones from Travelsmith. Zipped up/buttoned up. Our hands are free. Re: Pickpockets. It appears to be rampant in major European cities. Even Rick Steves got pickpocketed last year in Paris. We have...
  10. SierraRose49

    Marriott and Car Rental Offers

    It seems long-term loyalty doesn't count for much any more, regardless if it's tied to certain airlines, hotels or car rental companies. We have found that our annual fees or points or purchases don't return as many perks as they did previously. But we are not heavy-duty travelers or...
  11. SierraRose49

    Thinking of booking a cuba cruise in February 2021

    kmeredithholmes - In addition to finding a professional travel agent who specializes in cruises and/or trips to Cuba - I strongly suggest you subscribe to the daily newsletter. It contains invaluable information about many consumer subjects/situations requiring advocacy - either...
  12. SierraRose49

    Air Canada Denied Boarding

    Want to thank the Elliott advocates, particularly Neil, for the off-repeated mantra we now abide by when ever we book flights with a connection: "Never book a domestic connection less than two hours and international is best to leave three hours when possible." This past Monday, I checked our...
  13. SierraRose49

    Sirenis Punta Cana membership refund

    Yes, I knew it wasn't a timeshare, but 100 nights at a resort. From personal experience, however, the tactics are similar - except we were never plied with lots of alcohol. And yes, I agree the Vacation Club 100 nights contract he signed at the Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is probably iron-clad...
  14. SierraRose49

    Sirenis Punta Cana membership refund

    OP said "the contract was signed in the Dominican Republic and the headquarters are in Panama." The website for this hotel has the following: Sirenis Hotels & Resorts is an international, family-run company with over of 40 years experience in the hotel business, based on the island of Ibiza...
  15. SierraRose49

    Comcast Xfinity Internet Misrepresentation of Speed

    "weihlac ... your troubleshooting experience is almost identical to ours, except our service is with Cox. Kept having outages and much lower speeds than advertised. Tech #1 replaced our wiring at our cable connection inside the house. He then opened the cable box in our front yard and...