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  1. sas80

    Followed the recommended steps, still sent to Collections!

    did the 'collections agency' receive the collections items with the attached dispute of debt? in all correspondence to everyone, make sure you re iterate, over and over again, you did not cause this damage, you dispute this debt and you keep asking for documentation that will uphold their claim...
  2. sas80

    Traveling with grandchild

    I would obtain a signed and notarized document that gives you the right to make medical decisions
  3. sas80

    False claim from Sixt

    I'mM with @VoR61 It's PAINFULLY clear that the damage to the tire occurred at the same time the damage to the room occurred yet they are saying that the car went out with damage to the rim, but no damage to the tire, and that you, subsequently, damaged the tire they are showing you in the...
  4. sas80

    Do you believe Spirit Airlines or the passenger?

    Aldecosea unsuccessfully tried renting a car and agonized for hours before doing the unthinkable Really? No cars available anywhere, huh? No one forced her to do anything. If that was a valid reason I could get away with a LOT more stuff then I currently do..... Aldecosea said Pebbles was a...
  5. sas80

    Do you believe Spirit Airlines or the passenger?

    A) that's horrible B) WTF? walk into the bathroom to 'flush' the animal, leave the cage in the bathroom and Stick the hamster in your pocket, you idiot!
  6. sas80

    False claim from Sixt that tire even flat? they sent you a picture of an inflated tire to document a flat tire claim? Assuming I am incorrect, there's a lot you can contest regarding tires. Tires have a set lifespan of X miles/Kilometers, as per the manufacturer. This lifespan is decreased if the...
  7. sas80

    Comcast delivered two phones to my home that I didn't order.

    if it were me, I would ask that my Comcast account be closed and immediately transferred to a new, password protected, account so no one could do this again.
  8. sas80

    Hotwire Not Honoring Rental Agency Guarantee

    DAL - Dallas Love Field is not in the best of areas, but not many airports are surrounded by communities of wealth. Wealthy people don't want to live next to an airport. Unless you saw a review (or several) where the poster said they were attacked in some way on their way to the rental office...
  9. sas80

    Hotwire Not Honoring Rental Agency Guarantee

    they're going to argue that you actually booked with Hertz It's worth a few emails to see if you can get the money back but I'm unclear why you let $250 slip away like that.
  10. sas80

    Hotwire Not Honoring Rental Agency Guarantee

    Advantage Rent a Car/Parent organization The Hertz Corporation
  11. sas80

    Quest (medical lab testing) holds credit card on file

    I do not have the same experience with you in regards to Quest. I am always able to take my orders to them, submit my insurance info/paperwork, have labs done and then wait on the bill to come in the mail before I pay it. I usually call and pay it with my credit card :)
  12. sas80

    Anyone ever do Vegas with a kid?

    Circus Circus has a midway which is a bunch of arcade games Mandalay bay has an aquarium Rides on the top of the Stratosphere tower This link has discounts just make sure you have a yard of margarita in your hand, at all...
  13. sas80

    Sixt Charging for Loss Of Use nearly THREE years after accident

    did your insurance company get the car rental company to sign a release of liability when the car rental company got paid? they were supposed to. the release of liability releases all parties from future claims. Call your insurance asap and ask. If your insurance got a release of liability...
  14. sas80

    Sixt Charging for Loss Of Use nearly THREE years after accident

    @Its Not Me got any advice?
  15. sas80

    Apple iPhone 6

    Android, it's the way