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    Annoying Up Arrow in Bottom Right Corner

    Platform - Galaxy S4 running Android 4.something Browser - Android generic browser (called "Internet") Lately on this site, I'm seeing a white arrow in a red background on this site. It is HUGE compared to my screen size, especially at times when I'm typing, with the keyboard taking up more...
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    Frontier’s withdrawal from ARC complicates agent bookings

    What are they? Reservations systems? Navigational aids? Or something else (please specify)?
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    Non-Existent Royal Jordanian Flight

    Read the name carefully. Although I once read a novel in 1970 that had a male character named Allison, it is generally a female name. Please do not assume that all original posters or responders here are properly referred to as "his". We females are computer savvy these days, too! Original...
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    Frontier’s withdrawal from ARC complicates agent bookings

    ARC = ? GDS = ? I thought these were airport codes and wondered if TTN (Trenton, NJ) would be next if they were cutting service, so I clicked on the article for more details. Alas, the article is for the travel savvy folks, and the abbreviations are there without expansion upon first use. It...
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    Anita, I sympathize with you as a fellow wordy letter writer. You never lost me in that whole three-page story. I hope that someone at Expedia will take the time in a busy day to read it and do something for your son and his family. Mistakes like this happen, and we shouldn't have to pay such a...
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    “You are my last hope”

    I wanted to say something about all of those people who voted No, but I didn't want to be accused of being snarky. Let's just say that the kindest thought I had was "heartless". The very fact that Chris himself appeared to side with the letter writer made me feel that voting Yes was the ONLY way...
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    Warning! These fees are about to get even more ridiculous

    The survey question made me think of a song the Beatles did on their Sgt. Pepper album. There's a line that goes, "I've got to believe it's getting better," and the rest of the group then sings, "It can't get any worse. " Oh yes it can!
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    Man finds himself alone on Delta flight

    Many years ago, when I lived in the Washington, DC, area, one of the papers there ran an article about local people with the same names as celebrities. One of them was a guy named Howard Hughes who said that he once had an experience more in line with what could have happened to the more famous...
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    We don't have a rail forum, but if we did ...

    I don't know how often you have helped an Amtrak customer (if ever) but the excellent Bamboozled column by Karin Price Muller that appears on the Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger web site on Mondays and Thursdays solved a reader's Amtrak problem today...
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    Want your cable unbundled? Careful what you ask for

    I voted for the cable TV companies, but in all honesty, I've been one of those wishing to pick my channels. And if it were ideal, I'd be able to exclude even extremely popular ones such as QVC and Fox News that usually come with the basic or near-basic services, and add ones that my local...
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    Enterprise Replacement Rental Itemization

    I have asked State Farm about 100% coverage in the past, but I was told that it was not available. I'll ask again the next time I talk to my agent.
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    Displaced from Fairfield to Courtyard - UPDATE!

    Is there a chance that the Fairfield will be ready for occupancy before your time in Indiana is done? Or do you now prefer the Courtyard now?
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    What should Hilton offer for compensation?

    Good luck with your quest. I was at a hotel for 9 nights last year, probably the longest I've ever stayed at one establishment at one time. We were on four different reservations because we decided at different times to add on to our original four nights on both ends. We were in the same room...
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    Why you should never, ever recline your airline seat *

    I'm reluctantly in the second group because I've spent much of my adult life trying to disprove the "selfish" tag my mother hung on me at a young age. But if I ask and get told "no" enough times, I will probably end up in the first group. I like what someone said in the article about the...